The American -The Scot

by: Donald A. MacCord

They came at first a trickle, then in droves,
With heads held high and prideful eyes
with hopes for freedom and small treasure troves
they set their feet on this distant shore.
They came from Belfast, Ayrshire and Clive,
with children and spouse, their thoughts at the fore
of peace and prosperity not persecution as before.
To Pennsylvania, the Carolinas, and points to the west,
to Tennessee and Kentucky their destinies to invest.
From the Lowlands and Highlands of Scotland the bold
With them the teachings of their forefathers of old,
a nation they would build and put to the test,
And freedom to them most important to hold,
Aye, and only in liberty could they possibly rest.
In wagons, on horseback and also on foot
Icy mountains and swift rivers they boldly did ford,
Campbells, MacGregors, MacFarlanes, MacCords.
A people of honor of loyalty and pride,
the years and the generations will later say:
"They tried."

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