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For The Love Of Bulldawgs

Floyd Boudreaux & Boze

Here is Mr. Floyd Boudreaux and Boze. Boze is a half brother to Eli. He was said to have stopped 27 dogs in rolls. He was once rolled in to Walling's Bullyson a son of Eli. Floyd Boudreaux is the originator of the great Eli (Eli X Spook) line. Which is heavly bred off one of Floyd's all time favorites Blind Billy. A 1XW-1XL the foundation of the Boudreaux' Eli bloodline and a son of Dibo. Eli without a question one of the most famous of modern dogs from the 60's era. The thing that make the Eli dogs so popular is that they are powerfully built dogs with devastating mouths who consistently throw these traits into their offspring. When Eli a 2xw was bred to Boudreaux's Spook, another Blind Billy breed dog, the outcome was to change the sporting community forever. Three famous names that come to mind from the Eli/Spook breeding are: Eli Jr., Bullyson, and a bitch named Brendy. Eli was stolen and never heard of again. Junior Bush was the last owner of the old Eli dog. The Eli blood runs through almost every game bred dog today. Any gamebred, show bred, hog hunt, or fancier bred dog that has Eli Jr.(2xw)(Rom), Bullyson(2xw)(1xl to his son)(Rom), GR CH Art(7xw)(Rom), CH Hurt, Ch Midnight Cowboy(Rom), CH Chivo, CH Bullyson Jr., GR CH Candy, GR CH Happy Jack, GR CH Candyman, GR CH Herman, CH Rascal(Rom)(8xw), CH Oso Negro, CH HoneyBunch(3xw)(Rom), GR CH Weehunt(6xw), CH Jeep(4xw)(Rom), Ch Polly, GR CH Outlaw(7xw), GR CH Nigerino(5xw), CH Chinaman(4xw)(Rom), GR CH Black Jack, Six Bits, and so on will lead back to the Eli line. If I was to try to cover every GR CH, CH, 2 and 1xws that owe their gameness to Dibo, Blind Billy, or Eli and Spook along. It would probably take and unbelieve amount of time. So I have decided to just cover a small portion of great dogs. Some of these dogs I have named deserves to be covered in a book of their own. For they are in a class of their own.

Eli Jr., Bullyson, GR CH ART, CH Midnight Cowboy, & CH HoneyBunch

In my book Mr. Boudreaux is clearly one of the best Bulldawg breeders I ever met. To me he has truly done it for the love of bulldawgs. He has also left a uneraseable mark in the sport. Here are some pictures of Eli Jr., Bullyson, GR CH ART, GR CH Midnight Cowboy, and Ch Honeybunch. These five dogs are results of the Eli line.

Eli, Jr.(Rom) was game 2xw brother of Bullyson. Sire of the great littermates GR CH Art ROM and Crenshaw's CH Hurt. Grand sire of GR CH Angus, GR CH Mike, CH Chinaman, CH Mauler Jr, CH Rascal, 2 different CH Lukes, the list goes on, and the blood behind GR CH Nigerino. GR CH Nigerino represents some of the purest Eli Jr. blood to be found today and is a highly respected bloodline in its own right.

Bullyson was sired by Eli out of Spook and is a (2xw)(1xl)(Rom) fantastic producer. Bullyson's only loss was to one of his sons Benny Bob. Benny Bob subsequently lost to Jimmy Boots in a classic match. Bullyson sired CH Bullyson JR, CH Midnight Cowboy, CH Chivo , CH Stomper & CH Honeybunch ROM. The grandsire of GR CH Candy & Maurice Carver all time favorite.

GrCh Art(7xw)(Rom) was sired by Eli, Jr. and is a littermate to CH Hurt and without a doubt one of the greatest of all times. This 7xw was stolen, as was his grandsire (Eli). Neither was ever recovered. Art wasn't bred very much before being stolen but still produced more worthy dogs than most.

CH Midnight Cowboy was sired by Bullyson and is a littermate to CH Chivo. Midnight Cowboy sired three GR CHs: Happy Jack(5xw), Candyman(5xw), and GR CH Herman(5xw). He also three CHs: Yankee(4xw), Cowgirl(3xw), and Shorteye(3xw). He is the best producing son of Bullyson.

CH HoneyBunch(3xw)(Rom) was sired by Bullyson is the best producing female of all times. HoneyBunch produced CH Jeep(Rom), CH Charlie, CH Missy, CH Holly, CH Polly, CH Rascal Jr, GR CH Snake, and GR CH Weehunt(6xw). Her son CH Jeep is currently in second place on the ROM list. He has 19 points. So there's no telling how many GR CHs, CHs, 2xers, and 1xers she is the granddam to. She's clearly in a class of her own.

Gr Ch Nigerino

Nigerino represents some of the purest Eli Jr. blood to be found today and is a highly respected bloodline in its own right. Nigerino was sired by Jackson's Wolfman(75%, Eli 25%out) dammed by Hathaway's Leila (75% Eli, 25% Heinzl). He was bred by A. Rawlings and owned by S. Cates. Nigerino will be remember for his Grand Champion in the box. He will also live on through his offspring Cate's Cujo which has been an valuable asset to any good breeding program.

Ch Chinaman

Ch Chinaman "yah" a true bulldawg! He's my favorite of all the Eli dogs. I like Ch Jeep and I regonize him as being a great producer. As we all know he held first place on the ROM list for a very long time. But just recently Ch Chinaman's son Frisco passed Ch Jeep on the ROM. Ch Chinaman is also said to be the best Eli/Carver cross of all times he was killer in his days and one of the best dogs of all times.


When I think of all the hard work Floyd Boudreaux has done with his Eli line. I can help but pay tribute to guys like Gary Clemmons, Maurice Carver, James Crenshaw, and Irish Jerry. You see Floyd Boudreaux did us all a favor by producing the Eli line. Then these four well known dogmen used it in the squared circle and bred it to keep a wonderful strain going. Gary Clemmons bred Eli & Spook producing Eli Jr., Bullyson, Brendy, and Suzie. Maurice Carver owned and bred Bullyson to Carver's Amber(a heavy Dibo & Black Widow bred bitch) to produce J. Crenshaw's CH HoneyBunch(Rom). Carver also bred Black Shine and Orphan Annie 2 (both heavy Eli) two times Eli Jr, once Brendy to produced CH Rascal(8xw)(1xl)(Rom), his bellymate CH Oso Negro. He bred Black Shine and Black Beauty (heavy Eli as well) Eli Jr, Bullyson, and Brendy blood to produce a half brother to Ch Rascal, Stomphanato(Rom). Maurice Carver certainly belongs in a class with Floyd Boudreaux. Being he is also the producer of GR CH Boomerang(5xw), and whole bunch others. Some dogmen today refers to Maurice Carver as being the "Old Master". James Crenshaw purchases HoneyBunch from the "Old Master". Crenshaw campaigned with her three times winning all three. I don't which dog she was bred to first, but it really does matter. She produced so well no matter what. When bred to Trim Moody they produced GR CH Weehunt(6xw). Her most winning son I must add. When she was bred to CH Rascal there was CH Rascal Jr.(Rom), CH Polly, and CH Crypto. When bred to CH Otis there was GR CH Slater. Yes, as one can see this CH HoneyBunch bitch was really something a real producer. And last but surely not least when CH HoneyBunch was bred to CH Bo they produced CH Charlie, CH Missy, CH Holly and as I always like to do! I saved the best for last, CH Jeep(4x)(Rom)(19 points). Irish Jerry owned Trim Moody the sire of GR CH Weehunt(6xw). Then as time passed as every strong family tree does. This Eli line has branch off and has formed other lines such as Bullyson, Eli Jr, Chinaman, Nigerino, Midnight Cowboy, Jeep, and many more. Another great line that has benefited extensively from the Eli line was the one that was created by Ronald Boyles. The Boyles line of dogs started from a Patrick bred bitch named Boyle's Dirty Mary ROM (aka Patrick's Orange Crush) crossed with some very rough Eli blood through Holland's Gr. Ch. Cherokee Chief ROM, who was off of Everett's Buck and Goodman's Mizu.

Maurice Carver and Bullyson

CH Bo & CH Jeep

Here's a picture of Finley's CH Bo(6xw)(1xl)(Rom) and his son Crenshaw's CH Jeep(4xw)(Rom). CH Bo a pure colby dog has sired many good dogs such as GR CH Outlaw, CH Magnum(Rom), CH Jeep(Rom), CH Charlie, CH Holly, CH Missy, CH Bully, and CH Bronco. He was among the top producers of his time. He lost one to Brewers's Vindicator in 1:52. But CH Bo will mostly be remembered for siring CH Jeep. Jeep was born in August 1976 on the yard of James Crenshaw, in the famous litter of Finley's CH Bo(Rom) to Crenshaw's CH Honeybunch(Rom). That produced four champions. The most famous of the four was CH Jeep (Rom). But there was also Crenshaw's (Super Gnat's) CH Charlie, who has been said to have been a better pit dog than Jeep. CH Missy who is seen in a lot of pedigrees today, and Swetman's CH Holly, who was said to be a terrible biter with lots of ability. This was a great litter that was made once, for reasons that I don't know. It makes one wonder why is there so much fuss about this Jeep dog, if there were three other CHs out of the same litter! CH. Jeep is not only worthly as a superior pit dog, but for the ultimate supremacy of his reproduction skills. He has 19 points on the Rom list and held first place for many years before CH Chinaman son Frisco(Rom) passed him just recently. CH. Jeep is believed by many to be one of the best match dogs of his time. Garrett's Ch. Jeep ROM defeated Pylant's Ch. Kato at 43 pounds in :28 minutes. Cooper's Weenie also at 43 pounds in :58 minutes. Stinson & Stepp's Black Dog, who was said to be a three time winner at 42 pounds in two hours and five minutes. And, for his fourth and final match we went into Ozzie Stevens' Ch. Homer, at 43 pounds and won in 3:45. This was one of those classic matches, that history is made from. Two great game dogs met, and only one could win. One created a legacy and the other a dynasty. Garrett's Ch. Jeep ROM died in the fall of 1989 but his legacy lives on for his name appears in almost every dog's pedigrees today. He is one of those dogs that has started his own line of dogs. CH Jeep dogs cross well with alot of lines, but it crosses at it's best with the Red Boy line. White's Tab(Rom) perfect example of this theory.

Tab (Rom) & CH Gator

Tab was the first dog to truly break out and demonstrate the power of this combination. He is a true 50% Jeep 50% Red Boy cross. Many of Tab’s first successes where dog that came as a result of breeding to Crenshaw’s Irene. Irene was a straight Jeep dog. The combination of Tab and Irene produced the first true tests of this theory. P. Rodriguez was one of the first to own a Tab x Irene dog and that dogs name was Gator. Gator made his championship into some of the best competition around in Rodriguez’s hands. Later due to some financial issues Ch. Gator was sold to Crenshaw who brought out Gator for one more win into some of the finest that Mexico had to offer. The dog then became known as Crenshaw’s Ch. Gator. Gator was a true 75% Jeep 25% Red Boy cross.

GR CH Weehunt(6xw) & GR CH Outlaw(7xw)

GR CH Weehunt(6xw) and GR CH Outlaw(7xw) were both half brothers to CH. Jeep. GR CH Weehunt having the same dam as CH Jeep, died in a kennel accident on Irish Jerry's yard with Buck the sire of GR CH Cherokee Chief (Rom). Both dogs were lost. GR CH Outlaw(7xw) had the same sire as CH Jeep, but was dammed by CH Jeep's half sister CH Polly. CH Polly was sired by CH Rascal out of CH HoneyBunch. When CH Polly was bred to CH Jeep's sire CH Bo they produced GR CH Outlaw. GR CH Outlaw was to CH Molly producing Mtn Man's "Bandit". Bandit was 2xw Por, he also appears a lot of dogs pedigrees today. As one can see clearly CH Rascal, CH Bo, and CH HoneyBunch were producers no matter what.

CH Otis & GR CH Slater

Like father, like son, CH Otis on the left his son GR CH Slater(a 5xw & a half brother to CH Jeep and GR CH Weehunt) striking identical pose on the right.


J Crenshaw & CH Rascal(8xw)(Rom) and Maurice Carver & Stomphanato(Rom) these are some good ole "golden oldie"! I don't know what I would give just to had touched, walked, or even to have saw any of the old boys(Eli, Boze, Eli Jr, Bullyson, Jimmy Boots, Barney, Zebo, Rascal, Jeep, Chinaman, Nigerino, etc...) in action. From what I have read Jimmy Boots(a heavly bred Dibo dog) was a good hard mouthed punisher in his day. He is one of my favorites even thou he isn't from the Eli strain. But if I had to pick a favorite from the Eli strain I think I would have to pick Chinaman as the best hunter for sure. Chinaman a well rounded bulldawg having it all. He was a gutt and stifle dog, a real destroyer. For all who witnessed his matches, Chinaman became known as one of the roughest ever and a true finisher. According to scientific tests, he had the air of a greyhound. According to all who saw him, he had the mouth of an alligator. He was very clever. He would outsmart slick ear and nose dogs and cur them out. He would finish straight-ahead dogs even faster. Swapping-out was his game. Like all the truly great ones, Chinaman's build was like a sleek, muscular thoroughbred. So I would have to go with Chinaman as the best and my favorite. Then again I don't know, the whole Eli strain brings different qualities to the table. But there is one thing for sure those Eli dogs will produce solid bulldawgs with a lot of mouth over and over again. Maurice Carver has passed away, may he rest in peace. He is probably in heaven smiling and looking down, saying I been here all my life. I surely beleive he had heaven on early. Especially when I see him or James Crenshaw in old pictures with the great ones like Bullyson, Honeybunch, Rascal, and Stomphanato. I usually just take a deep breath, then think to myself, "God they are lucky".

Bolio(Rom) & CH Zeke

Bolio was bred by Maurice Carver and Eddie Klaus in 1969. His sire was the famous pit ace Klaus' Zeke and his dam was Klaus' Goldie. Bolio's pedigree is very heavy in the blood of a bitch named Carver's Judy and her sister the great Carver's Black Widow. In fact he carried fifty percent of this blood in his breeding. Bolio sired GR CH Red Sambo, CH Handsome, CH Princess, CH Kramer, CH Greb, CH Dagon, Bull Boy Bob(Rom), and Red Baby(Rom). He was one of the all time greats, a game dog, a producer, and a smart hunter. In many peoples eyes he was the best 43 lb dog that ever live. He was so talented he never got hurt in rolls. He was rolled many times against all kinds of dogs some were up to 15 lbs larger than him. He still handled All his opponents with ease. He was not a hard mouth dog, but he could shut his mouth. He was very skilled at keeping his holds. He would sometime looked glued to his opponents head. He was a head dog and a very quick strong wrestler. He could position his body in such away that his opponent would carry Bolio's weight the whole hunt. A very unique style, his opponent would wear itself out then Bolio would go to the throat for the kill. Bolio went to the hunt only one time under the keep and handle of Floyd Boudreaux. He killed his opponent in two hours. This same night he won best in show over GR CH Boomerang. Then a short time after that, he was sold out in California there he was retired for stud.