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My Freshwater Fishing Excursions

This page is dedicated to my best salmon, trout, and bass fishing memories. I'm probably going to add additonal photos and commentary in the near future so stay tuned.

Salmon at Weirs Beach, NH

Here's a nice shot of salmon caught on streamer flies between Weirs Beach and Eagle Island on Lake Winnipesaukee. We fish this spot every spring when the ice opens up. It's quite an experience. The first few days are usually bitter cold. The ice builds up on my pole at times to the extent where I can't reel in the line. We usually catch most the fish when the weather warms and the first hatch is on the water.

Island Pond Brown Trout

Island Pond in Derry NH was a hot spot for me in the 80's. I had my own key to get to the private boat launch. The state stocks this pond (800 acres) with browns, brookies, and rainbows. The lake also has a sizeable native smelt, pickeral, and bass population. The water varies from the 5ft shallows to a stretch where it reaches a 90ft depth. The brown trout in this photo were caught in a 1hr period using orange jointed repala lures. We were getting double and triple hits at a time that day. My wife got sick of fishing the day this photo was taken.

Island Pond Brown Trout

Here's an oldy but goody! We fished this small pond in Windham, NH 13 years ago. One of the canoes capsized. I'm glad it wasn't mine. Anyway this guy Mike lost all his lures in the water and we were trying to find them in 2 feet of mud. I went back to this place a couple of times and catch some pretty nice largemouth bass. I'm keeping the location secret.