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Hey what up?? Nm here just chillen. Well looks like you have stumbled apon my fishing page. This is another one of my favorite hobbies. In the summer my life is pretty much SkateBoarding and Fishing. So yea yea on this page I have placed pictures and information on the type of fish I fish for and also pictures of my boat and fishing partners etc..... Have a good day!
Peace out

<-- Setting out for a day of fishing!


What up, here I have placed pictures and information on Lobstering. I have been Lobstering for a few years now. I also Losbter Commercially on the F/V Old Salty out of Kittery Point Maine. This boat is captained by Gregg Ward. A.K.A - Big Daddy. The boat is a extremely sturdy 38 by 15 Foot, 30,000lb Novi Hull Design BEAST! Well enjoy the pictures and and if you have any questions you know where to contact me at! (Just in case you don't) -

*Pictures of me and my Boat*

My Dad and I with our boat (1990 27 Foot Sea Ox)

A day on the water (Notice im not happy)


<--Some of my Traps

<--TopView of Trap <--SideView of Trap

<--Inside of Trap <--View of whole Trap from top