A Hushed Wish

"A Star In The Night"

By: Jeff Williams

Look up, into the hidden night
See the stars so blissfully bright
And tell me what do you see
Among these lights that set your heart free

Is it the stars that tempt us to steer?
To a place where love has no fear
Wondering if life could only spare
A wishing moment none to compare

As the stars beam upon our fate
Only pondering souls would debate
That love can never be kept
From two hearts that have dearly wept

Seeing the escapade of things beyond
Being sure of our soulful bond
Will always infinitely be around
Just like the stars that surround

Keeping our love on earth compelled
How is love really spelled?
It's unconditional words that flow
Like all the stars in heavens' glow

Meet me in the night's effulgent rays
Never to end before the sun of days
Always looking up, sharing the same sky
Never to presume, nor to ask why

Where Do Your Dreams Take You When You Close Your Eyes At Night??
Come On..Grab A Star..Make A Wish...
Come Fly With Me...