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Other Ring Tail House Cats

This page is to post photos of other ringtail house cats from around the world. If you own or know of a ringtail cat, please contact me. I am gathering information about these cats. Your help is appreciated.

DSH Male from Kentucky

This little boy is unfortunately deceased. He is the brother of an intact male ringtailed cat residing in Kentucky.

DSH Female from Antioch, California

This cat was photographed by a friend of mine who spotted her next door at some property she just bought in Antioch, CA ( About 50 miles north of here ). The owner says she and her brother just showed up one day when they were kittens. They were adopted and subsequently altered. Apparently the brother also sometimes carrys his tail in a ring.

From my research there have been a number of ring tail house cats reported locally. Most of the reports are for cats that have the same blue and white tuxedo as Solomon. This leads me to believe they are probably all related to Solomon.

Emily from Seattle Washington

From Emilys owner Jane,

"Emily is what I call a "non-folded Scottish fold." That is, she is from a Scottish fold family, but her ears didn't fold over. I think the proper term is "prick eared Scottish fold." She's got the typical undercoat of a Scottish fold - wonderfully soft and white. I notice that her tail can (and does) curl in either direction, although mostly (if the photos are to be believed) to the right, not as I told you, to the left".

Raffles from England

From Raffles owner Carol,

"We got Raffles as a six week old kitten from a rescue centre in Manchester. When we got him his tail was not curled, if anything it was quite short, thick & straight. It just seemed to curl as it grew, almost without us noticing, by the time he was fairly well grown we began to notice his "odd" tail carriage. As it caused him no distress whatsoever and as he could carry it down if he wished (very rarely) we took no further action, it made him look really cute. Then, the other day, out of curiosity really, I posted an internet cat club I belong to about it, just to see if anyone else had come across it. Two of the replies referred me to your site - and here we are!!

We have never seen another cat with a tail like this but have been told by the fosterers that his sister, who they kept, does do it very occasionally and that all four of the litter did do it a little as they grew. But none to the permanent degree that he does - his natural tail carriage is either curled or held over across his back. Visit Carols website at

My neighbors cat

From Susan Manley,

My neighbor directly across the street had their house up for sale. When they had a weekend open house my husband and I decided to tour it. While looking over the side yard I glanced through the chain link fence to the next neighbors house and spotted an orange cat jumping up on the picnic table to eat some cat food. The minute she hit the table she flipped her tail up and over her back like a vampire pulling his cape around and strutted over to the food. I called my husband over with us both gasping ( we have been talking to everyone local but I guess we missed our neighbor Arlene) Arlenes orange female is 7 years old, just showed up one day at her door as a kitten. Notice how her tail carriage is far more simular to Sol's then any of the cats above. Her tuxedo pattern is the same as well and the face is reminescent of Sol's. Incidentally, Arlene has never seen another ring tail cat either.

Cabo a purebred Balinese

An interview with Daphne, Cabos owner:

1) How often does Cabo carry his tail over his back? Greater then/less then 50% of the time?

Cabo only carries his tail this way when he is relaxed. At home, that is probably about 50% of waking hours. It seems he radiates an attitude of confidence whenever his tail is over his back, but that may be my imagination.

2) Does his carrying his tail over his back seem linked to any other activity? Does he do it more when he is walking forward? Jumping? Climbing?

As mentioned above, he seems only to do it when he is relaxed and comfortable in his surroundings. For instance, I have never seen him do it on the judges stand at a cat show (though I often wished he would!). The photo referenced above was actually taken at a model horse show we were at, when Cabo was "exploring" the show hall.

Sues note: Another owner of a ringtail cat mentioned she thought the tail display was due to "Cattitude". The more confident the cat the more display of the tail. Solomon was raised as an only kitten by humans and is quite confident. Perhaps his upbringing has to do with his tail carriage as well.

(Back to Daphnes description of Cabo) He may also do it when he is feeling affectionate; he just walked in the room with the tail partially over back, and when I picked him up, tail went flat over back (I was holding him in show stretch position), and the motor was going. He is now prowling the room and nagging me to go for a walk on his leash outside, and the tail is waving a bit vertically, but goes back over his back quite frequently. When he is not carrying it right over the back, it is in a sort of S shape, curving back and slightly down from his rump, then going vertical with the tip pointed back. (I'm going to be watching that tail a lot more from now on, I can see!!) Just petted his back and the tail immediately came up and over; I have to fit my hand between tail and back. Now that I think about it; he always does that when I pet his back.

When Cabo sits, the tail often lies straight out behind him on the floor. I have never seen him carrying it over his back unless he is standing or walking.

Sues notes: The tail carriage described above is similar to Solomons first generation kittens.

3) At what age did Cabo's unusual tail become apparent?

I didn't really notice this trait until he had grown his adult coat. I don't recall him doing it as a kitten, and I got him at 12 weeks of age.

4) Did any of Cabo's litter mates or relatives express the same or similar tail characteristics?

Since I purchased him from another breeder, I can't tell you if they did or didn't. I did see his brother & sister at a show, but they were curled together in a basket and didn't get up and walk around.

5) Does Cabo ever hold the tip of his tail down one side or the other of his body? If so which side?

No; the tail is always centered down his spine, pointed straight at the back of his head, when he is squirrel tailing. Even the tip is straight ahead.

6) Is there anything else unusual about Cabo?

No, not really; he is a blue lynx point Balinese alter, and will be 2 years on Sept 20th. When I got him, I had not even thought of becoming a breeder, and neutered him as soon as he was old enough. Of course, I do now wish I could have had a litter from him, but that's water under the bridge!! I of course think he is absolutely beautiful, with a gorgeous silky, soft and beautiful coat (gossamer soft) and stunning blue eyes.

To visit Daphnes website with Cabo and her other cats go to: