Time and Man

by: Donald A. MacCord

There was a time many eons past
when life was simple and seemed to pass
in a circle of seasons that seemed to last
from moment of birth until the end was cast.

But Providence in His wisdom said,
"Great can you be if only you'll  shed
the fear and ignorance that is your dread.
And placed did He, in each creature's head,
a seed of knowledge, thus wisdom spread.   

The eons came and went their way,
for he was man and here to stay.
From his hand the wooden spear he threw
and he became master from oxen to eau.
Each age a new beginning and with it something new,
Unlike other creatures; he learned and he grew.

Much time has passed to reach this day
for we are man and we are here to stay.
To increase in knowledge, that we do pray,
To the stars we must go, that is the way,
Thus to assure that we will not pass to clay.

For man has the wisdon, to achieve what is sure,
To seek new beginnings, to attain what is pure.
For time is infinite, on a course that is sure.
But God has reached out, His hand to assure,
That the image He made will always endure.

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