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Stripers Quest 2001

Here's some scenes from our Newburyport fishing charter in 2001. We booked a charter with Captain Gary and his boat Jus Restin'. We had a good reference on him from the bait shop near where we had been shore fishing.

Some Rough Weather

We spent the first hour getting to the spot. We started fishing in Ipswich Bay near Cranes Beach. Tom & I got some big fish on but we couldn't hold them. We had this helpless feeling and then our lines broke. We tried a different spot at the mouth of the Merrimack but the clouds were getting dark and the wind had picked up.

A Bluefish Run 

We got some good Bluefish action, but the waves were 6 to 10 feet. We caught 6 bluefish before the guys started feeling sick. I caught 2 fish, Willis caught 2 fish, Kevin & Tom caught 1 fish.

Cleaning the Fish

The captain bled the bluefish to keep them fresh. We headed back for Ipswich Bay. I ate lunch while the others sat low in the boat trying not to get sick. The bay was also very choppy. We ended up going up the river to fish. Finally it rained hard and we had to cut the trip short. Overall this was a good charter. The captain was very entertaining.