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Trick Tips

Hello welcome to the Trick Tip page. Here you will find all kinds of usefull facts and information on tricks for snowboarding for Beginers, Intermediate and Advanced riders. enjoy -Chris

Fs Nosegrab

With your front hand grab the front (tip) of your board and bone your back leg out.

Fs Method

With your leading hand, grab the board on the heelside edge near your front foot and tweak it up.

Fs Meloncholly

With your front hand, grab the heel edge of the board in-between the bindings.

Fs Mute

With your front hand, grab the toeside edge of the board in-between the bindings.

Fs Indy

With your rear hand, grab the board on the toe side edge between your boots.

Fs Chicken Salad

With your front hand, grab the heel edge of the board in-between the bindings.

Fs Stalefish

With your rear hand, grab the board on the heelside edge between your legs. For added style, shifty the board mid-grab.

Fs Tail grab

With your rear hand, grab the tail of the board and bone out your front leg.

50-50 HR

Ollie high enough to get on the handrail, trying to focus on landing on it centered. Bend your knees for stability and stay centered by using your shoulders and arms. Lightly ollie off of the rail and prepare for landing. Try and land with a flat base or slightly on the tail.

Backside 540 HP

Drop in on your frontside wall with plenty of speed. Carve on your heelside edge, without speed checking, until you reach the backside wall. Ease off on your carve a little bit. Right before you hit the lip, slightly pop off of your tail twist your lead shoulder towards the tail of your board to initiate the spin. Keep your head low, bend your knees, and grab. Keep turning your head and try to spot the landing. Remember that you should keep your weight in the middle or slightly in front of your board to avoid slipping out on your tail.

Slider HP

Go up your frontside wall. Once you're in the air, grab indy. Work your indy hand back so it "slides" down your board into a tailgrab. Release the grab before your tail slaps down and you've just learned yourself a new trick.

Backside Alley-oop HP

Go up your frontside wall like you're going to do an air to fakie. Start looking up the pipe when you take off on your toe edge, which will cause your board to follow this motion. You have to spin about 270 degrees to land this trick. Once you become more comfortable with alley-oops, you can throw in a method grab for added style.

Backside 180 FS

Approach the jump with enough speed to make the landing. Take of with a flat base and begin rotating by looking over your rear shoulder. Grab indy and bone out your front leg to gain more control. Spot the landing by looking in-between your legs. Bend your knees and touch down. Try not to lean too far back or you'll sketch out on the landing.

Backside 360 HP

Come up your backside wall on your heel edge. At the top of the lip, pop off and rotate your head and shoulders towards the tail of the board to initiate the spin. Grab and use the force to let you know when to plant because the landing is blind. You'll get wrecked if you under-rotate this trick.

Frontside 360 FS

Keep your base flat going up to the lip. Spring off of your tail and turn your head and leading shoulder and keep on looking behind you. Raise your knees for stability (and to make grabs easier). You can either land blindly if you didn't have enough time to spot your landing, or you can look in-between your legs.

Backside 360 FS

Come up to the jump's lip on your toe-side edge. Begin rotating by turning your upper body and head in a clockwise direction if you ride regular, and in a counter-clockwise direction if you ride goofy. Keep looking that way to stay spinning. Unlike the frontside 360, you should be able to spot the landing of a backside 360.

Frontside 360 Switch Method HP

Come up the frontside wall on your toe edge. Pop off of the lip and begin rotation by spinning your upper body and head. Once you have rotated 180 degrees and are facing back in the pipe, grab switch method, or stalefish (but make sure to bend your knees and tweak it up). Rotate the last 180 and land on the vert.

Frontside 540 HP

Approach the frontside wall with a lot of speed. Start rotating by turning your shoulders hard frontside. Bend your knees and throw in a grab. Keep turning your head and looking where you want to go. Spot the landing and ride out clean.

Backside 540 FS

Approach the hit with your knees bent. Pivot your weight to your toe edge and then to your backfoot. (you should be at 90 degrees immediately after your tail has left the ground.) Spin a little faster than you would for a 360. Grab to stabilize yourself. Begin spotting the landing by looking through your legs. Release the grab at 450 degrees to slow down the rotation and land blind.