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Atragon X's DBZ Planetoid

Hey guys, If you're here, that means you want to see my DBZ CCG Dream Cards. I have them set up into categories. The Cell 2.0 cards are an old batch I did a while ago, and are a reworking of the Cell Saga cards... I wasn't pleased with Score's work. The Buu Saga personalities encompass the whole show from the start of buu to kid buu's death. Those are newer, but are still not up-to-date on wording. I didn't make them out of dislike for Score's Buu saga, I just wanted to make some of my own cards for those characters. The newest stuff, and what I've been working on the most is my DBGT set. I've done a few personalities, but also some Masteries and have templates for other stuff as well. The Random cards are whatever doesn't have a category yet. It's everything from experimental templates, to joke cards, or whatever else I felt like making at the time.

I welcome any questions and comments. If you have any you'd like to express, please leave a message on Cell Saga 2.0 Joke Cards

Cell Saga 2.0

I don't know about any of you guys, but I just had a TON of issues with Score's Cell Saga in the personality department. To put it bluntly, I don't think they got any of the characters right (although some closer than others). This section is devoted to the way I think the Cell Saga characters should have been done. Some general notes, I thought Score was WAY too generous with the lvl 5 personality cards. Personally I think only Gohan and Cell deserve to have them, so no one other than Cell and Gohan will get lvl 5 cards from me.

Here's my philosophy on the Power Levels I'm giving characters.
Lvl1: Generally the time period when Cell first appears
Lvl2: Generally the time period when Cell becomes his second form, Piccolo vs 17, and the Saiyans Train.
Lvl3: Perfect form Cell, and the Saiyans finish their training.
Lvl4: The Cell Games, when everyone gets serious.
Lvl5: Breakthroughs in power during the Cell Games, that's SS2 Gohan and Super Perfect Cell.


Okay, the character I had the biggest problem with was Gohan... He just was NOT the strongest character all the way through. He started out being very weak in comparisson, and he relied on his friends and allies a lot. It was only later on when Gohan takes command of his awsome powers and becomes the strongest character. I think my personality set does a much better job of capturing Gohan's dependence on his friends, which later becomes fuel for his awsome powers. Lemmie know what you guys think!

Gohan, the Young SaiyanGohan, the Rising StarGohan, the AnguishedGohan, TransformedGohan, the Savior


Trunks is another character that I think Score botched. I'm convinced they wanted to make him the strongest character... Seriously, his lvl 4 power of "your opponent cannot perform energy attacks" is just plain wrong and his PL of 4,700,000 makes him easily able to pound Cell at the lvl 5 they gave him. My personality set for Trunks plays off of two imporant elements of Trunks in the series; his immense power at the cost of speed, and his hatred for the Androids. Trunks' powers may be kinda beefy, but they cost him energy to perform, thereby limiting his pouding power to how well you can keep your Power Stages up. Secondly, it just makes sense to me to give him bonuses to fighting Androids: they DID destroy his life, as well as the lives of everyone else in his time. *He's now been updated, and his Power Level has been lowered on his lvl 2,3, and 4.

Trunks, the OracleTrunks, Champion of the SwordTrunks, Guardian of TimeTrunks, Beyond Limits


Cell had some problems too. The thing that irritated me the most is that Cell only gets to 4,300,000 at his lvl 5. Hell, if THAT were true Goku could have beaten Cell according to Score. I didn't have much of a problem with his other levels, but I decided to make a more story-oriented personality set for him anyway. I decided to work him around card removal, particularly making him an anti-ally character. In that respect, he and Gohan complement each other (that is, they both help each other to maximize the potential for ultimate death with their card powers). A fight between Gohan and Cell is gonna' be ugly, but I think that that reflects the story quite well. You'll notice that I gave Cell 2 level 1 cards. The reason for that is quite simple, Cell's first form really couts as 2 major levels in power. The first one is when he just appears, and Piccolo can paste him. The second one is just before Cell absorbs Android 17, at which point Cell's the one handing it to Piccolo. To match my general points-in-story-to-PL-correlation, I had to either choose one or the other, or average the two. The Majin Vegeta lvl 1 ultra rare card in the Babidi Saga gave me the idea of making a better lvl 1 for Cell that could be considered (if this were acutally produced in the set) Ultra Rare. It lets me have my cake and eat it too basically.

Cell, the Soul ReaverCell, the PredatorCell, the HunterCell, Complete at LastCell, the MercilessCell, Beyond Perfection

Android 17 and Android 18

I think Score had the right idea partially on the androids. I think leaving them in the same power bracket for the most part was a good idea, and I think the idea they had for leaving android 20 at the same max pl was a good idea too... just not on the right guy. I think the androids should NOT increase in power over their levels. They should be strong to start out with, but lose potency as personality levels increase. As for the card powers of 17 and 18... I thought the androids should have constant combat powers... don't know why exactly, but expect android 16 and 20 to have them too. 17 and 18 are brother and sister, so I thought it might make sense for their powers to be similar. It basically comes down to which one I saw as a physically oriented and energy oriented. I think the choice I made was the best one. Their power levels pretty much are even, but I got the impression from the show that 17 was slightly stronger (if from nothing more than from 17's bragging). At the very least, making a difference in the PL mixes it up a little game-wise.

Android 17, the AssassinAndroid 17, the HuntedAndroid 17, the Battler

Android 18, the FasionableAndroid 18, the FugitiveAndroid 18, the Deadly Beauty



Sometimes I find a really funny picture, or get a really silly idea for a card and power. This section caters to my warped sense of humor. I hope you like them.

This first one builds not only on my criticism of Score's apparent desire to make Trunks the most rediculously powerful character EVER (seriosly guys, his lvl 5 too, PL 4,900,000 and he gets to draw upto 3 cards!? SICK!) but it also came to me as I was making my lvl 4 of Trunks; "Trunks, Beyond Limits". I figured I'd just help Score by cutting to the chase.

Trunks, Beyond Reason