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Iggy Pop
Iggy Pop
Lust For Life

Jared's Pick - Album Reviews: MOVIES
March 16, 2000

Erin Brockovich
Erin Brockovich


Addicted To Love
A clever romance for the stalker in all of us

Message to abusive parents: What goes around comes around

American Beauty
Kevin Spacey gets the hots for a teenie bopper and tells suburbia to go screw. Very solid, if slightly overrated

American Pie
Fess up: who among us hasn't had an erotic encounter with a pastry?

Analyze This
The Godfather can't get it up in this adequate comedy

A Fox in Mouse's clothing

Computer animated eye candy with humor that references The Communist Manifesto, Dr. Strangelove and Freud - Woody Allen's fingerprints are all over this entertaining flick

Arlington Road
A frustrating yet fascinating (in hindsight) argument against the lone gunman theory

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Mike Myers: The Comedian Who Fell Into A Sophomoric Slump

The Beach
No phone, no lights no motor cars/Not a single luxury/Like Robinson Crusoe/It's as primitive as can be

Being John Malkovich
I'm speechless.

The Big Hit
Mark Wahlberg hangs his dick in the wind yet again in the most ironically titled movie of the year. Also includes capsule reviews of "Lost in Space", "The Odd Couple II", "My Giant" and "Black Dog"

The Blair Witch Project
Yes, it's as good as you've heard. No, it's not exactly a horror movie. Yes, I'm completely freaked out regardless. Welcome to the best movie of 1999

Boiler Room

Buena Vista Social Club
Like the album of the same name, this concert documentary is a heartfelt paean to traditional Cuban music

A Bug's Life
Even Disney's involvement can't ruin this technological triumph

This film will hardly give you the Woody you deserve

A Civil Action
Kudos for pissing off the Wall Street Journal, but this courtroom drama lacks fire

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigalo
I know, I know: why'd I even see this one?

As thematically tattered as the Shroud of Turin

Half the calories and one-eighth the intelligence of The Truman Show

Ferris Bueller grows up and becomes the enemy - a teacher

Eyes Wide Shut
If you want a porno, rent Saving Ryan's Privates. This is capital "A" Art, people, and Creepy to boot

Fight Club
Bloody redemption, soap and Brad Pitt lecturing you on shallow consumerism. How can you miss?

For Love of the Game
As long and painfully dull as a baseball game itself

The Full Monty
You can leave your hat on

Girl, Interrupted

Halloween H20
If only the real Michael Meyers were in this sorry flick

Jackie Brown
Tarantino tones down the wackiness for this intriguing crime story/character study

Kissing A Fool
David Schwimmer illustrates the sharp difference between Real Actors and TV actors

No need to get a job all you kids! Prison's fun!

The Lost World
Spielberg, one of the most important directors of our time, releases an inexplicably pathetic movie

The Matrix
110 minutes of intelligent, exciting sci-fi in a 140 minute movie wherein Keanu Reeves saves the Earth. Go figure

Men in Black
Gittin' jiggy wit E.T.

Feminist manifesto and homoerotic subtext cleverly disguised as clean family fun

My Best Friend's Wedding
Rupert Everett in a razor-sharp performance saves this bitter chick flick

Mystery Men
Janeane Garafolo, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.....

The Next Best Thing a real movie, that is

October Sky
The fireworks in this excellent, humane film come from the well-drawn characters, not the rockets

Out of Sight
George Clooney does the head bobbing ER shtick, but is partially redeemed by the fabulously seductive Jennifer Lopez

Outside Providence
Memo to the Farrelly Bros: There's Something About Originality. Look into it.

Patch Adams
This doctor movie could use a shot in the dramatic arm, but its funny bone is intact

Sadomasochistic hookers, a James Brown soundtrack and lotsa cold blooded violence. Bring your girlfriend.

The Phantom Menace
George, George, why have you forsaken us?

Practical Magic
About as appetizing as a witches stew of bat's wings, corpse flesh and lizard brains, and as fun as sitting naked in a Wicca chair

Pushing Tin
More like pushing credibility and pushing the limits of the screenwriter's ability. Too bad - it had promise

Run Lola Run
I met her in a club down in old SOHO / Where they drink champagne and it tastes just like cherry cola....

Rush Hour
Jackie Chan jumps off buildings and risks his neck to please you; the least you can do is check out his entertaining movie

A remarkable performance from Bill Murray is the highlight of this wonderfully offbeat comedy

Shakespeare In Love
The Bard as horny young man in this superbly entertaining film

The Siege
With a plot as shaky as a Palestinian peace agreement, this film tries with moderate success to question whether freedoms are more important than security

Simon Birch
A shamelessly manipulative film that will likely appeal to those less cynical than I

A Simple Plan
An emotionally exhausting, brilliantly executed morality play that is one of the year's best

South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
Rogers & Hammerstein meet Lenny Bruce in the funniest movie so far this year

Speed 2: Cruise Control
Cruise on by this ship of fools

Spice World
Not quite as retchingly god-awful as you'd expect, but that's still no reason to encourage them

Star Trek: Insurrection
Picard saves a race of hippies

The Talented Mr. Ripley
Expertly crafted psycho-thriller

A child who grows up with apes somehow has the presence of mind to cover his naughty bits with a loincloth

There's Something About Mary
Political Correctness gets roasted in this tawdry romantic comedy with a few big laughs

Three Kings
Operation Desert Clooney is a surprising success

Three to Tango
Friends don't let friends watch Friends

Toy Story 2
One of 1999's best. I'm not kidding.

The Truman Show
One of the best films of the year with a breakout dramatic performace by Jim Carrey ponders the nature of media and reality

Varsity Blues
Nails the high school market with hot chicks in whip cream bikinis and a big F-you to Authority

What Dreams May Come
This film is like dating a lesbian supermodel: great on the eyes, but you won't get much out of it

Wild Things
Kinky teenage sex and quadruple crosses abound in this campy swamp noir

You've Got Mail
As dumbed-down, mindless and easy to deal with as America Online itself

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