A Political Philosophy That Needs Exposing

I thought I'd do something novel and engage in a political conversation here. If all goes well, I'll continue doing it, because I think it's really important to discuss where we are as a party and where we're going.

Since we're going to face a new campaign sooner or later, I want to consider inviting someone to the next meeting we hold to discuss their campaign for governor, and want to run it by all of you first, since his views, and the views of the group he belongs to, may be offensive to some.

His group, which is said to be very popular these days, believes in allowing deviant sexual practices to be actively and enthusiastically promoted to kids, as well as adults. His group also believes in allowing rampant and unrestricted immigration to the U.S., making all trade "free" trade by ending all duties, tariffs and taxes on imports and exports. The group opposes local and state zoning restrictions, but would allow unrestricted indecency on the public airwaves, and believes in remaining *totally silent* on issues such as abortion and pre-teen sex, leaving both to "individual choice." Finally, the group to which he belongs wants to legalize all drugs, making them freely available to all people, without any restrictions. The same goes for alcohol, as the drinking age would be eliminated, and gambling - including casinos - would have no restrictions, either.

In short, the group to which the person I want to invite to address the party stands COMPLETELY opposed to the Conservative agenda. They want to make permissiveness the new doctrine by which we live and die in this country, and they, like liberals, will oppose anyone who want to "force their views" on them.

I must add, though, as another word of caution, that this group has already successfully infiltrated the Republican Party, so effectively that many people now confuse the GOP with this group's philosophy, and this has caused the GOP to become weak, timid and ineffective in pushing forward a true Conservative agenda. That's also a reason why voters have fled in droves from it.

By now, if you're perceptive, you've probably guessed the "group" is the so-called "Libertarian" Party. And rest assured, I really won't be inviting any Trojan Horses from that group into this party.

I cannot support a party that so openly, clearly and forcefully opposes the Conservative agenda, even if their use of conservative rhetoric - when it suits their purposes - is at times compelling.

If you're a Conservative, you, too, will oppose that party as a false pretender to the throne of "liberty." They are clearly usurpers of that name.

The reason? Simple. Liberty is not "do your own thing," as the liberals and libertarians say. It's (as John Paul II correctly stated a while back) "The freedom to do what is RIGHT." Think about it: What is the difference between what liberals say and what libertarians say on social issues? Are social issues REALLY that unimportant that they can be discarded? Can a moral and decent society be sacrificed for a "do your own thing" style of "liberty?" I hope you say, as I do, "No, Way!"

While some may be attracted to the libertarian viewpoint, it truly does not bring us a more Conservative society - and, if it needs to be mentioned, does not at ALL represent our party's platform. In fact, in most cases, it represents JUST THE OPPOSITE of what we say we stand for.

If you're a "Libertarian" you are NOT a Reformer. And if you are, please explain HOW this is possible.

As a disclaimer, I have to say that I do not oppose *hearing* from any political candidate, be he or she a Democrat, Republican or a member of the Trotskyite Socialist League. But I reserve the right to question that person's views and positions if they threaten Conservatism and our way of life, as the Libertarian Party's stated aims clearly do.

And if it even needs to be mentioned, I won't be supporting any other candidate for Governor or any other office in November, 2002 except one who is committed to the Reform Agenda and the principles of the Reform Party of New Hampshire, which I hope and pray are drafted into a clearly-worded document and made widely available LONG before then (hopefully, a year before then. But that's another issue for another posting.)

Stephen Abbott, 35, is the principal of Stephen Abbott Communications, a public relations and political consulting firm in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. His web site can be found at He also works as a journalist for a weekly newspaper in south-central New Hampshire.

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