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Binx The Goat

Dover, NH

Dr. Tim Fallon - The vet that saved binx's life

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Binx as a baby

Binx with his mom, Judy

Young Binx at home

New sweater

This is what cars are for

Actors Workshop

Regal Limo

Going to New York

Riding around

Wagon Hill Park

At home with Bill

Another Limo Picture

My friend Sonny


Central Park, NYC

York Beach, ME

Friends in high places

Maury Povich Show

Streets of NYC

Back at home in Dover

4th of July


Agility Trials

Go away - I'm Busy


Cape Nedick, ME

St. Mary's Academy

Mkt. Sq.Day Ptsm,NH

North Conway, NH

Mt. Kearsarge, NH


Fryburg Academy

Swan boats, Boston

Boston Commons

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Some interesting things Binx has done in his life

(click on anything in the list below)

Got John Astin's Autograph

Butting heads with Bill in the park

Received a "Junkfood Junkie" certificate

Known to all as a glutton

Auditioned for Stupid Pet Tricks on David Letterman
but wasn't stupid enough)

Went for a limo ride in a ROLLS ROYCE

Visited an old folks home

Rode in the Portsmouth Parade

Received special award

Met Santa Claus

Won a limo ride to Wagon Hill

Binx's Friend

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