A Day in Dallas

By: Donald A. MacCord

"Ask not..." he said on that winter's morn The hope for the future bright and reborn He gave a nation a spark of pride and a challenge to move like the ocean's tide. For youth and vigor was in Camalot true, A destiny set and not just for a few. For the people had spoken, their choice was made Their hopes and dreams had been carefully laid. But time was so short on that November day For the many who stood and happily waved. In an instant of time, In the twinkle of an eye, A nation would gasp and then start to cry. A day of promise, sun bright, sky blue, He came to honor his word as true For pride was still strong in Dallas-town, No fear was shown not even a frown. And Camalot waved to the people they loved, stopped only by the crack, that fearful sound. Alas we are captive to the future unknown but submit to the Almighty and His rightful plan. A nation will grieve but forward must go Remembering the legacy, Remembering the Clan.

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