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Chris Wards page

Hey this is Chris again. What up?? just chillen over here. Here this page is dedicated to Chris Ward. Below I will tell about him. I met Chris on the docks at Mikes Marina. I thought of him as a friend and didn't know what was to come. I am considering him now my bigger brother. We fished through the summer together on his boat below and my boat also below. In the winter we hunt together. Chris is also an amazing painter i have never seen anything like his work. The kid is amazing we hang out all the time and I havent had this much with a friend in a long time just to let you know how much he has done for me. He has been an incerdible help to me. Him and my dad and stepmom are also pals. Below you see some pictures of Chris and Chris and I. There will be more to come. No doubt in my mind he will be famous!

Hes choking me!! Nah I am just letting him win!

Im lettin him win again!

Have another one Chris!