Moments with Family

by: Donald A. MacCord

I strode upon the path of life
Through moments of pleasure
and times of much strife.

His hand was in mine of that I was sure
His words were always comforting and pure
To Him I am thankful for giving me life,
Giving me children and a wonderful wife.

Our waifs often ran from room to room
with laugter and giggles and an occasional boom.
No sadness or anger would I let them see
Only love would I give them, much to their glee.

My mate did I watch with much wonder and pride
As she comforted each one whenever they cried.
The howls and the sniffles soon rapidly died,
A hug and a cookie and the eyes soon had dryed.

A day soon arrived quite close to the fall,
My girls in their jumpers and my son in his tie,
Set out for the schoolyard to answer the bell's call.
I knew that these school years would rapidly go by.

A proud man was I as we'd stride through the park
The sun warm and bright, no sign of the dark
Three children and I and my wife at my side
Did fill me with happiness, my heart with great pride

My son at the plate with a bat in his hand
A smile on his face as he looked over at me
Then a sound of the bat as it hit the white ball
And I jumped to my feet, "well done I did call."

Two princesses in pigtails, their dresses quite new,
Sat quietly beside us in the small church's pew
I quietly uttered a prayer to Whom I owed all
Knowing nothing He gave would ever really fall.

The years now passed and the children grown
The lessons learned have now been sown.
And now our pride is even larger still
Our children's children now fill our hearts
Their sounds of laughter our ears do fill.

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