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Justice of the Peace
for NH Civil Unions

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"Rick Tate"
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To NH Disc Jockeys-Abound With Sounds Disc Jockey and Karaoke Services
& NH / VT Rainbow Weddings

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gay male coupleFor Over 20 Years, NH Disc Jockeys-Abound With Sounds Disc Jockey and Karaoke Services has entertained at countless Weddings, Unions, Anniversaries, Campgrounds, Home Parties

How about YOUR function?

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Weddings are our specialty! DJ music, Master of Ceremonies with karaoke if requested, also!

With us, there isn't the added stress of,
"If we book this DJ, will he or she be OK with being the DJ/MC at a gay or lesbian wedding?" (presuming, of course, that the prospective DJ in question is heterosexual!)

Hiring a professional DJ/MC who is gay friendly eliminates all that!

Rick Tate picRick Tate,DJ
pictured at left
taken 11/17/01
at Civil Union Ceremony
in Killington, VT

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NH Disc Jockeys-Abound With Sounds Disc Jockey and Karaoke Services has virtually THOUSANDS of songs to choose from!

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