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Celtic Princess

"God created Whiskey to keep the Irish from ruling the world." - A bumpah stickah Anthony sent me

Sorry, its been soooo long since I last updated any of these pages! Hopefully there will be a lot more here once I go back to UNH where we will have Ethernet and I won't have to deal with cruddy old AOL anymore! Be sure to check out the Princess's Gymnastics page. I added some new stuff there. Enjoy!

Visit my Tribute to the Nagano Olympians on myFigure Skating PageBe sure to stop by my newest page which is a devotion to the ancient Celts who once ruled Ireland

Loach Ceilteach And when you get a chance stop by Ode to a Jedi my new Star Wars page.

Star Wars DebateI have finally found a use for my message board Say Anything I believe it is time to decide which movie out of the trilogy is the best. So go to my page Ode to a Jedi and tell me which movie is the best and why.

SAy Anything

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