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Anime Wav Files

Anime Wav Files for Your Enjoyment!

Sorry its still kind of small ^_^ I'm working on getting a few more! Just right click and select Save Target As (well thats in IE anyway... I'm sure you netscape people know how to do it

Those files in English are marked (E) and those in Japanese are marked (J).

Gundam Wing
Duo - Just Delete That (E)
Duo - Just Watch Me, I'll become the God of Death again... but right now... I need some sleep! (E)
Duo - Well Excuse me for being a mere mortal! (E)
When Duo tries to self destruct in space (E)
Heero's trademark Line Omae O Kurosu (J)
Duo - Shinigami is back from Hell (J)

Ah My Goddess
Skuld - Shut up! You think yer so hot! You're nothing but a big fungus-head! (E)
Skuld - I am a genius!(J)

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Rei - What do you want from me? (J)
Rei - Ikari-kun? (J)
Rei - I don't know you. (J)
Rei - No, Its a mistake (J)

El Hazard
Ura - Makoto are You Alright? (J)
Fujisawa - Hyper Fujisawa Kick! (J)
Fujisawa complaining about no sake (J)

Ranma 1/2
Ranma - I'm Ranma Saotome... Sorry about this... (E)
Ryoga talking about Akane (E)

Fushigi Yuugi
Tasuki - Alright! (J)
Tasuki - Rekka Shinen! (J)


Gourry: Lina, can I say something?
Lina: What is it? *CRASH*
Gourry: I was going to say, it's dangerous to walk into there..
Lina: Next time say it faster.(J)

Gourry being a gentleman about Lina sleeping on the floor(E)

Gourry: Man, I got into trouble back there! But look, I protected the Sword of Light!
Everyone else: IT'S GONNA BLOW!
Gourry: Huh? What's the matter? *BOOM* WAAAAAAHH!!(J)

Gourry - Give a guy a Break (E)

Gourry likes his jellyfish costume (E)

Gourry likes that Jellyfish costume... just... too much! (E)

Zelgadis casting Dug Haut (J)

Gourry screaming about falling (E)

Zelgadis casting Flare Arrow (J)

Group arguing over where to eat (E)

Gourry offering to buy Lina lollypops (E)

Gourry: My sword. *sigh* My ancestors will never forgive me for this...
Lina: Why did I let him get away with it? Why? Why? Why? (J)

Xellos with his trademark line and Zel mocking him (E)

Xellos giving Gourry back the Sword of Light (E)

Gourry: So what..what's going on? *thinks, thinks thinks, thinks*
Lina: You're too slow to understand! We are in TROUBLE! TROUBLE!
Gourry: *head makes jack-in-the-box sounds* Okay, I get it!! (J)

Yeah... I know... these aren't anime... but ya gotta love Monty Python and so I tossed these up ^_^

Abuse (from the argument sketch)
We intterupt this program to annoy you
Is this the right room for an argument?
You think you're so bloody clever!
Alright! I confess I did it!
My hovercraft is filled with eels
Stop that! It's silly!
The Nudge Nudge Sketch
It's resting...
Sex on TV

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