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Patrick and Cerebral Palsy

HI, My name is Patrick, you can call me Pat.
I am 21 years old and I have Cerebral Palsy. Don't pity me or feel sorry for me, but do respect me.

When I was born I weighed nine pounds, one ounce. I had the embiblical wrapped around my neck with two knots in it. The doctors say, that is the reason why I have Cerebral Palsy. When the oxygen is cut of to the brain it can cause damage to the brain. The part of my brain that was damaged, does not effect my thinking, but my functioning in the "normal" ways.

No two people with Cerebral Palsy are the same just as no two "normal" people are the same. There are various causes for Cerebral Palsy and the effects are many. Regardless of the type and degree of the disability, the person with Cerebral Palsy wants and needs to be treated like any other person.  

I have very little speech and cannot read or write too well. Walking is not to much of a problem for me, so I am lucky that way. When I need to communicate I use some sign language and a communication board. visit the sign language site I have linked. I think you will like it

The computer is my best friend (besides my family). My favorite sites on line are GI Joe and other action figures. When I am off line, I play Twinsens' Odysey and love playing with my Petz (catz)

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