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Tiny Tigers Program

1- Strive to perfect the character.

Jinkaku kansei ni Tsutomuro koto.

2- Defend the paths of truth.

Makoto no mishi wo Mamuro koto.

3- Foster an effortful spirit.

Doryoku no seishin wo Yashinou koto.

4- Honour the principles of etiquette.

Reigi wo Omonzuru koto.

5- Guard against impulsive valour.

Kekki no yu wo Imashimuru koto.

Traditional Kempo

A mentally and physically strong child with confidence, discipline and respect for others is the primary benefit of the Mizu Tama Dojo's new “Tiny Tiger's” program. This comprehensive wellness program is designed to benefit children of all ages, and if features expert instruction in Kempo’s unique style of non-violent martial arts. The program is offered in a non-competitive atmosphere, with each child encouraged to progress at his or her own pace.

The “Tiny Tiger's” program truly is a gift that will last a lifetime, and parents will appreciate the long-lasting advantages children can gain from its six key benefits:

1. INCREASES CONCENTRATION. Young children and students may have difficulty maintaining concentration and interest long enough to complete tasks such as schoolwork or household activities. "Tiny Tiger's" helps then find focus and committment to responsibilities.


2. BUILDS SELF ESTEEM. The “Tiny Tiger's” program provides children with the guidance and encouragement to challenge themselves both physically and mentally. Because the program is taught in a non-competitive environment, each student can feel like a winner and be proud of his or her individual accomplishments. As a child begins to recognize his or her own ability to win in personal challenges, self-esteem increases and all activities are undertaken with more confidence.

3. INSTILLS DISCIPLINE. Perhaps the foremost benefit of martial arts training is discipline. During the “Tiny Tiger's” program, a child learns that it is important to listen to authority and why.

4. IMPROVES STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING. Many children spend too much time in sedentary activities such as watching TV or playing video and computer games. Such inactivity can be detrimental to a child's physical development. The “Tiny Tiger's” martial arts program helps develop muscle tone, balance, eye-hand and eye-foot coordination, and promotes weight control.

5. ENHANCES RESPECT FOR SELF AND OTHERS. As a child develops confidence and self-esteem, he or she learns to value life and appreciate possessions (toys, clothes, etc.) Soon, the child begins to respect the lives, feelings, and possessions of others. “Tiny Tiger's” students are taught the importance of treating others as they would like to be treated.

6. TEACHES SAFETY AND SELF DEFENSE. It is difficult for parents to be with their children at all times. Crime statistics indicate that children certainly need to know more about how to protect themselves. “Tiny Tiger's” students will learn everyday safety tips and train in practical safety awareness. In a non-competitive, non-violent atmosphere, students also will learn a variety of defense and escape techniques. Additionally, the “Tiny Tiger's” program trains children to recognize situations that may require defense skills. These skills are invaluable in helping your child reach other goals in daily life. Your child will learn from highly trained instructors in complete safety.

The Program

The kids' program is best for boys and girls Ages 4-11. Your child will progress through many levels of achievement, starting with a white belt up through black. With each rank your child learns a complete Kempo system to include:

-community service

-maintaining of a C or better for rank promotion





-and much, much more


What to Expect

When you first observe a kids' class, the full scope and significance of the training may not be apparent. However, as you watch your child progress you will see in him or her something very special. Watch your child begin to gain control over every action. Your child will improve concentration and increase confidence. We teach respect and our classes build character.

This program is conducted at 375 Portland Street, Rochester, NH from 6:30 PM- 7:45 PM . Course meets every Thursday.

Cost: Initial cost is $25.00 for special Kempo uniform and then $30.00 per month thereafter upon completetion of student agreement. Enrollment allows students to attend any and all seminars at the Mizu Tama Dojo at student rates as well as a reduced fee $5.00 per class if they wish to attend additional (Ryu's Crew program Wed. at 4 PM- 4:45 PM)

Registration Form

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375 Portland St

Rochester, NH 03867

tel# 603-335-4912