Ender Mess-ups

This page is for the mistakes that I have found in Ender's Game. So far, I have found two. The first one is on page 177 (of my copy of the book). It takes place in the battle room and says: In the distance, in the dim light, he could see the enemy door, their lighted flash suits already poured out. Ender knew a moment's pleasure. Everyone had learned the wrong lesson from Bonzo's misuse of Ender.


I believe it was Rose the Nose who had made Ender jump out of the door immediately.


Second Mistake The second mistake is something I put together from two pages. On page 139 of my book, it says: Dink Meeker had finally accepted command and succeeded Rose the Nose in Rat Army's command. On page 155 it says:


Three commanders were graduating soon, including Petra, but it was beyond hope for them to give him Phoenix Army- no one ever succeeded to command of the same army he was in when he was promoted.


Hmmm..... I don't think that makes sense, saying Dink succeeded Rose the Nose and the army he was in when he was promoted, and then saying no one took command of the same of the same army and the previous commander.