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Tribute to Dogs with Cancer - Page 27


Born 4/11/95 - Died in our arms 3/17/09

Bone Cancer

For almost 15 years she was our world. The sweetest happiest girl you would ever want to meet. All who did meet her, fell in love with her. Today our hearts are broken. She was loving us right till the end, licking our faces and wagging her tail. It was so hard to let her go, but my husband and I knew where she was going. Until we meet again my sweet Nala. We love you.

Lovingly remembered by Chris and Melissa


Liver Cancer

My beautiful boy Bosco November 2, 2002 to March 11, 2010 had to be put to sleep yesterday. He was diagnosed with liver cancer on March 10 and left this world the next day. He was in a lot of pain and the cancer caused pancreatitis and a multitude of other problems. Even if the tumour was operable he wouldn't have been able to get through the surgery. His blood was clotting properly.

I will miss my darling boy more than words can say, I already do. My house is empty without the patter of his feet. He had a great life though. He slept in my bed and was allowed everywhere I went. He had his own couch and sometimes shared mine. The last night we spent together I woke up with his head on the pillow next to me. He sighed a couple of times and that's when I knew something was really wrong.

Bosco was walked every day and loved going to the beach and the trails. Two days before he left me we were at the beach. We walked for an hour and I sat by the water and watched as he retrieved rocks from the bottom of the lake and brought them to shore. He always did this. It was like he was rescuing the rocks from the lake. Very funny to watch. He was acting like his normal self which gave me hope. At least he got to go to the beach one last time.

I lived alone with my Bosco and we had just moved into a new house. I thought he was upset with the move and that's why he wasn't eating much. In his last couple of days he wasn't interested in food at all. When the vet weighed him he had lost 13 pounds!! I was devastated to learn that.

My heart is broken and I will always remember my baby Bosco. He was the light of my life, my reason to come home at night. I hate coming home to my empty house with no Bosco panting and wagging his tail.

Bosco died in my arms with my neices Lyndsay and Maegan close by. I was kissing his beautiful face and hugging him, telling him that I loved him until he slipped away. It was peaceful and he's not in pain anymore. I know I did the right thing for him but it's killing me. He was my child. I don't know what to do without him. I woke up last night and I thought I heard him sigh beside me. My mind playing tricks, cruel ones.

I hope you are running on the beach in doggie heaven Bosco. Playing with your new friends. I will see you again one day baby. Rest easy my darling. I love you so much.

Lovingly remembered by Caroline xoxoxoxo

Rohan Christopher Santschi
April 10, 1997 to September 24, 2007
Died of Liver Cancer

Today is July, 5, 2010, and one would think that after this much time has passed, we would not miss any pet as much as we do our Rohan. From the time we selected him from four remaining litter mates, or rather, from the time he selected us, we were amazed by Rohan's loving nature, his intelligence and his willingness to please us. The kids had no idea that we were bringing home our first dog. One by one, when they came home from school and saw the little brown fur ball, they were hooked.

Rohan became Ryan's dog almost immediately. Over the years, with Ryan moving away and returning, it was like he never left: Rohan was always with Ryan when he was home. Rohan would seldom be seen without a ball, in keeping with his retriever breeding. One day, Lauren had bought a new ball and told Rohan to go get his ball. When he came upstairs with the old ball, she said "no, your new ball" and Rohan immediately went back downstairs and came flying in the room with the new one!

Our daughter, Jillian, the youngest, would play dress-up with Rohan, putting scarves and hats on him, and T-shirts and underwear were not out of the question either. Rohan graciously kept the wardrobe on until removed by one of us. Jillian also taught Rohan to sing. She would start "one-two-three" and off he went - singing like Celine Dion. He would only sing for her - amazing!

Rohan would march right to the scale at every visit to the veterinarian. He comforted any family member when he knew something was wrong, he always eagerly awaited food and going out for a good run, and he readily accepted strangers if we let them in the house.

Once we knew the time was coming, we thought that we would be ready for the inevitable - yeah, right! We had about six months from diagnosis to THAT day, but I guess nothing could prevent our ensuing profound grief and sorrow. On that last day we played in the yard, took some final pictures and went to the vet. We all wanted to be there, so we had one last chance to hold Rohan, comfort him and say our good-byes. Fittingly, the last thing Rohan did was look up gently at Ryan, give him a last kiss, and he was gone.

We will always love you and miss you, Rohan, and we hope you are having fun playing ball over the Rainbow Bridge.


Jeffrey Murphy

?/?/2004 - 03/05/2012

First time I saw your face, my was truly yours. I made it known that I had a new love and a new friend My soul would adore. Even in my worst days your spirit would make smile, no matter how mad I could be, your presence had me light up for the while!

I knew your pain began to slow you down, but no matter how hurt, you still always wanted to be around. You made me feel so loved and always put me at ease! You were the most amazing doggy to have always wanted to be there for me.

You have had a following from everyone. You had so much love to give and were so much fun. This house seems not a home without my little buddy. Every inch reminds me of you and how I'd sneak you in my bed to be my little snuggle bunny.

I know you are no longer suffering and are able to run around. Showing off your new legs like your biggest and baddest in the town!

I hope you enjoy all the spaghetti you want in doggy heaven, you'll never be forgotten. I love you with every bit of my heart. You were my baby, my best friend and my little doggy companion!

I Love You, Mommy.

Lauren, Jillian and Ireland


As a result of bladder cancer, George went to heaven on January 17,2011, he was born in November 1995 so we had him since he was a little white ball of fur.

George was a Retreiver mix, and very sweet, rowdy and funny. Even though he was almost 16 years old he still had a smile and wagging tail when we came in the room. I love this photo of him because of the sparkle in his eyes, we will miss him very much but I know he is having fun chasing the squirrels in heaven.

Loved by Marilyn & John


December 28, 2010

Harley My Companion, my soul mate, my boy. Harley you were the love of my life, I miss you more than anything in this world, your gentle and loving spirit walks beside me where ever I go.

I will love you for ever and ever, Until we meet again my lovely boy, Love Mummy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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