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When I Met Richard Kiel

I had the chance to meet Richard Kiel on October 28, 2000 at America's largest horror theme park, Spooky World. He was to be signing autographs that night. I arrived shortly after they opened up the autograph section, and got into the line that was forming to meet Mr. Kiel. On the table there were stills from tons of his movies and TV spots spread out, I picked out on from the Twilight Zone and walked over to him. He greeted me with a handshake and asked how I would like my photo to be made out. After he made out my autograph, I sat down next to him and had my picture taken with him. As I was sitting in the chair, I explained to him that I was the webmaster of this site, and one of his most devoted fans, and showed him a screenshot of my website. Upon seeing the screenshot, he exclaimed "You're Pomar!", which is the screenname I had previously made this site under, before I just started using my real name. He told me that I had a very fine site, and signed the picture of my webpage for me. He then signed another picture for me, and gave me everything free of charge. At this time, a rather long line was starting to form, so I had to leave to let another person have a chance to meet him. When I was leaving he once again told me to keep up the good work on my sight, and turned to my father who was with me and said that I'm a very intelligent young man. Though are meeting was a rather short one, I consider it to be one of the best I've had. There was more conversation than I included, we made a little small talk for about a minute, but my memory of that has faded slightly. At any rate, I'd just like to thank Mr. Kiel again for everything. The autographs that I got are the ones posted on this page, click them to see a larger image!

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