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Janiah's Serenity Room!

This site is dedicated to any and all Pagan that has found or is seeking there path of recovery. All are welcome, with an open-mind and an open heart, to offer input and support to our growing community. Our voices deserve to be heard!

I love to chat, especially with others who share the same experiences, strength, and hope. I have been recovering from drugs and alcohol since May 7, 94. Along with meetings, reading liturature, and living the 12 steps through an Eclectic Wiccan perspective, I've been able to live a very fulfilling life of recovery so far...Just For Today:) Life is not easy, by any means, but life clean and sober is alot "easier" when I know I am not alone. Recently finding this vast new world of the internet (yeah, I'm a newbie), I've found a whole new realm of recovery tools that has expanded my "recovery family" farther than I could ever imagined.

Recently, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. With this new, ever changing challenge in my life, I've learned (through trial and error) that even though MS is a more obvious disability than alcohol/drug addiction, they are alot similar than I first realised. As long as my Emotional, Spiritual, & Physical (E.S.P.) equal 100%, I feel wonderful, no matter what the obsticle that's before me.

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I hope you enjoy my home page and the links I provide. It's not much at the moment, but I'm hoping to upgrade to a "modern" computer's hard keeping up with technology, esp. with my Putersaurus *LOL*. But I'll be revising my links as I go.... For now, the links that I provide are for sites that help me though my recovery, expand my knowledge, and places I call "home". Remember, Honesty, Open-mindedness, and Willingness is H.O.W. it works. Ignorance breeds hate, but knowledge is even though I practice these principles through a Wiccan point of view, I am open-minded to what-ever has given others the spirit to recover from drugs, alcohol, and MS :)

If you find yourself with an "old" computer after an upgrade, PLEASE consider donating to an organization, shelter, or someone you may know who is disabled....I started out running a 386, 16K and only had enough space for Netscape 2.0 and was able to surf quite wasn't perfect, but it's better than that ol' computer could give someone else the ability to find a whole new world!!!!

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May the light of Serenity guide your path and fill your heart

Blessed Be....

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