Christmas Star

By: Donald A. MacCord

I look in wonder over the valley still 
at a silver star low near the hill
A star so bright where none should be
It's light shown down and over me
and settled on a hillside cave
in silver and gold it lit the nave.

I knew I must go and see this sight,
for in heart and soul had I sensed the call,
ne're before had been a star so bright
Now angels sang to shepards all.
Clothed warmly in my sheepskin frock
I charged my servant to watch o'er the flock.

"Kneel down good man" I heard him say
as heavenly voices on high did pray.
I knelt not far from the open cave,
the star's golden light in it's nave did play
upon the face of a Child, a-bed the hay
and darkness was banished from roundabout.

I knew just then that ne're would be
another day as was before,
For God had given to this lonely shore
a gift of life, of salvation and more.
Upon my face I fell, but not from fright.
For my God, my Savior had been born this night.


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