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Page Created in November of 1999

New album, "Live In Dublin" out in the US!!!(go and buy it already!)
Pictures from the MixFest concert are here! Check them out in the picture section.

This is my website that is dedicated solely to The Corrs, the best band in the world. If you don't know who The Corrs are let me educate you. The Corrs are a band that consists of (left to right) Sharon, Caroline, Jim, and Andrea Corr. And yes, they are all brother and sisters. Their music is Rock/Pop oriented with traditional Irish music mixed in. They play their own instruments; Andrea on vocals and tin whistle, Caroline on drums and backing vocals, Jim on guitars keyboards, programming, and accordian, and Sharon on violin and backing vocals. Also, Anto Drennan on guitar and Keith Duffy on bass.

If you want to chat about The Corrs or anything, my AOL Instant Messenger screen name is Dono133

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