Together but Fleeting

by: Donald A. MacCord

The day was warm and the sun so bright
Together we strolled to my heart's delight.
The wind whipped lightly through her hair
her face was an image of health, so fair.
My soul was delighted as she spoke soft and sweet,
her words that were always to me a great treat.
She spoke of her love and devotion to me
that would last forever and would alway be
held in my heart and never let free.

Her hand I took in my own that day,
I found the courage for the words I must say,
to merge her life with mine that bright day.
Her answer of course what I hoped to expect.
The years now have passed and in retrospect,
I think of that day such a long time ago
and my heart's still aflutter my eyes still aglow.
We together did strive to walk in His light,
But her time had come and she was want to go.
Now it was my time and as I walked towards the glow,
Her hand was outstreached, her face radiant bright. 
Now together we stroll and into His sight.

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