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Ariana's Homepage


This is me.

FIRST NAME: Ariana SCHOOL: Woodsville High School BIRTHDAY: January 28, 1984 AGE: 16 GRADE: 11 GPA average: ooooouch, 89.3. HEIGHT: NOOoooooo!!! The doctor said 5'7 and a half, i am NOT 5'7! I AM *5'8*!! SIBLINGS: Two older brothers, 24 and 25 FAVORITE SUBJECT IN SCHOOL: Speech and Debate, and Phys Ed (the athlete with the B grade in phys ed (EL) ) LEAST FAVORITE SUBJECT: Anything that involves a scientific calculator WHO ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS? : Hey girls- K.F., E.L., S.L.,C.B,K.H.- D.B.,C.S. DO YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND? no...? FAVORITE MOVIE: Tough one…uh, Meet Joe Black, Grease, Life Is Beautiful FAVORITE STORE: Definitely the GAP DO YOU DO ANY DRUGS? : Nope HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE ON YOUR BUDDY LIST? I always have to clean it out, cause I get too many people I talk to once or twice. Right now I…85 WHAT'S YOUR FAV. SPORT? In the fall and summer I play soccer, and in the spring I play softball. HOW LONG ARE YOU IN THE SHOWER?: Well, seeing I take the shortest showers known to man (E.L.)… prolly 10 minutes average. WHAT'S YOUR FAV. PLACE TO GO ON VACATION?: Mexico, or CAPRI FAVORITE COLOR: Bright blue. GUYS WITH OR WITHOUT HATS?: I wish I could tell every guy in the US, If you're dark wear a white hate!! They are so... ahhh! Guys in hats are good.


RYAN: umm...uhh....Kriiiisssstyyyyy??? HELP!

BOB: x2 (Go DC)


CHRISTOPHER: L...a...vvv...

…….AND……. SILVER OR GOLD: silver everyday of the week IF YOU COULD BE ANYWHERE RIGHT NOW, WHERE WOULD YOU BE? Elm Street FAVORITE KINDS OF CLOTHES: they're all my favorite THE LAST PHONE NUMBER YOU CALLED: Kristy, thanks for returning the call Sweetie :P

….HAVE YOU EVER… LET A FRIEND CRY ON YOUR SHOULDER: Always GONE TO CHURCH: Every Sunday KISSED A GUY/GIRL: Ha ha. Hmm. MET A CELEBRITY: Dan Quayle...does he count? DRIVEN A CAR: yes. Countdown, April 28 I'm all alone! BROKEN SOMETHING VALUABLE: My ankle, my mom's necklace, my cd player (twice! You'd think I'd learn or something), my camera GOTTEN A CAVITY: Cavity free, Baby!

AOL IM: ArianaKnh

ICQ: 29855544

MY Pictures.....

This is my brother Greg and me.

Dave is from London, and coached my soccer team last summer at our soccer camp. He stayed at my house that week.

Yup, that's me. Thanks, boys, it was fun.

Lizzie and I at the National Youth Leadership Conference, in DC.

On my 16th bday, some my friends came over, including this kid. Hey girls, hope you weren't expecting anything nice for YOUR BIRTHDAYS? Where should I shop, huh? Ames? You all like pink? Yeah, me too.
Ryan J. is the craziest kid in the world.

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