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Stripers Quest 2001

Here's some more scenes from the Connecticut trip in 2001.

A Triple

We took a short break while the Captain looked for the Bluefish spot. We ended up halfway between Montauk and the launch at Noank. We caught the Blues quick on the umbrella rigs. We caught doubles and triples and at least one quadruple on these umbrella rigs. Our arms were ready to fall off.

Time to Clean the Fish

The trip was cut short due to the success we had. We were getting 1 1/2 hours refunded. Not a bad deal. The Mate put on an excellent show for us. We watched him clean 30 Blues and 4 large Bass. He got the refund in tip money.

The Fillets

We had a nice pile of skinless fillets. Its a good thing we had some room for the ice. overall this was an extremely succesful trip. We'll have no trouble getting six people for the next trip in the Spring.