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Solomon at 8 months and 7.5 months

The photo of Solomon on the left is of him playing in our horse arena. We had just had a big pile (15 feet tall) of wood chips delivered and he thought king of the hill was a great game.

The photo of Solomon on the right is him resting at his first Cat Show. That would be the CFA Christmas show held in Hayward, CA 1998. He was still young enough to enter in House Hold Cats. While there he won 2 firsts. Positive comments were made for his excellent muscular physical condition and his velvet like shiny fur.

Solomon is now to old to enter in House Hold Pets as they require all House Hold Pets to be spayed or Neutered at 8 Months.

( Incidentally I recommend spaying or neutering by 6 months any animal you do not intend to breed. You are more likely to avoid spraying problems in the males and an accidental litter in the females by taking care of this by 6 months. New veterinary methods allow them to spay or neuter when an animal is over 2 lbs. For most cats thats at 2-3 months. Check with your vet. )

Solomon is the only intact adult animal we have at this time.

Solomon playing

More misc pictures of Solomon.



How shiny is he?

I noticed I have talked a lot about Solomons fur but I have not shown you any photos that really do it justice. Here is a shot taken at 7 months old ( the same time as the photo on the cover page) that shows how much sheen his fur has. Note Solomon is: blue & white smoke (the base of his fur is white) agouti (fur is banded light and dark up the hair shaft) that carries both mackeral and classic tabby. The pads on his white feet are blue. His eyes are a dark amber color. His whiskers are white. (the kittens with white feet also have dark pads with the exception of one that has pink pads).