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Inside the Tavern Proper

You step inside to a welcoming warmth and rush of sound. Other patrons sit at the tables talking over drinks and what smells like a delicious stew.

You notice that all the tables are filled and so you'll have to join one of the smaller groups.

At the first table three elves are seated. One is a tiny girl who looks to be about five years old. She is asleep against an older dark elf, you would put his age at around seventeen or maybe eighteen. Their features are very similar and you surmise they must be related. They both have dark grey skin. Her hair is a dark blue color and it goes halfway down her back. His hair is long and silver colored, like his eyes. His is tied back from his face. He smirks at the high elf across the table as he looks down at his cards.

The high elf, who looks to be around fifteen, seems to be losing the card game. He makes the most animated and comical faces as he tries to find some way to beat the dark elf. He has messy, well perhaps messy would be an understatement, spiky brown hair and vibrant green eyes. He wears a strange pendant around his neck and at his belt you can see a conspicuous set of well made thieves picks.

Join their table? Or look for a group less likely to pick your pocket?

At the next table is rather strange assemblage. You rub your eyes to make sure you're seeing correctly, no you were right. Seated around the next table are a vampire, a wood elf, a halfling, and a human. Its more than certainly strange to see a group like that.

The vampire is a young woman, she looks to be about nineteen but then again she is vampire and you never know with them. She has short blonde hair which is streaked with blue highlights. She has a little bit of dark makeup on her face, nothing overstated though. You can barely notice it actually. She has smiling blue green eyes and her clothes are cut of burgundy and black fabrics. She has a cloak draped over the back of her chair. She has a few silver earrings in each ear, as if to spite the myth that vampires hate silver. She is laughing at the human boy.

He has blue in his hair as well, it is short and rather spiky as well. He is dressed in rather modern clothes for this tavern setting. But no one seems to have taken much notice of that. He looks rather like a skater punk, you can just imagine a walkman with some good alternative music going to go along with him.

The elf girl is watching the two of them and contributing a word or so every few minutes as she arranges different herbs on the table as she cleans out a pouch. She has raven dark hair and dark exotic eyes. Her clothes are rather old fashioned, she has a gypsy look about her.

The halfling is sitting on the table itself, being too short to sit in the chair. He wears a sleeveless tunic and knee high deerskin boots. He has tribal paint on his face and his jet black hair has a few tribal braids in it. He has many pouches at his belt and a glass of wine rests on the table in front of him. He seems to be rather enjoying the harmless banter of the people in front of him. You would guess that he would be in his early twenties but its hard to tell since he is only two feet tall.

Join their table? Or find a more ordinary group?

Over at the far side of the tavern, around the hearth is another interesting gathering. A young man of around seventeen lounges in a high back chair. His clothes are really worn as though they might be the only set he has. His hair is a sandy blonde and it is very straight. He ties it back with a scrap of leather. He rests a hand on the back of a giant sleeping grey wolf. You raise an eyebrow at the wolf, but it seems to be quite content sleeping beside the warmth of the fire. The young man's green eyes smile as he recounts a story to the other two.

A slightly gruff man who looks to be middle aged leans against one side of the fireplace. His hair is the color of ash and he wears an eye patch over one eye. His arms are folded over his chest and if you look very closely you might notice that he has concealed daggers almost everywhere you could hide one. A sword in a scabbard rests against the fireplace near his feet. He smiles faintly at the youth's enthusiasm. You get the feeling that he is a rather quiet guy, but there is something to him that bespeaks a great wisdom that might be coaxed out of him if you knew how to ask.

The woman who completes the group is actually sitting in an open windowsill. You wouldn't hesitate to say she might have climbed into the tavern through that window. Something about her just seems wild and free. Her hair falls in gentle waves around her face and down her back. Her clothes are those of a wanderer. You get the feeling that she would be most at home running through the trees of the forest you just came in out of. She must have come in to warm up in the firelight. She is also enjoying the young man's story. You look closer and suddenly realize that she is a vampire as well. It seems unusualů yet intriguing.

Stop and converse with them? Or seek out others?


You make your way up to the bar to order some elven wine, this part of the country is famous for it. An absolutely gorgeous vampire with long blonde hair turns to serve you. His icy blue eyes and his shy smile are almost enough to make your heart stop beating. He speaks with a slight accent and he seems to have something about him that just makes you feel totally at ease. As you search for words a small child comes to tug at his sleeve and he looks down. A little girl with slightly curly blonde hair tugs at his sleeve. "Daddy, read me a bedtime story please?" She has the same blue eyes as her father and he quickly pours you a glass of the wine you were about to order before picking up the small child. He politely excuses himself and takes the little girl towards a door behind the bar.

A younger looking vampire with a dashing smile and unkempt brown hair begins to laugh. "You've spell bound another Tristan, you just look too good for your own sake ya know!" The blonde vampire reddens just a bit and smiles as he turns to see you almost staring as you try to puzzle out how he knew just what you had intended to orderů and how he can look so incredibly handsome and be real. He slips through the door presumably to read a story to his daughter. The brown haired one leans back in his chair as you turn to look at him.

A little elf is sitting on the table where he has just propped his feet. The small elf tilts his head to look at you. He can't be more than five years old or so. He has short blonde hair and big innocent blue eyes. He smiles at you and holds out a chocolate chip cookie offering it to you.

Join this group and enjoy your wine?

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