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Ladies & gentlemen:

A very respectful young man named Jacob recently contacted me by e-mail, asking that I give him an e-mail interview about the Militia for his High School assignment. The following are his questions, and my answers to them.

Dear Carl F. Worden,

We are researching militias for a high school course. We live in Oregon and found your e-mail address. We would like to conduct an interview through e-mail. Here are some questions we would appreciate if you could answer.

1. What exactly is a militia in your words?

Dear Jacob:

A militia, as defined by the Constitution of the United States, is a law enforcement organization of common citizens. The Constitution gives the militia three duties: To enforce the laws of the Union, to suppress insurrections, and to repel invasions. Those are not my words, but those of the Founding Fathers of this nation.

2. What makes the Southern Oregon Militia different from others?

Nothing that I know of. Every citizen militia in the United States is formed for the same reason, and that is to protect American citizens from violations of their civil rights by any and all enemies of the Constitution.

3. What ideals does the Southern Oregon Militia stand for?

We are mostly conservative. First and above all, we believe in God the father and His son Jesus, who died for the redemption of our sins. We believe in the Ten Commandments. We believe in the Golden Rule. We believe in the Constitution of the United States. We believe all men are created equal.

4. The Southern Oregon Militia has been labeled as a hate group by the Willamette Week, how would you like to respond to these allegations?

Well, Jacob, what is a "Hate Group", anyway? I know what is implied, but is there a specific definition of a hate group? No, there is not. If a godly man is convinced that the killing of an unborn baby is murder, those who support a woman's right to kill her own baby for no better reason than personal convenience will call that man a "Hate Monger". If a godly man reads the Holy Bible and learns that God condemns homosexuality and repeats that to others, he is also commonly called a "Hate Monger". If you put a number of these people together in a group, their enemies have been calling them a hate group in the media All it really is, Jacob, is name-calling.

In other cases, the media has labeled various militias as hate groups because they allege militias are made up of racists and people who are anti-Semitic. I happen to be a Jew, albeit a Christian-believing Jew, and my wife happens to be of Mexican heritage. Several members of our militia are black and Asian. As Liaison Officer, I regularly communicate with other LO's throughout the United States, and I have not encountered racism or anti-Semitism in their ranks. In point of fact, one cannot believe in the Constitution of the United States, and at the same time believe any race or ethnic group can have a shared social defect. Besides that, we could care less about those issues. We are concerned about our government, and that leads to your next question.

5. If you could change one thing about the government, what would it be?

The government of the United States, as defined by the Constitution of the United States, has been overthrown by domestic enemies of this nation from within. Ask any militia member nationwide what we want, and we will tell you we want our government back. We don't want to overthrow the government of the United States -- because that has already happened. We simply want it back.

Take the time to study the meaning of Article X of the Bill of Rights. It says that those powers not given to the federal government by the Constitution are reserved to the states and the people. There is no provision in the Constitution that allows the federal government to be involved in education, the arts, health care, social welfare or the control of privately held firearms. The fact is this: The federal government of the United States is operating daily in violation of the Constitution of the United States..

Please take the time to study the Oath of Office. Does the Oath require the person to swear to uphold and defend the government of the United States? No, it does not. The person is sworn to uphold the Constitution (not the government) of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.


The Founding Fathers correctly anticipated that a future United States government might begin to operate outside of the Constitution they so painstakingly wrote, so they designed the oath to uphold the intended law, rather than blindly respect a future government that might be operating in violation of that original law. The Founding Fathers were some very wise, God-fearing men who understood human nature very, very well.

6. What are your views on gun control and why do you feel this way?

Gun control is a government-sponsored people control plan. A government that wants strict control on privately held firearms is a government afraid of its people. If that government is acting in the best interest of its people, it has nothing to be afraid of. If a government has begun to operate in violation of its constitutional limitations with regard to firearms restrictions, then that government is suspect as to its motives.

Here's your choice: Do you want the individual, law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms, or do you want the government to confiscate all the privately held firearms and then they are the only ones with the guns? You are young and inexperienced, but I'm going to give you a clue: In all the world's history, far more people have been exterminated by governments than all the individual crime victims combined. If guns are confiscated in America, which group of citizens are being set up to be exterminated?

7. What are the Southern Oregon Militia's goals for the future?

We are primarily involved locally with fighting government corruption, and we have proven very effective. We want to clean up local politics, and then move on to the state level.

8. How would somebody go about joining the Southern Oregon Militia?

They wouldn't. The SOM identifies citizens who share our views, and then we approach them for membership. Under no circumstances do we allow anyone to join who approaches us.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to contact us in the future.

Carl F.Worden
Liaison & Intelligence Officer
Southern Oregon Militia

Thanks a lot in advance.

Jacob Sweet and Doug Gooley

You're welcome, Jacob and Doug. I hope your teacher lets you report everything I wrote, but don't count on it. Some of it might cause your classmates to ask about the Ten Commandments, Jesus and the Golden Rule. And in a school with "rules" to follow, just maybe the kiddies will wonder why they have to follow them when the United States government doesn't even follow its own rules. Can I stir up trouble, or what?

So Willamette Week's been calling us a hate group, eh? There is this unwritten rule among journalists that if you call yourself a Militia, they can call you a hate group. All this name calling did cause me to ponder the various titles bandied about, like "Right Wing Extremist", "Liberal", "Conservative", "Progressive", and all the others, and it occurs to me we really haven't identified liberal/progressive/socialists by what they really are.

Bear with me for a moment: What kind of person would actively promote the killing of unborn children for no better reason than the convenience of the mother? What kind of person would veto a bill to ban late term abortions? What kind of doctor would actually perform a late term abortion? What kind of person routinely bears false witness against others? What kind of person promotes promiscuous sexuality, homosexuality, and lesbianism? What kind of person promotes and subscribes to situation ethics? Think about it: Aren't all of these behaviors anti-God? And who is the leader, the icon of those who promote behaviors that are anti-God? It is none other than Satan himself.

These people are Satanists. It doesn't matter if they believe in Satan or worship him, because the title still fits them perfectly. They represent everything that is anti-God, just as Satan himself is anti-God.

Maybe we should start identifying these people by what they really are. Maybe we can get Rush Limbaugh and a few others to start the trend. At least then there would be a much cleaner, brighter line drawn between the two philosophies for people to consider before they buy into the wrong one.

Carl F. Worden
Liaison & Intelligence Officer
Southern Oregon Militia

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