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Roger Kerrigan met Richard Kiel

Here is my experience with Richard Kiel.

While I was vacationing in Utah, around June of 1999, I stayed in the same Motel that Mr. Kiel was in. I went down to get coffee and noticed that Mr. Kiel was taking to the desk clerk. When he was finished, I went to Mr. Kiel and said I know you, but I can't remember you name. He seemed a little perturbed, but he gave me his autograph. Then he noticed my shirt saying New York, and he said "oh you are from New York" and he put his arm around me. I will never forget that day. I still feel bad about not remembering his name, but I still have his signed autograph. I wished I would of had a camera that day. Hope to meet Mr. Kiel again someday. Hi Mr. Kiel I just want to let you know that I am now a devoted fan and love all of your movies, especially the scientific movies.

Glad to have met you.

Roger Kerrigan

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