i'm sorry. due to my lack of free time and the lack of traffic to this website, as well as the uncertainty as to whether a third "i know what you did last summer" will ever happen, i have decided to discontinue this site. i am starting a new site devoted to the wwf. i need somebody who is good and/or has the resources to design logos and whatnot for the new website. It's not a paid position, but it has plenty of benefits. This was the first I Still know what you did last summer site put on search engines, even before the official one. And it has received the most visitors out of all of the unofficial sites by a lot. the positive feedback i got was great, and helped me deliver what I think was a very successful site. I did it before and i will do it again. my new wwf site will become big, and if you want to help, you will be getting plenty of attention on the site. for all the details, just send me an email.

my email is bass_bone2000@hotmail.com

email me if you wanna help with the wwf site, or if you have any questions regarding the i know what you did last summer series.
I hate getting rid of this page, but it just didn't have anything to offer anymore and unless they finally agree to make the third one, never will. and believe me, if they do make a third one, this site will be back up in the blink of an eye. thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience. see you soon. sincerely, -Trevor F.D.
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