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Striper Quest 2001

Here's some scenes from our trips to Newburyport and New Ipswich, Massachusetts.

An Early Start

I started going to Newburyport with Kevin, Tom & Willis in July. They had been fishing together since late May. We would get up at 2:00am and carpool to get to the spot on the beach by 5:00 to 5:30am. The fishing was usually best before 9:00am. By 12:00pm , we would pack up and head for Diner on US1. I did this 3 times with these guys before we did the first Charter in September.

Another Nice Little Striper

I caught 4 stripers at Newburyport. All were about 18 to 20 inches. Kevin said we had good day. I think we caught 14 total that day. In this picture, I wasn't taking good care of my fishing reel. I didn't know I needed rod holders. This was a beautiful beach along the mouth of the Merrimack. But the sand was loose and the footing was difficult. The walk back to the car was difficult with all the gear and the full sun. I should have brought my swimming shorts.

The Preserve

On the next trip, we started at the same Newburyport spot. We didn't have the same luck as last time. I think I caught 1 striper before we left for the Preserve. The Preserve is a 10mile strip of beach & bird preservation from Newburyport to New Ipswich. It opens in August every year. We had heard the fishing was decent here. Kevin & I each caught sting rays.  Photo 1/ Photo 2. Photo 2 was taken on the third trip to the Preserve. Kevin is fishing in the shallows near some great rocks. Unfortunately, the boats around him are getting all the fish. We saw a real nice fish come out of the water. We had the itch to get a charter. I came back to the preserve a third time with my wife and kids. I was surprised at the number of sea shells.