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Making Sales For You

Tired of all the advertising and can't get hits?

Did you ever wonder how you are ever going to succeed in making any money on the net if no one checks your web site?

Don't feel bad. You're not the only one.

Let me help you succeed.

I am in the business in helping people like you to get responses to your web page every day. I advertise to hundreds of potential customers and promote web sites for my clients.

You can advertise to hundreds of web sites and not get a hit. You can post to thousands of message boards and no one would glance at it. I have seen it over and over and sometimes you don't know why you are not getting any hits and sales.

I am in the business of helping people like you get hundreds of responses to your web page each day. I know how to attract customers and I have great technique's and secrets that will cause people to check out your site.

You can pay for other services that will only post your site but not get you responses.

I have ways to post your site to thousands of people and through my technique's cause your website to jump right out at them and compel them to read it. No magic, just powerful technique's that I use that arouses potential customers to review your site and hopefully buys your products or services or join what ever program you are doing.

That's the business that I am good at. I work for you. I don't just post your website but advertise your site.

Any one can post sites but it takes real work to get customers to RESPOND to your ad. RIGHT!

With my services I can guarantee you hundreds of responses per week. Powerful ads about your website that will jump right off the board or out of their e-mail and into your customers faces and will compel them to read what you have to offer. This is a guaranteed service that it pays for you to use. No more advertising to hundreds of thousands and hope that potential customers will read your site but that hundreds of thousands will literately read what you have to offer. That's half the battle right there.

It's nice to post your site FREE to hundreds of thousands of sites but they are not guaranteeing you HITS or Responses. They are not guaranteeing you sales. I am not guaranteeing sales either, but I am GUARANTEEING you responses and promoting your site in such away that will compel your customers to consider it deeply.

Once when you get your responses, then there is about a 90% chance of making a sale or signing up.

The greatest task in the internet marketing business is getting customers to read your webpage.

My Response business services GUARANTEES this for you.

Stop wasting your time and effort in trying to get people to read your site and leave it to the professional's that will GUARANTEE you HUNDREDS OF RESPONSES PER WEEK. By doing this you will increase your chances for a sale or signing up about 90%.

Risk Free Advertising! Sounds good but they Only Pay For Actual Hits To Your Site! "The secret to making money on the Internet is getting people to your web site."

Why take risks of hiring people that will only submit your site and not guarantee you hits and responses. I will guarantee you a mega number of responses and a possible sale.

There's No risky ad testing that I do. Time, response and sales to my clients are very crucial.

If you were guaranteed 100 qualified hits, think you could make a sale or two? Yes you could.

Don't be diverted to other hit makers or submitters that only post your site to FAA, submitters or hundreds of search engines. They are NOT ADVERTISING FOR YOU. They are only posting your site and hope that you get hits and a response to your web page.

You can sign up with other Mega Hits companies that only ask for a small price from $12.95 a month to $49.95 a year for their services. Sounds good Right! CHEAP! That's what I like and I am sure you do too. That's exactly the kind of service you will get. CHEAP. Once you pay, they have your money, they advertise a little and that's all.

At JNS Advertising Services I post, I Advertise, I post and re-advertise and post again to get you hits and a possible sale for your products/services.

I work 5-8 hours a day advertising. Then I Auto-advertise when I am not on line. That works 24 hours a day. I Auto-Direct advertise 24 hours a day.

Auto- When I am NOT on line. Direct- When I am ON line. My advertising services is a 24 hour a day campaign.

Like I said, search engines and free submitters are OK while they last. These engines change their ranking methods so often, you need to hire a skilled full time employee to keep up with the 10 most popular, hmmm, not so free after all. Like wise with Free Submitters. It expires after so many days.

Targeted And Efficient

The readers of your site will be intelligent Internet marketers and opportunity minded individuals. All are seeking products to help them market their site or make money on the Internet. All readers are Opt-In, No Spam, No Flames, Ever!

The secret to making money online is simple:

You have to know the secrets and techniques and how to apply them. That's my job that I am good at.

Get qualified leads to your site! I am Very experienced in this field.

If you can achieve this yourself, you will have a successful business. Most people trying to scratch out a living online never even get that far, so, of course they fail. That's where I come in. Working together I help my clients to succeed in their business.

That's what makes True Internet Marketing a Great Success.

Stop wasting your time and money and start saving your time and make money.

Sorry, no adult sites accepted.


Cost for GUARANTEED MegaHits

For $10.00 US per month you will get my full services.

When you pay $10.00 US/Month you know that you will be getting real results.

That includes:

  • Massive Spam Free e-mail mailing
  • Massive message board advertising
  • Massive FFA ad. posting to mega sites
  • Massive search engine advertising plus adding your URL Link to all my web sites for more exposure.

    I can assure you that you will get guaranteed HITS to your site every single day.

    I advertise for Small Home Base Businesses to Large Companies and Corporations. My work is very dependable and cost efficient. I will guarantee that you as a client will be very satisfied with my results.

    So time is money. Put me into ACTION and see for yourself. You've come to the right service that serves your business needs.

    JNS Advertising Services- Working for your success


    Number Of Clients -50

    The number of clients that I can advertise for is 50 for now. I can Guarantee each of the 50 clients massive hits for their web site. That is my Guaranteed Safety Margin to assure you as a client are getting a satisfied hit success rate each day.

    Before you order my services, please check my Monthly Updated CLIENT BOOK to see if there is an opening for you.

    Client Book

    Please Note: After you order my services and I get a payment confirmation e-mail notice, I will e-mail you asking for all the information concerning your URL web page so I can begin advertising for you the same day.

    Credit Card


    Pay By Personal Check

    $45.00 US/Month

    Available for customers in Canada, U.S.; Puerto Rican and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

    Other Form Of Payment

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