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Even though we had only been out of the country a few hours....
these dedicated percussionist decided the best place to practice was the Zurich Airport Bar

"Travel size, for your convenience"


206A Roommates Reunited in Europe!

"Do you really???"  ~British Emily
"If I asked you nicely would you pull on my pants?"~Emily

The view from the Ponte Veccio

"Do you think they light these things up"~Becky
"Hey.. i bet they light these things up..."~Carin
Hey...Look these things are lit up"~BJ

Yes, Emily made us run ALL over the city looking for the Wild Bore
It's supposed to give you good luck if you rub it's nose

"Are you Japanese??"~to Em
"We've seen enough naked guys... i want boobies"~BJ

Hanging out in the Florence Hotel
is it just me....or are there some red cheeks here???

"Well.. it's not like I want to do Bad Touch" ~BJ


We would like to be able to explain or show you what
happened in Cannes but everyone was laughing too hard and spilling
water and custard at the first restaurant to write anythign down.
--Unfortuantly we didn't have the camera with us to get a picture
of the Italian guys singing Backstreet Boys to us
--And of course there was always the lovley New Years Eve
Decrations around the pool...classy.

You'll just have to use your imagination




Carin, Sarah, Emily, Becky, and BJ
playing by the Mediterranean Sea


"Nice is nice"
And what did we learn about slow food service???
"You have to understand that's how things are in France"



Wandering the streets of Monaco

"No.. I swear the shop is right around the corner...damn these
streets all look the same"


The gang in front of the Palace


He looks so serious....

206A in front of the Palace

BJ's Harem in front of the Palace

Iota Phi goes International


The View from the Paris Ferris Wheel

"Well, if you can't play with someone else you might as well play
with yourself"  ~Carin --to Jaime about playing solitaire

The Bells of Notre Dame
After this we ran all over Paris to find BJ's "Bore"  - Shakespere and Co.

"I was waiting for 15 minutes to her you stop witching over there"
~Shakespere and Co. Shopkeeper

Climbing the Arch De Triumph
236....237..........276 Made it to the top

"I think we need to stop for a fat kid break"

At Lunch:  "I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue"~Carin
"Why are we still talking??"~BJ

Up close and personal with the Eiffel Tower
"You should look with your eyes not with your hands" ~Carin
"But I think  BJ likes to look with his hands"~Emily

"Yes... some of us speak more than one language, it comes in handy
in times like these" what the random guy in the bathroom said to Emily

Dan and Jaime at the Eiffle Tower
Congratualtions on your Engagement!!