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Stripers Quest 2001

Here's some scenes from our Groton, Connecticut Charter in 2001. We charted with Captain Frank and the Anna R'. I had chartered several times with thses guys and always had good success. This time it was just Kevin and I. The others couldn't afford a second trip or they were disappointed on the weather and number of fish caught on the first trip? Anyway, it didn't matter. Kevin and I were ready for some serious fishing.

Montauk Point  

When we got on the boat, I told the captain I wanted to catch some really big Stripers and then limit out on Bluefish. He took my request. It took an hour to get to our first destination, Montauk Point. The mate set us up with some popper lures. We had to work them like a couple of frenchmen. Here's a Photo of the accommodations. I slept down below before we got to Montauk.

Stripers Everywhere

I got something big. I couldn't lift my pole up. This was typical of the Strippers we caught. We kept catching them; the mate kept pulling them in and redoing our lines. This continued for 2 hours straight.

A Nice Catch of Stripers

We caught 26 stripers by 8:30am. Our arms were tired. Most of the fish we released were 32 inches. The biggest one we kept was over 40 inches. This was by far the most consistent stretch of bass fishing I had ever seen. Here's a Photo of Kevin with his large Striper.    

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