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Joe Camper is a band consisting of 4 members.

Guitar and Vocals: John Ellsworth
Guitar and Vocals: Paul Hanley
Bass: Bryan Emmith
Drums: Jeremy Collins


June 15, 2002

The band exists no longer. We broke up. Bye.

April 23, 2002

We finally practiced again today and we finished a song and it sounded pretty good. It was Blink 182's Stay Togerther For The Kids. I got it up in the audio part of the site so you can listen to it. We hope to continue practicing and create and complete some songs. Check back for more information and sound files.

March 23, 2002

John, Paul, and I (Jeremy) practiced today (bryan was unable to attend) and we have officially inducted Paul into the band as Guitar/vocals. We worked on 2 songs: Blink 182's Stay Together For The Kids and one of our own. Once we have the songs completed, i will update the audio page. Keep coming back for further news. Cya.

March 13, 2002

The band continues to write stuff and still need to practice. We are almost possitive that Paul Hanley is joining the band and our plan is to have John and Paul switch from lead guitar to rhythm with each other. Whoever is playing rhythm would be singer, but this is just an idea, it may or may not happen. We also want to buy a 4-track so their recordings will sound better. Check back for further news.You can ask us any questions by clicking here.