A Battlefield Prayer

Dedicated to all our brave servicemen that
stand in the way of peril.

by: Donald A. MacCord

The bombs have stopped and a stillness lay
Across these desolate fields of smoke and gray.
Only You can end the works that man has wrought
of desolation and suffering not sought.
But I fear the stillness will but soon depart
and the reaper's hand will again impart
his wrath upon this wasteland of folly
with each round and with each volley.

Oh Lord, the night is long and fear abounds.
I see it in a wounded comrade's eyes
and listen sadly to his pleading cries.
I place my hand on a hero's sweaty brow,
Hear Oh Lord my prayer on his behalf
give him comfort as only You know how.

I lay against the dusty wall and wait.
I watch the darkness slowly fade away
as people stir in this land once great, 
I pray you'll lift your hand and stay
the coming battles of this morn'.
Let peace and justice again be born.

But if it be that we again must fight.
I'll do my duty for our cause is right;
I'll continue to offer my prayer to You
and trust the loss will be but few,
and trust in Him whom you have sent
that wisdom will be given to see the light.

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