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What up?? Welcome to my SkateBoarding page. Here I have put up pictures as well as information on Skateboarding. Have a good time drop me an email or two on your way out.

About me and SkateBoarding:

I started to SkateBoard at the beggining of last year. It all started out because I grew up in NY city and all my life I watched people skateboard and I always have wanted to do it. So last year I decided that I was gonna learn how. So I did. I am not the best at sk8in but I have learned a few things. See the pictures below for descriptions. Any tips drop an email.


(Above) Jamie Thomas - Leap of Faith

(Above) Chad Muska - FS Flip

(Above) Ronnie Creiger - BS BluntSlide

Pictures of me:
Date: 3-17-01

Ollie onto rail at my friends out (The rail kinda sucked)

BS Boardslide

Ollie just about onto the rail

BS Boardslide (Perfect)

About to Ollie on rail

Ollie onto rail

Yet another BS Boardslide (Perfect)

Coming off rail from BS Boardslide into a manual (Perfect)

BS Boardslide (About to faceplant!)


Crooked Nose Grind

Ollie onto rail

BS Boardslide (Perfect)

Rail Ollie

Landing Rail Ollie

Rolling away from Rail Ollie