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Ok here you are at the information page. here you will find information on my friend Jake and i such as where we live all that good stuff. Enjoy.

Chris Adamaitis

Full Name: Christopher J. Adamaitis
Age: 15
Hieght: 5'9
Wieght: 135
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Extra: Hey what up this is Chris. Well you know most of the information about me extras are I live in Portsmouth/Rye NH. I am the designer of this site. I have been snowboarding for about 6 years now. It'sthe best sport. And uh just enjoy the page piece out thers a lot more coming to the page.
Peace out

This is a picture of my front yard after the biggest damn storm of the year. It went from 3/5/01 untill 3/7/01. In that storm we got about 24-30 inches.

(3/6/01) This is a picture of the ocean just outside my house during a NorEaster from 3/5/01 to 3/7/01.

(3/6/01) This is another picture from another spot but same time.

Jake Mgrath

Full Name: Jacob Mgrath
Age: 14
Hieght: 5'5
Wieght: 125
Hair Color: Blond/Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Extra: Sentance not yet availible from Jake Sorry.

*THE DC'S* (According to Jake - THE HOT SHIT!)