Hi, & welcome to my Animals & Art pages! I'm doing a complete revamp at the moment... better examples of my work as well as a new name. Actually I had the name down earlier & liked it but didn't think it worked. Dont' know why, but now I guess it's grown on me.
    On the upcoming pages you will find my fractal gallery. In a nut shell, a fractal is a mathematical equation that when plugged into a computer program creates some really beautiful pictures. I know thats over simplifying a bit, but hey... it works.  I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoy creating them.
    Click on the thumbnail to view the pic in all it's 640 x 480 glory. Just use the back button on your browser to return for more viewing. =)
    I should also mention that all artwork is subject to copyright laws. Feel free to download for your personnal use and viewing pleasure but other than that... you are breaking the law. Thanks! Enjoy!

           Gemstone Jewelry                                        Beautiful Black Hole

              Jellyfish                                                              Sierpinski Flower

                                             Unnamed - UF0005MC

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I'm now part of the Infinite Fractal Loop!  =)  When you're done checking out my pages see what other Artists have to offer.

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