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The best I have ever seen by Barney Fife

Many fanciers like to rate match dogs the same way boxing fans categorize professional fighters. Dogs are often rated as being the best at their weight, hardest biter and best pound for pound fighter. I'd like to share some of my views in this area.

The hardest biters I have seen were both bitches and bred from similar bloodlines. Johnson'' "GR.CH. MISS RAGE" and Meansville's "CH. HOLLY" were destroyers that could end a match in a hurry. These exceptional bitches were both from Bullyson breeding which is noted for producing top-notch performance dogs.

The most exciting match I saw was Crenshaw's "HURT" vs. Cable's "RUSTY". "HURT" was a littermate to Stinson's "ART" and "RUSTY" was a 2 time winning littermate to the great Cable's "FANG". "RUSTY" had won over Irish Jerry's "BLACK BARRON" (a dog I later owned) in 1:45 and I wanted to see him lose. "HURT" came out fast and had and won it in 18 minutes, but it was something to see. That was "HURT'S" first win and he went on to win two more for Crenshaw.

One of the best overall fighting dogs I have seen is not widely known. Mountain Man's "FESTUS" was a littermate to his "CH. HOMER" dog and was as tough as they come at 38 pounds. "FESTUS" had a terrific bite, and preferred to work the head until he felt out his opponent. Then he would switch to offense and end it. "FESTUS" won over two good dogs in 30 minutes, but lost his life to his brother "CH. HOMER" in a kennel fight. I have yet to see a 38 pounder that could have whipped "FESTUS".

The best pound for pound match dog I have ever seen was "CH. HOLLY". She was the K-9 equivalent of Sugar Ray Robinson. "HOLLY" could go on offense, defense and do whatever it took to win. The difference between "HOLLY" and other destroyers like Johnson's "GR. CH. RAGE", Mayfield's "SNAKE" and Matt's "PANTHER" is that she was such a smart fighter. "HOLLY" was always doing exactly what any handler would want her to do. In addition, "HOLLY" was a great worker so she could be put in top-notch condition. "HOLLY" was by Finley's "BO" and "HONEYBUNCH" and was a littermate to "CH. JEEP".

There are many top bulldogs that I never saw in action that were probably every bit as good as those bulldogs I have already mentioned. This list would include "ZEBO", "ART", "MOLLY BEE", and "LUTHOR". However, I was not fortunate enough to see these bulldogs, so I could rate them.

Two recent dogs that were exceptional are Fat Bill's "BOLERO" and Lee's "GOTCHA". Both these dogs are 2x winners and should be well known in the near future. "GOTCHA" is without a doubt one of the best I have seen in ten years, and really looked good in his win over "CH. RED DOG".

Perhaps this article will get some other fanciers to write about some of the great bulldogs they have seen. Everyone seems to have different ideas about which bulldog was the best, but that is what makes things interesting.

Barney Fife

Gameness by Jack Kelly

In 1978, shortly before I moved to Georgia from New York, the late Andre Giroux called me to report a match he had just won with a son of Davis' GR CH Boomerang that he called Paddy. This was Paddy's third win and Andre also wanted to register him as a Champion. During the course of our conversation Andre was bemoaning the fact he didn't have a thing to breed Pady too, that is nothing that he thought would cross well with Paddy. I reminded Andre that he did have a bitch that would look real good bred to Paddy. The bitch was called Black Pinky and was one of the 30 or so odd dogs that was registered as being sired by Bullyson out of Art's Missy. Andre never liked that old bitch, he claimed she was as ugly as any bitch he had ever seen. Someone had cut off her ears and her tail and she was scared from head to toe. Andre had matched her one time and had to pick her up in nine minutes with a bad bleeder. Andre had farmer her out after she lost and as he thought about it, he did admit that the bitch was as ugly as sin. At last Andre agreed that the breeding looked like a good one and then he said, "I'll make the breeding and if they have pups, I'll send you a couple odd male pups."

Some time later Andre called again and said that Black Pinky had whelped three male pups and would I mind if he just sent me one pup instead of the two he promised. He sent me a little black pup, chunky built and undershot that even at his early age, he looked like he was in charge of everything around him. Andre registered the dog with ADBA and named him Black Flash. He grew up to be a 37 lb dog and after the usual number of rolls and testing, I matched him at a six dog show in South Carolina. I drew Jimmy Coleman as an opponent and he had Scotty McNeill handled a brindle and white dog sired by Coleman's Turkey who was one of the better known stud dogs of the time. Jimmy's dog was called Old Mr. Boston. Sometime early in the match I acquired an unofficial, corner man and all around rooter, I never did learn the young man's name. Along about the hour mark, Black Flash was doing a pretty good job on the Old Mr. Boston's legs and Jimmy yelled into the pit and asks me for a scratch to continue. Ordinarily, I wouldn't be interested in anything that deviated from the rules the way they were written. However, Jimmy was and still is one of the most gentlemanly, gracious, and decent fellows in the game. I told him that he could scratch to continue, however, if Boston did scratch it would have no other significance in the match and would still be his turn to scratch. Of course, if he didn't scratch the match would be over. Jimmy agreed and we took our dogs to their respective corners. As I was tending to my dog, faced into the corner, my unofficial adviser leaned in close and told me that there was no way Old Mr. Boston was coming. We faced our dogs and the third man in the box told Scotty to release Boson. Here he came, like a bullet on two busted up front legs.

After a little while, Boston did turn and was called on again to scratch.

"No way can he scratch" bellowed my adviser. Soon as I turned around with Flash, Old Mr Boston was right in our laps. The same scenario repeated itself for several more scratches, until Jimmy told Scotty to pick up Boston at 2 hours and 17 minutes. Jimmy wanted to see Boston scratch one more time for a courtesy. Back to our corners we went, and my well intentioned corner man told me one last time. "Their dog is limp in his corner, he can't possibly scratch, he can't even stand up." was the latest advice from outside my corner.

I faced Flash and here comes Old Mr Boston, limping, stumbling, falling down, getting up and finally falling almost between Flash's front legs. I held Flash's mouth closed and ease him up to me so that the dogs would not get into hold again and the match was over.

"Ah Hah" exclaimed my unrecognized Helper" I knew he wouldn't make that scratch he's a cure."

All I could do is look at my young admirer and wondered what Old Mr Boston would of had to do to gain the admiration of this overly critical young man.

There are all kinds of degrees of gameness and when a dog is 100% game is a rare quality in any dog. I have probably been witness to several thousand matches in my time in the dogs. I can honestly say that in all of those matches, I can count the number of truly game dogs on my fingers and toes, and still have a few digits left over. Old Mr Boston was one of those 100 percenters. Black Flash might have been just as game, however, he didn't have to prove it. He ran a courtesy scratch, but he was physically all in one piece. Could he have scratch in the shape that Old Mr Boston was in? Who knows, he won the match.

Jack Kelly


In the late 70's early 80's Mr Fletcher Chavis bred some dogs that any fancier would be proud to own. Much of his original stock came from that old dog CH Yellow John ROM and for years Mr Chavis campaigned with those inbred redboy dogs that he got from RT Bass. He was considered one of the best.

In the mid 70's an outstanding discovery was made. Vernon Jackson had a dog that he purchased from Don Mayfield that he called Hank. He was inbred Mayfield Lightning II blood. Hank didn't start till he was 3 years old, but when he did; he not only turned out to be a phenomenal performer but an exceptional producer as well.
He was bred to a bitch of B. Rasts called Queenie and from that litter came Jocko, Argo, Pearl, Apple and a few other good ones. Mr Chavis ended up with Jocko and that was the beginning of the famous Redboy/Jocko line.

Mr. Chavis campaigned with Jocko and he looked to be unbeatable due to the inherited trait of Hanks back end style. Jocko became a CH and was retired for stud.

He was bred to his sister Apple and several other bitches that he sired. These bitches were bred into Yellow John who was a triple cross off Redboy and that was the beginning of Jockos fame as a producer. Out of these breedings came Tants GR CH Yellow ROM, Gainys Jr a 5xw. Others where Chavis Roho, STP's GR CH John Boy and his littermate brother CH Toro, Super Gnats Boots and a host of others. However there is another side of the story that only few people know about.
Mr Chavis had a bitch by the name of Sassy Mead. She was half Redboy and half Lonzos breeding. He bred Lady to Jocko and created a whole different strain of dogs.
In that litter came Chavis Dangerous Dan, Thor, Margarett and Rose. Rose was the GR dam of two 5XW; Yellow and JR. However these dogs were black in color and thought not to be up to the standards of the original stock and ended up as pets.

During my travels through the South, I purchased a son of Dangerous Dan and a friend of mine purchased both a female and a male. The male I got was named Termite. My first show with Termite was in 1983 with H. Groves, I came in over weight and had to pay the forfeit. Later on that year I contracted into D. Tant who had a reputation of being one of the best doggers of the South. Many of my friends thought I was a little cocky going into him. I was declared the winner in .38. Next Termite won going into Jackie. S in 20 and I was getting ready for his CH match.

JC Shaw and Tugboat had won several matches and both had outstanding reputations. I couldn't resist the opportunity of going into the best. Tugboat lived up to his reputation but by 30 Termite was in the winner's circle at 58.

Well by this time I was satisfied with his performance and was considering his retirement. Unfortunately I could resist another challenge. This time it was the grand ol man himself Fletcher Chavis. We couldn't agree on the terms of a contract and Chavis sold his dog to Rocking Roots Kennel and he said he had the perfect style to win over Termite.

Big Joe put in a great show but by 1:17 Termite had won his fourth.
Termite is retired now but you may be hearing about his offspring, some day in the future!

SDJ 1992

GR CH Boomerang ROM

Boomerang was a five time winner and was the first dog to be awarded the "Gr. Ch." title by the SDJ. He was shown between '71-'75 at a weight of 39-42 lbs. His longest outing was :55 against Teal's Tramp. He sired many a good dog, including; Giroux' Ch. Paddy, Sorrell's Ch. Gator and Wood's Miss Pool Hall Red ROM.

Boomerang was also a three time "Best in Show" winner in his five outings.

Burton's Gr Ch Hank

Gr Ch Hank was campaigned b D. Burton for all 5 of his matches. At every show D. Burton would try to sell Hank, but there was no takers because of his unusual style. He was then sold to P.Patrick as a stud. Andre Giroux in Canada later purchased him. Because of his unique style, he did not appeal to many fanciers. Again, he was turned over to Captain American Kennels.

Hank eventually produced 3 ROM dogs. From the Pacific Coast, fanciers benefited from W&P's Little Boots ROM line. Many fanciers to this day benefit from the famous Boyles' Dirty Mary ROM line and Hackman's Miss Champ ROM. Hank also had a brother named Reddick's Ch Jesse and other valuable littermates.

Kirkland's GR CH Texas

Texas' first match was against Villarreal, which he won easily. His second match was into Mayo's 4-time winner Plug. It went 1:15 and Plug didn't make it in the end.

Third match was into Black Faul's Diamond. For this fight I raised Texas' weight up to 40 lbs. and this hurt him bad, because in the first 15 minutes Diamond never got off of his back but Texas steamed up and allowed the other dog some leeway. After being completely heat tested Texas keeps scratching after collapsing in his corner. Then Diamond doesn't scratch after about a 35 count from referee Carroll.

For his 4th match we were against Carroll's and C.P.'s Freight Train which was out of Night Train blood. My nephew had seen Freight Train in action and bet me a $100 bill that it would take Texas over an hour to win. Texas and I took that bet in 28 minutes. The weight was 39 lbs. this time.

Texas' next challenge would be the toughest of all. He would be facing a killer. A friend of mine had went to a show in Mississippi and got a report that if he wanted to see Texas fight again to come see this one because this would be his last.

It was his last till about 4 months and then he was hooked up again against Mr. Boyd and his red dog. By the way, the killer from Mississippi was picked up in 2 hours and 3 minutes. Texas is a dog that can be whipped but he's 5 years old and his toughest challenge is yet to come! Texas is a GRAND ole dog and will be used as long as he keeps calling me from his chain.

Texas was bred and owned by R.K. His sire was Champion Copper and his dam was the proven producer Jaw Breaker. Champion Copper was out of Kirkland and Creel's 5-time winner Gator. Gator won his last match against the famous Burton and Fischer's Buckwheat in almost 3 hours, but unfortunately didn't make it after the fight. Jaw Breaker beat G. Smith's bad dog and was out of Kirkland's Scrapper who was also a winner of a match against Kemmer's Rock. Texas won 6 matches and was later beat by Roadblock's GR CH Joey, in what some called the "North vs. South" show. This was a big show as both dogs were Grand Champions.

Hollingsworth's CH Pinky

Hollingsworth's Ch. Pinky was born July 7th. 1989 the result of a second generation breeding by Mike & Dot Kelly. They had a deep game bitch named Ruby out of Jone's Ch. Smoker and Frank Rocca's Red Gal that they bred to Patrick's little Tater and they bred a bitch out of that breeding to Laminack's Trouble a son of Ch. Tonka that produced Ch. Tara and Ch. Flint to produce Pinky's litter. Pinky was sold or given to the late E. Hollingsworth as a pup. Ed Farron in turn purchased the pup (Pinky) from Mr. Hollingsworth along with several other dogs. Pinky's first roll came at about 18 months of age, a real rough hard biting bitch by the name of sugar Mae was used and Pinky was the down dog from start to finish @ :25 Pinky never made any bad moves and made a stumbling scratch. A couple months later a young Jeep/Nigerino bitch was put on her, and Pinky was used to start this bitch. When the bitch got onto Pinky's nose Pinky made a lot of bad signs, she even went as far as turning away from the young bitch. At this point most felt that Pinky was a cur. R. Davis really wanted Pinky and asked Ed repeatedly for her. Ed agreed to let Davis have the dog with the stipulation that if she did indeed turn out to be a game dog that they would get pups back from her in future litters.

About 3 months later Pinky had been sold again and at this point it was still thought Pinky was a cur. Looking back Ed felt that Pinky had never turned on @ 18 months, and Pinky was not ruined permanently in her second roll and got another chance that most dogs never get. After all Pinky's littermate Manson had lost his first match in over an hour and won his second dead game.

Far too many dogmen feel that at 18 months a dog should be ready to be tested and rolled hard, while it is not feasible to hold a dog beyond 18 months for most large dog yards. There have been many a great dog that did not turn on till later in life, and have gone on to become Champions and grand champions.

Pinky was sold again to Hilltop Mike and it was Mike who set Pinky down for her game test on a very hard biting bitch and tried to stop her. With all he had heard about her in her second roll he was very concerned she was a cur she went :45 min. with this bitch and never made a bad sign. Mike then decided to match her @ 42 lbs. Pinky came in at 41 and won in :38  after an all out war, with both dogs dishing out lots of punishment. Pinky had won best in show over 4 matches that same day; some of the dogs of mention were the untouchables Ch. Butkus, McDaniel's Feisty & Gaston's Pea. One report in the American Warrior wrote Hilltop Mikes Pinky vs. Newjacks "Leather" females @ 42, Pinky plows a field through leather and leather takes the count @ :38 another match reported was against the Untouchables Vixon vs. Hilltop Mikes Pinky females @41 Pinky a 1x winner Pinky does the barnstorming and Vixon takes the count @ :06 I believe Vixon was lost after that show. And Pinky was on her way to becoming a Champion. Pinky goes on to win another in :17 with a pit kill, she was sold again this time to T.R. he kept Pinky for a while and she was sold again to Killer Bee. At 5 years of age Killer Bee matched Pinky again and she wins in :31 with yet another pit kill. At 6 years of age she is matched again this one went 2:36 with no turn or out of holds and Pinky is picked up game and makes a stumbling scratch, this was by far Pinky's greatest test and with all odds against her she finishes with a game loss.

We had heard that Killer Bee was in the market for some younger dogs and asked if we were interested in Pinky, needless to say we wanted her at any rate we worked out a deal for a 1x winning son of Stratton's Mozart (Bill) out of CBK's Olive Oyle Popeye has gone on to make his GR CH and to date has won 7 shows and made over 30,000.00 in his carrier. Pinky was in rough shape when we got her and we did all we could to get her back to health and bred her to Popeye's littermate Beekman (dead game); from that litter came Whitehead, a good brood bitch we have here and Jake, a winner himself. The second breeding we made was to Stark's Jasper (CBK'S), a double-bred son of Patrick's Macho Jr. dog. While these pups are still young they are showing a lot of promise: one that comes to mind is CBK's "Jinx" and two others that have been rolled and have shown excellent results. We expect to see dogs matched off that breeding this year.

After Pinky's breeding with Jasper her health began to decline rapidly. While she had a lot of problems with old injures, her greatest hurdle was yet to come: heart failure. At this point knowing Pinky could never be bred again we decided she would be just an old dog we would keep around through her later years, and a great conversation piece. Pinky was one of a kind, as I knew her, she was one of those once in a life time dogs that every dog man dreams of owning. Her temperament was un- surpassable and of the kind we would like to see in all pit dogs, her heart was as big as they come, her mouth was as hard as they get and her ability to get the job done was beyond what most of the so called fast lane dogs of today are. At the age of nine her health had declined to the point she was no longer enjoying life the way she always had and I felt it was in her best interest for me to make her final scratch, one of the hardest I have ever made. As she slumped in my arms the tears ran down my face although I had never campaigned her or saw her many victories, her life had flashed before my eyes. In the spring of 98 she was laid to rest in Chapel Hill, NC. Her sons and daughters live on at Cedarbrook kennels to follow their dam's footsteps.

Ch. Pinky was centerfold for the American Dog Breeders Ass. Summer of 98 vol. 22 issue 4. A poem was written beside her picture that reads:

"As we pay tribute to mothers day, its only fitting we do. Select a bitch that lights the way, she's Hollingsworth's Ch. Pinky, tried and true. The path she travelled far, "she's much to young" an old man said, surprise them all, become a star. The bloom of youth did never fade. A look, a sigh, she twirled around, A flirt a bark, "please see me". She even climbed a peach tree. A residential change took place, "perhaps they'll be much kinder. And put a smile back on my face, like my video rewinder. Soon the lustre of the show, remained, just a memory. The bloom was gone indeed, although, she felt was temporary. When born the date was eighty-nine, "she's damn near pink, that red nosed bitch. She's full of spunk, and body fine, She'll be a Champ, without a hitch." She settled down, but still was young; her thoughts were on the future. On show time day she'd come unstrung, as empty crates passed by her. "What's up! ol' gal, you've had your fame, A mother soon you'll be, Reminds me of your mother game, You're like your grandma Ruby.

She wasn't wrong, for dog men say; It's seeing is believing time. There'll always be that one more day, And Pinky she did shine, She's gone on now, a life well lived, Her sons did make her proud. She had it all that life could give, She always played the crowd."
R.I.P. Ch. Pinky I will never forget you.

Gamblers GR CH Virgil

Gr Ch Virgil- 47lb class

1) NLK's Corrupt in 22 min. (BOS)
2) Tant's Geronimo in 36 min.
3) HGK's Big Al in 55 min. (BOS)
4) Falcon's Ch Dingo in 58 min. at 49lbs
5) Crunch's Ch Miester(4x) in 45 min.

All accomplished by the time he was 3...his 1st at 18months

Watch out for his offspring!!!


Champion Gina Girl was sired by S.T.P's Gr. Ch. Buck ROM out of Vinagro's Gina Blue Eyes. Gina Blue Eyes was sired by Gr. Ch. Hank out of Giroux' Peaches (AKA Gina), that won over Corvette George's Annie in three hours and thirty minutes. Gina was by Giroux' Gunner ROM and Greenwood's Lady Lehi. Lady Lehi had a litter mater sister called Jennifer that won over Noquiera's Patches in three hours and twenty minutes. Lehi and Gina were sired by Maloney's Davis; a dog that won a two hour bout himself. Ch. Gunner ROM produced several long distant game dogs, one of which was called Trip and his brother Friday, that won in two hours and thirty minutes. So, Vinagro's Gina Blue Eyes had the heritage of some game long distant dogs on the bottom and she was sired by Gr. Ch. Hank, a dog that sired many dead game, long distant dogs. Ch. Little Boots ROM by Hank out of Sassy (Davis X Mormon Girl) was a great three-hour winner. Joker, Champ and Max were some other long distance dogs that would scratch with the best of them. When bred to Gr. Ch. Snake, Jr., Gina Blue Eyes' niece, Perry's Shaker, produced Ch. Venom, a dog that won in two hours and forty-seven minutes; a record for a Snake bred dog.
Gina Blue Eyes herself was a shy bitch, who actually lost one match in :18 to D. Holcomb, but due to the insight of Captain America, she proved to be an excellent producer of 2 and closer to 3 hour dogs. She did prove to be an extremely game bitch in her old age and went out game as they are. Gina Blue Eyes produced the following two hour dogs: Jumbo Jim, who lost in 1:51 to Gr. Ch. Buck, Ch. Gunner, who won 4 and lost 1 in 2:47, another male who lost in 2:01 to Ch. Chaka. She also produced these dogs that were game: Jeff's Lightning, Buck, Jr., who won 2 and lost dead game to Jessie Rod's Whitefoot, Bucky, by Gr. Ch. Buck, lost game, very game, Chopper, Miss Buck, and Jumbo Janice. All of them were game which brings us to Ch. Gina Girl.

Ch. Gina Girl was a long-winded bitch, that paced herself and like many Buck and Hank dogs never seemed to get rattled when the pressure was on. A good mouth that could put the finishing touch on one quickly and completely and most of all, a game bitch from a proven game ancestry. She comes from a litter of game dogs and her sister produced Ch. King Pin and other game, long distant dog.

Greenwood's Delta

In the early 1970s my brother and I were trying to obtain first rate bulldogs. I liked the idea of purchasing pups off top producing bitches or getting pups from repeat breedings that had already produced winners. The first pup cane from Maurice Carver sire by J. Carver's NIGHT TRAIN out of Art's MISSY. Another pup was Carver's LIPSTICK who was from a repeat breeding of Whistel's STOMPER and J. Carver STORMY, both of whom were sired by BULLYSON. A repeat breeding of Davis MIDNIGHT COWBOY and Hand's CANDY produced the "SEA TRAIN" puppy. We also obtained two bitch pups off Greenwood's MS. HOLLADAY sired by Maloney's DAVIS. MS. HOLLADAY had already produced Greenwood's BLACK SABBATH (4X winner), COBRA (3x winner), MARTHA WHITE, and J.D. In addition, MS. HOLLADAY was bred to Greenwood's OAKIE to produce O. Steven's CH HOMER, Kuemmerling's CH FREDDIE, and Greenwood's 3x winner MOUNTAIN BOY.

Ralph had named the red-red nose bitch SCARLET and the more powerfully built buckskin DELTA. I did not care for red-red nose bulldogs because I associated this color with a lack of match ability. So we kept DELTA and sold SCARLET to STP who had also purchased SEA TRAIN. STP rolled an adult SCARLET into a ZEBO/SEA TRAIN bitch. SCARLET never quit but did not show the ability needed to win against good competition so SCARLET was sold to Island Kennels where she produced winners when bred to Giroux's BOOGER.

DELTA was a young bitch when Carver's LIPSTICK (double grand daughter of BULLYSON) was about two years old. LIPSTICK (or CHIGGER as we called her) was cold but delighted in running full blast and smashing into DELTA. CHIGGER was protective about her four pups by SNOOTY (one of those pups was the 4x winner CH SUGAR) and DELTA liked to tease CHIGGER by seeing how close she could get to the whelping box before CHIGGER would come charging out. The two bitches competed against each other even though they never scrapped. One day during a walk across a cow pasture, DELTA and CHIGGER spotted an old boar raccoon away from a tree. Both bitches wanted the coon and had a tug of war with him. DELTA was not started, but I wanted to breed her to Lonzo's MIKE (Lonzo's ANDY x Lonzo's FAY) before the warrior died. MIKE was a 2x winner into top competition and was bred the same way as Greenwood's OAXIE/MS HOLLADAY breeding which produced three champions.
Willie Brown not only had Lonzo's MIKE, he also had the majority of the straight Lonzo stock at that time. Lonzo's work history was erratic, but Willie provided a stable environment and top care for these dogs.

Willie and his wife kept what looked like two separate yards. On one side were all the family bred Lonzo dogs who were either black like ZEBO and MIKE or red-red nose like VINDICATOR and BRANDY. Willie favored the red dogs considering them to be more game that the higher ability black dogs. On the other side were some brindle and white dogs bred off a pet store bulldog crossed with some Lonzo stock. Willie told me that Lonzo despised these brindles because of their pet store ancestry. However Willie said that several had shown game in rolls. The game test consisted of taking a bulldog across the tracks and rolling it for twenty minutes. If the dog stopped, it was "planted" on the spot, so only the game ones came back across those railroad tracks.

Willie was particularly high on a red-red nose name HOYT who was sired by CUSH (ZEBO's brother) bred to Brown's RUNT (Lonzo's Mike x Lonzo's ANGIE). HOYT was a game dog, but had an intense dislike of being ignored by his owners. The dog would seize the pants leg of anyone trying to exit his territory and drag them back into his chain. One day Mrs. Brown had to rescue her husband who had been dragged across the ground by HOYT. In spite of this, the Brown's thought well of the dog. When leaving HOYT's chain, Willie would pick up HOYT, backwards out he chain and then drop the dog while leaping backwards. Lonzo and his girlfriend drove up in a van.

Hanging from the rear view mirror was a stuffed monkey whose hands grasped a bright red oversized penis. I had a good laugh and went inside to meet Lonzo, who showed to be quite personable. Willie and I listened politely while Lonzo talked about his dogs and his adventures over the years. Lonzo had an ugly looking black eye and told a lengthy tale about how he acquired it in a scrap with four men. Willie looked at me and winked. Later on Willie told me that there was an element of exploration in the tales told that night.

The next morning we went out to breed DELTA to Lonzo's MIKE. The old dog expected a bitch to be presented to him so he could breed without expending any energy. DELTA was wiggling and squirming and MIKE lost interest in mating. MIKE's tongue looked blue and he was gasping for air. I was thinking that MIKE might die right on the spot. If he expired, at least he'd be happy as he went to the big kennel in the sky. Willie said we could artificially breed DELTA to MIKE. He walked into a shed, grabbed a dusty jar with a plastic straw. When I expressed concern about the lack of sterility, Willie blew into the jar causing a cloud of dust to fill the air. The idea was to collect MlKE's semen in the jar and then use the straw to carry semen into DELTA. I vetoed at idea but left DELTA with Willie for a week to attempt a natural breeding. Willie was a man of his word and I did not hesitate to leave DELTA in his care. A week later I picked up DELTA who had not "tied" with MIKE. The Browns wanted to purchase DELTA, but my brother and I did not want to sell her.

At two years of age, DELTA was not started, so she was sent to Farmer John in exchange for a puppy off her and SNOOTY. This breeding produced DEARA, the only dog to pass my game test. We were not patient enough to let DELTA mature before writing her off as a cold bulldog. Close to a year later, I was visiting Atlas and he told me about a top notch bitch. It seems that his DOLEMITE bitch (off Stinson + Glover's 4X winner DOLEMITE) had been wrecked by this hard mouth bitch who turned out to be none other than DELTA. In addition to being talented, DELTA also proved to be game in subsequent rolls. I wanted to get DELTA back and encouraged my partner Acme to purchase her from Farmer John. We had Mim's KATIE (SNOOTY x HANNAH PATCH) at the same pit weight so we held DELTA back for breeding and campaigned KATIE.

DELTA's second litter was sired by Reddick's CH PETERBILT, which proved to be disappointing as were the majority of PETERBILT pups. The idea of crossing DELTA back into the Lonzo stock was still on my mind. Lonzo's MIKE was dead so DELTA was bred to Mountain Man's GATOR (ZEBO X LONESOME) who had shown to be a good bulldog. On the way back, we were trapped in a snow storm in the Appalachian Mountains. At one point, we were stuck in a valley, unable to push the car up either side. I was hoping that the GATOR X DELTA pups would be worth this extraordinary effort needed to make this breeding. The resulting litter produced four pups, two of which were excellent bulldogs. I named a Zebo looking (black + squarely built) bitch LAVERNE after a T.V. show that I despised called "Laverne & Shirley". LAVERNE was a powerful bitch and this trait carried her to victory over a hard mouth Alligator bred bitch. I bred LAVERNE to HARGROVES 6X winner RUFUS (Cowboy blood) which produced Baliel's CRISSIE, Acme's SIMON, St. B's KATRINA and several other pit winners. CRISSIE was bred back to her sire to produce Cottingham's MISS RUFUS and Harriott's QUEENIE who excelled as both a match dog and brood bitch. LAVERNE was bred to P&C's BLACK SON to produce the devastating Gregory's BUZZ. LAVERNE'S brother Acme's SPARTAN won for me over Gusto & Bobby's BATMAN (a 6X winner) in 1:30. BATMAN'S battering ram scratches could knock an opponent senseless. SPARTAN negated this tactic by scratching out of turn or by shifting to the side at the last second before BATMAN made contact.

DELTA remained on Acme's yard and never whelped another litter to my knowledge. I had relocated to another area, but one day I inquired about the old gal. Acme told me that DELTA'S health was fading and if I wanted her, I could have her. DELTA received the best veterinary care possible, but we were fighting a losing battle. In the Fall of 1984 DELTA died. My girlfriend and I buried her in an orchard. She had been a tough dependable bulldog and her legacy was carried on by her daughters DEARA and LAVERNE.

... Barney Fife


In the late 1960's Pit Bull Terriers were not an easy breed to come by. One might watch the local classified adds for months and not find any for sale. It was a time of small fraternity and dogs or pups were most often traded or sold within the group. Your average individual could not recognize a Pit Bull if it was tied up in front of the neighbourhood drug store.

So it was there appeared that rare add in a local newspaper for a Pit Bull Terrier. Mr. William J. responded and purchased the dog for (a not to light price in those days). He was a 18 month old male 65 pounds pit weight of Old Family Red Nose breeding. Because of his large size (Catch Weight) Mr. William J. was unable to match the Red/Red nose dog and decided to breed him.

Mr. William j. had in his yard a bitch Al Brown/Colby/Country Boy breeding by the name of Dolly (Dolly is another story becoming a six time winner).

This breeding was made and Malcom X was whelped. There were five pups two died, one was sold to a Canadian, and an all white male was stolen. That left Malcom X who was all black.

When Malcom X was three months old Mr. William J. sent him to his friend Mr. Lowell L. Malcom X would go like an adult at this age. At 18 months Malcom X was matched into a Texas dog, at 46 pounds. It was tick for tack both hammering the chest. The Texas dog, a red out of Bullyson breeding made a turn. After each scratched one Malcom X ran to win at 35 min. he damn near died afterward.

Malcom's second was into Mr. Ralph G's Jimmy Boots Mr. Lowell L. made a mistake here as Jimmy Boots had a four pound advantage. Mr. Lowell L and Malcom opened a bleeder on Jimmy Boot's muzzle Mr. G got a little concerned but it subsides and Jimmy pounds the chest and Malcom X collapses at 18mn.

After a long healing process Malcom was once again shown. This time at his correct weight. This match was into Mr. Ed U. Ed picked up feeling he didn't have him in shape. A short time later Mr. Ed U. went into Malcom X for a second time. But Ed picked up again as it was no contest. After this Malcom was sold to Mr. Ron H. in California. Malcom finished with a record of 3 wins, and 1 loss.

This Story was written by the late Steve C. a great dog man who put a lot a good ones on the ground and in the box.

W.C.C.'s Assassinator ROM

"Assassinator" was born on June 12,1986. Her father was the 4x winner, Jacobs and Hicks' "Assassin 1". "Assassin 1" won his four matches in dominating fashion. He didn't have an overly hard mouth, but he had the speed and ability to beat his opponent to almost every hold and to out wrestle them once he got there. He could make his opponents look so bad that their handlers would end up thinking their dog was sick or not "Right" that particular day. His brother the 8x winner "Assassin 2" shared these traits. In "Assassin 1's" fifth match he competed against a dog that was considered an Ace by all who had seen him. Goodtimes' "Spike" had won over two good dogs in the mid-west in very impressive fashion. His father was the famous Ch."Jeep" R.O.M. and his mother was Goodtimes' Ch."Sheena". This turned out to be one of the best matches of all time, for the first hour "Spike" took more than very few dogs could withstand, and then turned it around and at the two and a half hour mark, "Assassin 1's" handler asked for a scratch to continue. "Assassin" ran a falling crawling scratch that most there considered one of the GAMEST they had ever witnessed! At about the three-hour mark, "Assassin 1" was nearly finished and "Spike" was asked to scratch to win. He completed his scratch but before he did his handler stepped out of his corner. The foul was granted by the referee and the match was called a draw.

Now you may be wondering, isn't this a story on "Assassinator"?? Yes it is, but to appreciate what she is I believe it's important to understand what her father was. Before this last match, "Assassin 1" was bred to a game bitch from Ch."Boze" and Ch."Hog Dog". Ch."Boze" was a very good littermate to the very well-known Gr.Ch."Miss Rage". Ch."Hog Dog" was a very well bred bitch down from "Tramp Red Boy", so this was line breeding on "Tramp Red Boy". F.Jacobs kept "Assassinator" as his pick of the litter; she looked impressive in her schooling and was matched three times "off the chain". She inherited much of the speed and ability of her father along with a considerable mouth. This may have been the result of a hybrid effect or come from her grandfather Ch."Boze" as his line was noted for strong mouth.

It was shortly after this that we first became involved with the "Assassin" dogs. We had worked fairly close with Goodtimes in the past, he was one who always had an eye for a good line of dogs and always wanted to try some new blood. He talked me into taking a trip with him out to F.Jacobs' place with the intention of picking up a couple of dogs from this line. We went out to South Carolina and came back with several dogs. A few showed promise so we talked to Jacobs about getting some more, Jacobs was looking to get out of the dogs at this time and offered to sell us "Assassinator". We had seen her when we first went to his place but he would not discuss selling her at that time. Now he was willing to sell her bred to "Assassin 2", I've no doubt that part of the reason he was willing to sell her was because he knew we would take good care of her.

At the same time that we went to get "Assassinator" we went to the Carolina Kittens place and bought "Devil Deacon", now an R.O.M. producer. While we liked "Assassin" blood we thought we needed some tight "Red Boy" blood to breed back to it to get the type of dog we wanted. The first time "Assassinator" came into heat we bred her to Goodtimes' "Josh", a 2x winner and brother to Ch."Sheena", the bitch that produced the "Spike" dog. He basically bred down from some old Corvino blood mixed with Ch."Rascal" and "Buster" blood. "Josh" was an excellent dog and while this was pretty much a complete outcross, these turned out to be some very good dogs. The next time we bred "Assassinator" it was to "Deacon". "Deacon" was checked out in an "off the chain" roll in such impressive fashion we turned down $5000.00 for him after the roll. "Assassinator" or "Nator" as we called her, gave us a litter of eleven pups and raised them all. It's interesting that we had trouble selling them, probably because potential buyers didn't really know about the "Assassin" dogs at that time. As a result we ended up keeping a large portion of the litter. This probably led to better management of the dogs from this litter than many other litters in that we were fairly careful to put them in the hands of good dogmen.

From this litter came Ch."Betty" a 3x winner and 2x Best In Show winner, (one of her wins was a one match show); Ch."Becky" a 3x winner, all over top competition; Ch. "Doris", DEADGAME in her third; Ch."Ben Aid" a 3x winner, all his teeth were gone by the time he was shown for his first match. He was also DEADGAME in his last match.

Besides these champions there was several other good dogs in this litter, Bart's "Bea Bea" won and lost her third to DSK's "Choo Choo"; "Crybaby" a very game 1x winner; "Keri" was very impressive in her schooling but was held back for brood; another bitch lost all her teeth at a young age and was kept for brood; another male got off his chain at his owners; there was also two other males in this litter that quit. In all that litter eight of eleven showed GAME.

Shortly after having this litter "Nator" developed a spinal problem that eventually led us to having to put her to sleep. A ruptured disc led to her rear legs being partially paralyzed. We had to put her to sleep in 1994, we had bred before her condition got really bad and had a litter of three that all died. Right to the end she was a very affectionate bitch that we were all very found of.

Dirty Red


Many experienced dogmen but few newcommers know about the great match bitch "Molly Bee". This article is intended to inform those fanciers who are not familiar and those who are in question of this great bitch. Molly Bee was a well know bitch in the Southeastern United States. Anyone who had a 44, 45, or 46 lb. bitch and was willing to wage a bet on her was at least aware that they may have to look accross at Molly Bee. This bitch could end a match with one hold and most of her matches went only a few mins. In fact the cumulative time of her 8 matches doesn't total two hours!

Molly Bee was bred by James Edwards and sold as a yearling to H. Hargroves. She won 3X with Hargroves when he sold her to Larry Bass. R.E. Meansville conditioned and handled her for Bass and won five more with her. She retired after her 8th win but was stolen from Bass' yard and was never recovered.

Molly Bee was an ELI X BIG BOY cross. The BIG BOY seem to dominate her genetic make up and was also a make up in her off-spring. Big Boy was a three time winner and a brother of Lonzo's "Angie", who produced Gr.Ch.Zebo and this connection to Zebo explains where the Big Boy dogs get their power and mouth from. It may also provide a clue on how to breed both these strains. Molly Bee's sire was Felton Stephenson's "Big Ben", an Eli X Colby cross. Her dam was Edward's "Nellie", who was a cold bitch from from the Big Boy breeding. Molly Bee had a litter mate brother named "HOSS", a hard mouth dog with no interest in what he was bred for. Molly Bee had three litters prior to her theft; Edwards' bred her to Wood's"Snooty" R.O.M. and produced Grove's 4x winner "Red Danger", Brewer's CH "Red Lady", Edward's"Junk" and Grover's"Co-Co", all were matched and shown well with exception to "Co-Co". Co-Co was a game bitch, who when bred to Lewis' "SATAN" (Eli bred) produced Grove's" 3X winner "Boss Hog" and Norman's"Leroy".

Mr. Hagroves bred her to Finley's CH. "Bo" R.O.M. who he owned at the time, I have not reconition of the pups off that breeding. There are very few descendants off Molly Bee alive. Brewer's"Red Lady" owned by Tom Garner in "87", a bitch from the "BO" breeding and Jackson's"Warp" were the only living dogs off Molly Bee in "87".

Krazyside's CH NINO

It was 1997 when I was invited by Hidden Hollow Kennels to attend their five dog show in North Carolina. I was interested in buying a good dog, so I felt this was the perfect opportunity to hopefully come across one. I decided to drive down and spend a few days in the Carolina Hills and thought this would be a perfect time to meet T. Garner and E. Faron, who I had become acquainted with over the last couple of years over the phone. It was after meeting E. Faron that I was introduced to a man who would later become one of my best friends, Billye Roberts. I met a few new people and even bought a couple of dogs, however I still wasn't satisfied. A few days later I decided to hook up with Billye to see his yard. I asked Billye if he knew where I could find a good small male between 35-40 pounds. Billye thought for a minute and said, "Oh yes, there's a dog down the street that's killing everything in the neighborhood." I said, "Lets go", and off we were to see this dog. As we were driving up to the house, one black dog came into focus tied up on a chain in the back yard. Getting out of the car I said to Billye, "That is one Big Dog." I asked the owner why he wanted to sell him, he stated that he was going to college and wouldn't be able to care for him. Word travels quick in his neighborhood and before I knew it, several of his friends had come over trying to convince him not to sell this dog. I knew then I wanted to buy him. I was a little low on cash since buying two other dogs so I turned to my brother-in-law, who made the trip with me, and asked him if he was willing to invest in this dogs with me. The guy was only asking $600 for the dog and I couldn't pass this opportunity up. We had met a couple of guys earlier that day and they were willing to loan us the cash. It turned out to be the best $600 dollars I've ever spent.

The day had come to see the show we had been invited to. The first match was Greasy Corner Kid's Ch. Spanky and Garner's Ch. Simba, winner Greasy Corner's Ch. Spanky. After all the matches were over, we decided to see a couple of minutes out of this dog we had just purchased. Hidden Hollow Kennels had lost with their male and allowed us to bump into him for a few minutes. As I watch him go to work, I wasn't extremely impressed as I shrugged him off as an average dog. My brother-in-law, however, saw something different, he said, "Eljaye, this dog is special." After about 15 minutes we picked him up and headed back to Oklahoma. This black dog, whose name by the way is Nino, got a chain spot and sat on the yard untouched for a couple of months. One afternoon, a couple of friends of mine came by the yard and wanted to roll some dogs, I figured it was about time to see more of him. To make a short story even shorter, he stopped their dog in 15 minutes. I put him back on the chain for a couple more months. I later realized that Nino was turning 4 years old, I decided to see one more roll out of him as I was wanted to bring him out. I called up a very good friend of mine, who unfortunately passed away this year, and asked if he had anything for Nino. Again, to make it short, he killed his dog in 22 min, pushing 10 lbs. up hill. Nino was ready. I called out his weight at 46 1/2, a couple days later, Grinderman & Co. replied with a 2XW named Hall Boy. We set the date and joined a show hosted by SAGASA Kennels. We traveled to Arkansas and had two dogs going in that show, a bitch on Friday, and Nino on Saturday. It was show time, Saturday night, both dogs weighed in at 461/2, we washed them got in the box and released with Hall Boy on the head. It was even until Nino finds the chest. At the 27 minute mark, Hall Boy is picked up.

In the months to follow we healed Nino up and bred him to a couple of our bitches. We didn't have any immediate intentions on bringing him out until Red Man Kennels called us wanting to hook into him with a dog named Bolo. We accepted the challenge and agreed on a weight of 45 pounds this time. My brother/partner worked Nino for me, while I was on the road. I have to admit, I was nervous since I hadn't worked him myself. The match was only a few days away and I returned home for the match. Nino looked great and his weight was on the money. Once again, we weighed, washed and dropped in the pit. Both dogs hit hard in the middle with Nino again finding the chest and Bolo began to cur. Redman Kennels picked him up making Nino the winner in 6 min.

Nino was feeling good and we were looking for a Champion to go into. A month or so passed when we got word that we were allegedly dodging a dog called APK & Elliott's Ch. Red Devil. A couple of phone calls and the match with Red Devil was set at 45 lbs. We traveled to Kansas joining the Rocky Ridge Convention. Nino again was conditioned by my brother and his team. Nino was right on 45 while the other dog came in a pound light. Once in the box, we released with Red Devil on the nose and Nino again finding the chest. Nino was on a down dog when Ch Red Devil is picked up declaring Nino the Champion in 18 minutes. Nino also won Best of Show.

After some time we were unable to get Ch Nino hooked up so I had decided to retire him. A few more months had passed when I received a call from Brickhouse Kennels. They had a 46 male called Ch Benny Blanco. We immediately jumped on the challenge and agreed to travel to their backyard and also let them choose the judge. I called Vietnam Kennels and asked them to send me their War Keep, they told me if I want to win, I'll use it. I took their advice and Nino's conditioning began. I worked Nino the first 4 weeks, when my job took me on the road again. I turned to my brother again for the remaining 4 weeks of Nino's keep. I never doubted his ability to condition him nor his ability to follow the keep to very last detail. I knew Nino had to be ready and my brother was never available for my phone calls, instead his constant focus was on Nino.

I was completely at east until 12 days out from the match I got a phone call that Nino got 12 stitches in his leg from doing roadwork. The days began winding down and as the match date got closer, Nino was strongest at 45. We decided to give up a pound rather than bring him in sluggish. The match would take place in NY. I was already there when my brother, the team and Nino arrived a week prior to the show. It was a 23-hour trip and we wanted Nino to rest after travelling so far. As the show got closer, Nino began to Peak out. We were relaxing in the hotel room allowing Nino to roam freely out of his kennel one day before the show. Suddenly there was knock at the door, some friends from Wichita, Kansas had arrived, meanwhile Hidden Hollow Kennels staying in a room down the hall was walking his bitch who was matching on the same night as Nino. Nino shot out the open door and hit the 2XW in the hallway. After about a minute we got them apart. Neither dog was seriously injured instead, they were hungry for more. The day came and Nino was feeling good, another 45 minute drive to the location and we entered the spot where both dogs were weighed and washed. Blanco was dead on 46 and Nino as expected at 45. We released both dogs and before Nino really got out of the corner, Blanco caught him by the front leg, shook and popped a serious bleeder. Within the first 30 seconds Blanco snapped Nino's ankle. I must admit, I began to worry a little and Nino began to peal him off by the nose. Nino and I both knew that he had to keep Blanco off of him or he could be seriously hurt. It was even for the first 40 minutes, however Nino showing to be the stronger dog. At 45 a turn is called on Nino, with Nino making a hard 3-legged scratch. By the hour mark, we made a handle and Blanco makes a hard scratch. Nino starts to take control of the match as he was biting hard on the head. At the 1:30 mark Nino began to make Blanco sing. I really began to cheer Nino on after 4 scratches each. At 1:48 Ch Blanco is picked up and makes a slow courtesy scratch. Champion Nino is declared the winner. Ch. Nino has proven to us his ability to finish a dog quickly, his intelligence to adapt to his opponent and his gameness in staying in it for the long haul without the use of Steroids. Nino's road to victory has not been an easy journey. He's had all odds against him, travelling, weight, environment and still came out the victor when no one but us believed he could. Nino is being retired due to complications with his leg injury. I would like to thank my team, my brother/partner Teddy, my brother-in-law E-Love. Vietnam Kennels, Black and Blue Kennels, Eric (my yard man) and most of all my wife and the Lord for making this possible.

by Krazyside Kennels




Because of the importance of both Dibo and Rascal in today's bloodlines, I've chosen to tell their story collectively.

The two famous dogs, Tudor's Dibo (pronounced DIE-BO) and Trahan's Rascal shared the same sire, Hubbard's Bounce, also called Corvino's Bouncer.  Bounce, as he is more frequently recognized, was out of Hubbard's Lena and sired by Hubbard's Gimp.  Bounce's grandparents were comprised of three Corvino dogs: Gimp, Goldie, and Shorty.



Dibo's dam was Ed Ritcheson's Bambi.  Bambi, also known as Heinzl's Bambi, was sired by Ritcheson's Spike and she was out of Ritcheson's Spotty.  A novice by the name of W. D. Smith acquired Bambi and made the breeding to Wiz Hubbard's Bounce.  Smith eventually sold Dibo, as a pup, to a man named Jensen who only wanted a pet for his son.  The young boy named his pet Dumbo, but tired of him and wished for a collie, as Lassie was popular at that time.  Jensen then contacted Mr. Heinzl in regard to trading Dumbo for a collie pup.  Howard Heinzl knew Bounce and Bambi were good individuals, but still had his doubts as one of Bounce's sisters were questionable, and Bambi was cold.  The trade was made and Dumbo went home with Howard Heinzl and stayed, where he would follow Mr. Heinzl and stayed out of the reach of the other chained dogs on the yard for about two years. 

Earl Tudor visited Heinzl's yard and took a liking to Dumbo.  Mr. Heinzl offered Mr. Tudor any dog on his yard, trying to convince him to purchase a good dog.  In spite of everything, Tudor took Dumbo home and changed his name to Dibo.  Dibo was stolen shortly after and was sold to a restaurant owner, who named him Runt.  Tudor got Dibo back from the gentleman and by the age of four, Dibo had finally turned on and eventually became a three-time winner at 44 lbs.  His performance record is minute in comparison to his ability to produce.

He's sired:

Tudor's White Rock 4X winner

Tudor's Spike 4X winner

Tudor's Jeff 3X winner

Trahan's Blackie 3X winner

McCraw's Snowball

Harrel's Topper 5X winner

Heinzl's Polly

Ed Crenshaw's Buck

Edward's Sam

Carver's Cracker

Start (Haye's) Cry Baby 4X winner

Boudreaux'Blind Billy

and the list goes on.............

Dibo had two littermates that also made names for themselves: Heinzl's Arizona Pete and Langham's Lil.


Trahan's Rascal (AKA Clavelle's Pimple, AKA Hanson's Pimple, AKA Boudreaux' Rascal) was bred by Joe Corvino of Chicago.  Rascal was out of Corvino's Make Up.  Make Up's sire was Corvino's Trump and her dam was Corvino's Menefee.

Rascal was sent to Hanson by Corvino and later Rascal went to Pete Lormond, then to Clavelle and finally Rascal was traded to Floyd Boudreaux, where he and Gaboon Trahan collaborated on many of the breedings with Rascal.

Like Dibo, Rascal wouldn't start as a young dog and as a matter of fact, he was also stolen, but because of the fact that he hadn't turned on, they turned him loose into the streets.
It is believed that Rascal won approximately 6 matches at a weight of 57 lbs.  He was considered a game dog, who was a very rough ear dog.

He's sired:

Trahan's Peter (Country Boy) 3X winner

Trahan's Little Rascal

Trahan's Marciano

Trahan's Lou

Trahan's Boy, a game loser in 2:30

Elias' Pistol

Carver's Sherly

Boudreaux' Rascal, Jr.

Trahan's Ruby, who produced Cotton's Bullet.

Cajen 2X winner, who lost in 2:12 to Komosinski's Rocky II

and many more.

To reinforce the importance of these two dogs in the history of today's American Pit Bull Terrier, it is very unlikely that you can trace the pedigree of any pit bull bred in the USA, and not find at least one of these two dogs in the pedigree.  I believe the only strain of pit bulls that does not trace back to Dibo or Rascal would be the Colby bred dogs.  But, they are being crossed with these strains to produce winners, I.E. Jeep / Red Boy, Red Boy / Jocko, and Red Boy / Bolio.


Mr. Williams, of Ft. Worth, Texas, had a big black bitch named Satin Lady that was bred by the late Maurice Carver.  She was a scatter-bred bitch, like most of the older Carver bred dogs, but was cold, unlike most Carver dogs.  When it came time to breed Satin Lady, Mr. Williams travelled to Witchita Falls, Texas to breed her to Tudor's old Nigger dog, who was owned at that time, by J. E. King.  Jigger was some of the last of the old Tudor blood and was on numerous dogmen yards before Mr. King got him.  The breeding was made and produced a litter of three exceptional bulldogs.  They were Soko, Susan Renee, and Alligator.

Mr. Williams kept Alligator until he was just over a year old, so he could breed him back to his dam, which he did.  Soko had shown well for the Plumbers, so they went in together to purchase Alligator.  The Plumbers consisted of David McKinney and Doug Blair, who started out with a good bunch of dogs, but never felt they had the luxury of a methodical schooling process.  They were great dogmen, but were extremely hard on their dogs.  They felt a dog had to be an ace or near ace or they were out, with little room for mediocrity.

In there quest for perfection, they made a request to use Trussell's Dum Dum dog to see if Gator was truly game, as he demolished all of the smaller dogs he was rolled against.  Dummy was a game dog that was even bigger than Gator.  See in those days a scattered bred or a real rough dog was suspected of being just rough curs, so the Plumbers did everything they could to stop Gator.  When they got to Trussell's they ran Gator on the treadmill for an hour and a half, then fifteen more minutes of roadwork, to cool him down, then took him to the pit to be rolled against a larger dog.  The roll lasted 1:30, with Alligator going across on wobbly legs, proving his gameness.  This roll was also a pretty good test for Dum Dum.

Gator's first official match was at a ten match show at M. Carver's.  He went in as an underdog, going into Tommy Bryant's Satan, another son of Nigger, at 58 lbs.  The two dogs meet in the center of the pit with Gator getting a leg and Satan a nose.  At :10 both in the stifle, at :15 Satan is out front.  At :26 a turn is called on Satan with a handle at :30.  At :40 Gator makes a good scratch, taking Satan down with leg holds.  At :45 Satan takes the count. 

His second was into a catch weight dog named Jack.  Jack a staff looking dog that out weighs Gator by eight to ten pounds.  Jack takes Gator down and works him over for about twenty minutes.  By :30 Gator has come to the top on Jack, who was a well seasoned dog, that never met his match.  At the 1:00 mark Jack takes the ten count.  Jack's stomach and chest area was wrecked by Gator, when he was on the bottom. 

The Plumbers had all but given up on a third match for Gator, when word came from Oklahoma that a man named Brown had a dog he would run at Gator.  Mr. Brown did his homework and didn't bring a punisher, but one that was smart, versatile, and possessed a punishing bite.  The match was set at 57 lbs., Gator conditioned by D. Burton and Joker by Fox.  Joker's defensive style was to frustrate his opponent, which he did, and kept Gator on the bottom until a turn is called on Joker at :25.  A handle was finally made at :52 and Joker scratched strong.  By now Gator has started to dominate the match.  At 1:09 Gator is screaming out of his corner to finish Joker off.  At 1:12 he does, and Joker takes the count.

After the Joker match Gator was retired as an official Champion.  Many say there were only a few big dogs in Alligator's league and they were Gr. Ch. Hank, Tombstone, Hooten's Ch. Butcher Boy and Sampson (Gator's half brother) who ended each other's careers in 1:45.  And there was Jeff, a dog owned by Caddell, who was out of Lightner and Colby stock that showed to be the closest thing to Gator's equal.  During a roll between the two, Jeff and Gator was going at it fast and furiously, until it had to be stopped early due to a bleeder being hit on Gator.

Alligator was not just a great combat dog, but also a great producer.  It seems his traits can dominate anything he was bred to, which is typical of heavy Dibo dogs, and can be crossed with any other line of family dogs.  His blood has become the cornerstone to the Hammonds' line of dogs.

Many called Gator the best, big match dog they had ever seen.

Rolling Hill's Ch Taz ROM

Rolling Hill's Champion Taz was born on April 11, 1988 and was purchased at the age of 6 weeks from his breeder David Knight. Taz was bred out of some very outstanding dogs. His sire Buzzsaw's Stomper was a 2x winner and was double bred off of Woods' Snooty ROM. Stomper was a very game dog, going over the hour mark several times. His Dam, K. Knights was one of the gamest dogs to ever cross a pit. She was once 3 dogged for over an hour and screamed to go back every time.

Taz was always a very aggressive outgoing pup and never afraid of anyone or any dog. Once at the age of 3 months I was feeding one of my older dogs and Taz came in the pen right behind me. He jumped into the feed pan and started eating, the other dog didn't like this very much so, he grabbed Taz by the head, picked him up in the air and started shaking him like a rag doll. Taz was screaming and hollering like he was being killed. Finally, I got the older dog off of him and put him on his chain. Pulled Taz back about 3 or 4 feet and he proceeded to run back towards the older dog. But I didn't let him get to the other dog. But I was happy that a pup that young after getting hurt bad, wanted to go back for more. It took 10 stitches to put Taz's face back together.

Taz was never touched by another dog again until he was 18 months old. The victim was the same dog that grabbed him as a pup, when released Taz went straight to the dogs head, and destroyed him in 10 minutes. At the age of 20 months, I put him on another more experienced dog named Lil Roy a 2x. A very rough, and game dog that was very smart, I thought he could teach Taz alot. Well, when released Roy grabbed Taz in the chest, and started shaking, Taz wen to the head, from that point on Taz pretty much dominated the fight, Roy on occasion would get back into the chest or shoulders, Taz would then go back to the nose, head, or mouth. Anyway, at the 20 minutes, they were broke up, Taz scratches like a bullet, they were broke up again, Roy to go, when released went 3 feet fell, go up, went about 5 feet stumbled, and then Taz in the chest, one game dog. It went about 30 total.

At the age of 24 months, it was time to see what it was all about. Taz was 50 lb, and the other dog weighed at least 80-85. The dog was old and didn't have all of his teeth, the dogs name was AJO. He was a son of GR CH Pedro ROM out of a double-bred daughter of Loposay's Buster ROM. Anyway it was a hot summer day and we were in a tin roof barn, it was very hot! Dogs were released AJO grabs Taz by the head, and throws him down and lay on him using his weight to his advantage. AJO would put Taz whole head (it seemed like) in his mouth and chew it like it was a piece of meat. Everytime Taz would get up AJO would throw him back to the floor, grab a leg or the chest and just chew like he was really trying to eat Taz alive (good thing he didn't have any teeth) for over 30 minutes. Finally, AJO got hot, and let up enough to give Taz a chance to get up and finally do a little damage his self. And he did just that grabbing AJO by the right shoulder and he hit him so hard that blood was flying every where. Taz threw that big dog down and damn near killed him by the 45 minutes mark. The dogs were broke and that was it for Taz schooling it was time to hook him up for the match.

#1 Taz -vs- Texas Ron's Blister M 45 1/2 Pocono

Texas Ron was using a dog that was Uselton bred named Blister, he was a fine well built animal that had previously destroyed several dogs. He came in a t 45 1/2, Taz came at 44 1/2. Dogs were washed and then released. Blister goes straight to the right shoulder shaking hard, Taz was on the ear trying to get him off. 5 minute mark, Taz gets the nose, and does allot of damage. Blister then goes to the chest and is biting very hard. For the next 15 minutes it's Taz on the head and Blister in the chest. 20 minute mark Blister goes back to the right shoulder and breaks it. Taz gets the head and is chewing Blister's face off. 30 minutes a turn called on Blister. For the next 5 minutes Taz is on the nose and lower jaw. 35 minute mark a handle is made and Blister would not go. The winner: Taz

#2 Taz -vs- Owen's Jake Johnson M 44 Irish Jerry

Owns using a dog from Irish Jerry's Jeepers and Rabo Breeding. Jake came at 44 lbs Taz at 43 1/2 lbs. Dogs were released hit hard in the center, wide ass open. Both dogs swapping leg holds shaking each other hard. Taz then gets Jake by the lower jaw then goes to the nose. 15 minute mark Taz throws Jake on his back and goes to the throat and digs in deep shaking and twisting around. Jake starts singing. Jake back to his feet at 20, and a turn called on him. Taz then throws Jake back to the floor working the shoulders, then to the throat, at this point Jake is not moving, Taz is still on the top shaking and trying to finish him off. 36 minutes a handle is made, and Jake don't go making Taz a 2x winner.

#3 Taz -vs- Tomcat's Nabob M 43 Bakari

This match was to be into Sills and East Coast Asassins' Ch Dirty Red. But for reasons unknown never showed up or even paid the forfeit. Anyway, Tomcat was matched in to CH John Wayne, but John had just previously beat Crenshaw's Bama. So, the owner's of John Wayne were prepared to pay the forfeit. It was decided that Taz and Nabob would be matched. So here we go.

Tomcat purchased Nabab from Carl Mims and was a huge 43 pound dog. Taz came in at 42 1/2. Dogs were released and taz goes straight to the head and mouth while Nabob is still driving to get a hold. Taz slams him into the wall. Taz is working the head most effectively but, at the 20 minute mark Taz heats up and Nabob gets to the head and mouth of Taz punching holes. Nabob throws Taz on his back and grabs an ear Taz goes to the throat, and stays there for the next 5 minutes. Taz then comes to his feet but is still very hot. 30 minute mark a turn called on Taz, but he's still in hold and he makes it through heat as well s getting chewed up. Taz then throws nabob to the floor working the shoulders and then he goes to the stifles and then back to the head. A handle is made Taz comes across like a bullet hitting Nabob very hard in his corner. A handle is made at the 47 minute mark it's nabob to go and he's counted out wandering around the pit. Making Taz a Champion!

Working Taz threw his keeps were a son of a gun. He wouldn't work a mill for no longer than 5 or 10. Not even if you put a chicken in front of him. Taz was a very smart dog. I guess he figured hell why should I run on this thing if I'm never going to get the chicken. So after 5 or 10 he would stop and look at me like I was stupid. Then he would piss on the mill. Taz would work a spring pole but, only if it was fresh cowhide. The only way I got Taz into shape was walking him and jogging between 8-13 miles 6 days a week. Taz was a very lazy dog, but also a great one.

In conclusion to this article, I would like to add that Fat Bill Reynolds has had no dealings other than the handling of Taz in his matches and that was done out of what most people call friendship. I conditioned him in all 3 matches. Bill didn't breed, feed, or raise any of the dogs mentioned in this story and anything or anyone saying otherwise is a bold face liar.

Joe Craddock
Rolling Hills Kennel


Spice, his mother Carrie who won twice in short order and had been open for 1 1/2 years without no takers. A week before her first she was rat-poisoned by a lunatic in the neighbourhood who'd killed several other pets. Carrie was kept in a dark room for 24 hours and surprisingly survived. During her second keep she was bitten in the chest by a big bulldog. Her tissue was badly damaged, but it was decided to continue the keep. Although she won both on heart, it was decided that this was the last time to match a dog who's not in perfect health!

Carrie was bred to Giroux' Ch. Booger ROM for the first time in 1985. Three dogs out of this litter was tested: B&W's Ch. Jolly Joker, Highlander's Oz (2XW) and Miss Piggy (2XW). From the repeat breeding came: B&W Ch. Spice, Wynen's Angie (1XW) and B&W's Nancy who won one and lost one. Spice was hardly rolled when we were asked to match him into a grandson of Bristol's Ch. Thor ROM going for his championship. What happened was that their worst nightmare came alive, Spice was another dog than what they expected. It could have been :17, but ended in :30 minutes, when their handler conceded the match.

Some months later B&W was challenged to match into Rebel Yell, who beat King Limey's Ch. Alligator. Alligator had won previously over C&C's Ch. Sunny, a four-time winner. Spice had Rebel under pressure right from right from the start and could not play his game. After some 30 minutes, Rebel's strength was fading, but was still willing to go. At :45 he was picked up.

His last opponent, Buzz a one-time winner, was voted gamest in show at a convention of 3. He was also picked up and did not move when his turn to make his courtesy scratch.

In all three, Spice never had been in any serious trouble, which tells you something about his quality. He is a true representative of his pedigree as a result of breeding best to best.


Pathfinder and Barney Fife travelled down to a private show over a decade ago. Charlie, Jr., a 49lb. male sired by Snooty out of Mims' Hannah Patch, and Brewer's Copy, a 38lb. female, by Johnson's Zeb out of Honey Babe, was going that day. Both dogs had unusual ability, so an exciting show was anticipated. Charlie, Jr. never got a chance to show his stuff and was picked up with a bleeder in 12 minutes.

Copy ran into a slick ear and nose dog who kept Copy out for 25 and made a mess of her face. But Copy shook so hard her back feet came off the ground and the other bitch stopped in 33 minutes. When allowed to courtesy scratch, she knocked her opponent and handler over the wall.

Pathfinder was determined to get a pup out of Copy, after her devastating performance. Copy's sire was Johnson's Zeb, a big money winner, sired by Gr. Ch. Boomerang out of Devine's Patty, Gr. Ch. Art's sister. Her dam was Honey Babe a low ability, game bitch by Snooty out of Wood's 3X winner Honey. Copy was a clone of her sire hence the name Copy. Copy was bred to Snooty twice and Brewer's Susie was the only puppy from that second breeding. Copy died from heart worms.

Susie's history in rolls was remarkable considering that she lost her teeth at an early age. Never the wrecking ball her mother was, Susie relied on power and tenacity to dominate.

Susie was bred three times and she whelped two litters out of Bullyson bred stud dogs. The first breeding was to Groves' 6X winner, Rufus (Cowboy breeding) and the second was to Mountain Man's Ch. Little Bill, Ch. Homer breeding. Susie died with a belly full of pups by Raleigh.

Susie's sister, from the first Copy litter, Busenbark's Rosie was said to be a game, low ability bitch. Rosie produced Ch. Rattler ROM, Delta, and a few others when bred to Irish Tom's Justice.

This is the story of another outstanding bulldog that is probably unknown to the public, but highly regarded by those who knew her.


Ch. Princess was whelped in August of 1990 at the home of breeder S. Long, of BarbWire Kennels. Her sire, the 4x winner Gamedog Inc.'s Ch. Bramble was also sired by Mr. Long. Her dam Barbwire's Roxy ROM, who is daughter of the great Gaines' Fargo out of Wardog's Turtle Girl, which makes her triple TurtleBuster - she is helluva bitch.  Princess came from a spectacular litter. Five pups grew to age, and of the five- all were game! Her littermates were Scooter, an extremely rough and game little dog that accidently hung himself before his first match. Turtlehead, a very game, little bitch was a 1x winner. Black Star, already a well known bitch, even though she was a 1x winner. As well as a very game male that was put down, because of a bad leg. All this from one litter, and we repeated the breeding- and they look as good or better. Princess' final roll before matching was with a real good bitch, Miss Homer, a 2x winner and a litter mate to Plumber Ron's Ch. YoYo, a bad bitch in her own right. Miss Homer was picked up at 17 mins. If any of you have seen Princess go, you know why!

Princess' first match was at 38 lbs, against a 1x winner, her opponent stops at 19 mins, on two wheels. Her second match at 40lbs. was a sight to see with the big bitch from Kentucky expired on her scratch line game in :46 mins. Now it was time for her championship and she was ready, her opponent was picked at :13 mins to save her life! Princess was now champion! Her fourth match was not a pleasant one, as she was picked up just after they hit. Princess sustained a terrible injury on the release, and was wisely picked up. A good dog man should know when to hold them and when to fold them. No excuses or garbage, she courtesy scratched like she should have.

Princess is simply one of the best bitches I have ever owned, and I have owned a lot in the past 14 years. Not many dogs can win against quality opponents, and considering she was matched in three different states, and never came in over 35lbs. in matches of 38lbs., 40lbs., 36lbs., and 34lbs.
Ch. Princess is a high calibre dog with outstanding ability, gameness and most of all mouth. I hope my experience and years help this little bitch to one helluva career.


Bonecrusher was born November 18, 1991, on the yard of the father & son team of Esau and Gee-Man, in Florida.  Bonecrusher's sire was Golden Girl Kennels' Li'l Amos, a littermate to Shady Grady's Ch. Cool Buck.  Li'l Amos was the result of breeding Lester's Weazer, a double bred son of Ch. Jeep, to Lester's Kentucky Shine, a double bred daughter of Ch. Jeep.  Li'l Amos was bred to, who I felt was Gee-Man's best bitch, Diamond.  Diamond was a daughter of Giroux' Ch. Booger, who was bred to Hatch's Samantha (Gr. Ch. Virgil / Ch. Booger).  The breeding, at first sight, didn't seem to be anything special, although Li'l Amos was a 2X winner, he had yet to prove himself as a producer.

Bonecrusher was tested and showed he was competent to be matched.  In 1994, at the age of three, he was matched into Kevin's Li'l Elwood.  Bonecrusher showed why he was given the name "Bonecrusher" and ended this match in :14 minutes.  A few months later, Crusher was hooked again, this time into Bart's Candyman, a 1X winner.  This one lasted 1:00 with Bonecrusher being the victor.

After waiting a little over a year, Esau hooked into Red Ron and his 4th of July dog, another 1X winner.  Gee-Man wasn't too enthused with this match, because 'Crusher' was going into a higher weight class.  At the match weigh in, Bonecrusher was a pound under and 4th of July was a pound and a half over.  The weight disadvantage showed as Bonecrusher was unable to be effective and was picked up at :43, he then ran a game courtesy scratch.  For his fourth, he was hooked into Ron John Kennel's and their 1X winner Dennis.  Bonecrusher finished Dennis off in :49 minutes, thus making him a champion.

I believe every true dogman deserves at least one champion in his life, if he works hard for it, Gee-Man deserves Ch. Bonecrusher, who is alive and living the life as a stud in sunny Florida.


Harry Hargroves made a breeding on his yard with Otter's Ch. Tonka Bear ROM bred to his gyp Tramp, who was a daughter of the 6X winner Rufus. She whelped the litter in August 15, 1993. This litter was sold to Benny, of Hard Core Kennels, due to personal problems of Harry's

Mickey was sold and rolled twice at the age of 16 months and was considered to be too shy, by Virginia O. and was offered to Tony from NYC. But, Tony never went to pick Mickey up. The Gator Boyz saw Mickey rolled and liked what the shy dog showed them and took him home with them to NY. Mickey quickly overcame his shyness and by December of 1995 he was hooked into the Havana Boys at 41 lbs. The Havana Boys brought in their killer of two, in rolls, named Antone. Mickey proved to be too much for Antone and had Antone picked up at :22. For number two, Mickey was hooked into Demon Knights Kennels at 40 lbs. and their reputed hard mouth dog Ninja. Once again Mickey proved to be too much, and had Ninja picked up in :57. Now a two time winner, the Gator Boyz started looking to hook Mickey into some of the big named champions of that weight class: Millbuster's Ch. Homie and Second To None's Hugo. Both owners declined as they said their dogs were available only to champions.

Finally, America's Most Wanted had a 2X winning 40 lb. available. Lloyd came out barnstorming Mickey, but by :30 floyd had turned and at :50 and wouldn't go, thus making Mickey, the once too shy dog, a champion.

Now a champion, Millbuster's was called again in regard to Ch. Homie, but he was retired. Later it was said that Homie was involved in an accidental kennel fight and curred out, so Millbusters became nervous about matching him again. Dr. Doolittle and T. Garner was called in regard to then Ch. Simba, but a travel agreement could not be reached. Then another call was made to Second To None to see if Ch. Hugo was open, after some negotiations, a date and weight was set. Ch. Hugo shoots across into Mickey, by :30 Hugo is trying to hold Mickey out and at 1:21 Hugo calls it quits.

Mickey died in a kennel accident on March 1, 1997, he was bred a few times on the Gator Boyz yard.


Butcher Boy was an outstanding match dog that was owned by Norman H. Hooten in the late 1960s. He will be remembered for his match that was titled the "Day of the Upsets". 

Butcher Boy's first match was in Oklahoma in June, 1969, when he was matched into the great 2X winner, Kennedy's Booger Red.  Butcher Boy killed Booger Red in the pit in :36 minutes.
It was in Butcher Boy's 2nd match in 1969 in Mississippi against Edward's Luke, a 2X winner, that Butcher Boy scratched into Luke so hard that he actually knocked Luke's handler completely OUT of the pit at least 5 times.  Butcher Boy killed Luke in the pit in :32 minutes making Butcher Boy a 2X winner.

The "Day of the Upsets" was in 1972 and that was day that Butcher Boy won his championship match over Corn's Smokey, a son of Bullyson.  He was the only favourite to win his match, which went 15 minutes as Smokey just could not take what Butcher Boy had for him and quit cold.

His true test came in 1973 at six years of age when he was brought out of retirement, after being treated for heart worms twice, to go into the 2X winner, Stinson & Perry's Sampson.  Sampson, Carver bred dog had beat a dog of M. Carver's at 56 lbs and was in his prime at 30 months of age.  Because of Butcher Boy's age and the fact that it was known that he had been treated for heart worms twice, he was a 3 to 1 underdog going in.  But, he beat Sampson by biting him down in 1:45 minutes in a classical match.  Both, Sampson and Butcher Boy died after this great match.  Butcher Boy was awarded Best of Show for his dead game, hard biting efforts.

He was, truly, a once in a lifetime dog


Switchblade was born Oct. 30, 1989. He was bred by The Yankee Boys. Switch was given to Jo-T as a gift. He was tested by Jo-T against Yankee Boy George's Raf. It was better than most matches. From there Raf went onto win two for the A-Team. Both dogs were wrecked in :58 minutes. Well, after passing his game test, he was heated up and ready to match.

His first was against BoBo, a hard mouth Turtle Buster X Rascal dog. BoBo came in at 50lbs and had it all his way for :30 minutes. Switch was wrecked in the front end, but he came back and made BoBo pay in the nose and legs. BoBo stopped half way over and was counted out at :58.

Number two came against Tommy's Spike who was said to be a tremendously hard biting O. Stevens' Gr. Ch. Virgil dog. Spike could bite, but he was consistently beaten to the punch. Switch chewed him up from nose to tail. Spike stopped at :48.

After a year and a half rest, it was time for number 3. We got in touch with Mr. Bill, who referred us to Leo and the Bogg Boys from Massachusetts. The weight of 48 lbs. was agreed on. They brought one hell of a dog out of Pretty Boy's Loose Goose. He proved to be one hell of a dog. No turns or out of holds for :51 in an all out war. At :55, it looked like Spook was pulling ahead. Jo-T started talking to Switch and he started to come back. This proved to be too much for Spook who was in shock by 1:05. At 1:12, Spook to scratch, he can't. Switch courtesy scratches like he's got plenty left. Leo's Spook turned out to be dead game.

Switchblade lost some ivory and was retired to stud.


Champion Sheba was purchased at three years old, untouched. She is a product of a brother sister breeding between Hall's Little Carlos and Hall's Ms. Sugar Booger, both out of Hall's Ch. Carlos and Hall's Miss Spring. Ch. Carlos was a Bullyson bred dog, while Ms. Spring was sired by Maloney's Ch. Bert out of Hall's Miss Boobs.

Her first time out she went into Bio-Hazard Kennels' Baby from Florida, giving up a little better than three pounds. The weigh difference showed for the first twenty, minutes and she sustained bone breaking damage to her chest area. But, she got through at :25 and at the :30 mark, she was in the back-end and it was over. Baby was picked up by Bio-Hazard.

After a short rest and extensive work...draining and taking bone fragments out of her chest area for a couple of months. Finally, when it was felt her chest had healed, Sheba was contracted into Crillo Kennels of New Jersey. This keep turned into a nightmare as anything that could go wrong, went wrong. Sheba's chest flared up again and constantly had to be drained during the keep. Two weeks out, she was treated for flea infestation and poor judgement of an insecticide mix lead to her being poisoned and had to lay her up for two days. Rick should have paid the forfeit, but he believed Sheba's capabilities could over-ride these misfortunes. Crillo Kennels' Stormy was given a pound for travel, and they were another half pound over at the scale, again Sheba, giving up and a half pounds. This one went even for :40 until Sheba got in and her mouth again makes another one scream at :50. This one takes the count around :51.

Her third match was into another two time winner, named Winnie Pooh out of Smig's Ch. Boogieman. This dog had been to the 2:oo hour mark and was said to be a dog you would have to kill to stop. First the first time now, Sheba was on something her own size and weight. In :15 Winnie was in ball screaming her brains out. It was such a one-sided fight it wasn't an enjoyable sight. The shrills were unbearable and at :28, Winnie refuses her first scratch.

Sheba is said to be the best bitch Rick had ever owned in his 23 years into the dogs. The mouth and strength of Bullyson / Maloney crosses, when bred correctly, produce the stuff dogmen's dreams are made of.

Incidentally, Sheba collected 2 forfeits during her career.

Bobby Smith Tribute

A few years back when I was still pretty new to the game, I had the great fortune of meeting one of the true Texas old timers while he was still somewhat active. The story itself is somewhat comical.

It started off when I was interested in buying a pup off Duhon's Mean Pete. I talked to Ronnie several times about this breeding and as I said still being new, I was full of questions. The subject got around to his dog Duhon's Moon. He was telling me about Moon's gameness. For those that don't know, during a contest in South La., Moon was on top of a down dog. It was the middle of the night and Moon was to scratch to win. Ronnie, being about as Cajun as they come, told me "That dog was about 3/4 gone and couldn't even twitch, let alone stand." To make matters worse he was a black dog and in Ronnie's own words "as black as a witch's heart". The call came to "Face your dogs", and Moon was released. He shot across the pit like his back end was on fire and hit that black dog so hard that the force almost shot them both through the corner of the pit. Well the whole point of this is Ronnie told me a man up in the Dallas area had a video of Moon. So he gave me his phone number and told me to call him. I called, and from that point on my life with the dogs would never be the same.

Come to find out this dogman had a dog that he needed to bring into the vet's office, and this particular vet just happened to be the same one that my family and I had used my entire life. So now it was set, I was to meet him at the Vet's office after closing in a couple of days.

By the time I got there he was pretty much finished, so we went next door to the Dairy Queen and sat and talked. I listened to his stories for what seemed like half the night. He told me about how he'd seen this dog and that dog go, about the big conventions in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. All these dogs I had only read about and he had seen them first hand. Boomerang, Bolio, Barney, Art you name it, Bobby was either there or he was the ref! What more could I ask for? Then it happened. He invited me out to his place for a little get together between friends and they were even going to Bar BQ with of course a little bulldogin too. I got directions and told him I would definitely be there. Now keep in mind this was the first time I had ever met the man, he didn't know me from Adam. We walked outside and he gave me a couple of magazines that he published (Face Your Dog) to read until I came to his house. I could hardly wait.

A couple of days later, I pulled up at his place and found my way over to the barn where everyone seemed to be gathered. He made all the introductions. A number of well known fanciers were there including Coy and L. Keyes. After we all had our fill of the Bar BQ it was time to start weighing some dogs. The first contest was about to begin when he noticed me standing off kinda behind the crowd, keeping to myself. He pulled up a 5 gallon bucket and set it next to the pit wall and said to me "Son, get over here, I gotta job for you", at the same time handing me a stopwatch. That's right, not only was I there but I was keeping time! That night I saw some good ones go, including some off Red Rock, & Banjo and BB Red before they reached their Grand Champion fame.

One of the things I distinctively remember is how he kept going on and on about a movie starring Warren Oates. It's called "CockFighter", and if you ever get the chance, buy it. I recomend it to anyone interested in a game animal.

When the night finally came to a close at about 1:00 am, and all was said and done, my life as a dogman was forever changed. I owe that part of my journey to him. He was honest, trusting and never badmouthed a dog or a dogman. He was probably the only man in America that didn't know "Dogfighting" was against the law! The fraternity definitely suffered a setback with his early and untimely death. To this day I still miss being able to call him up and talking dogs.

This tribute is to the epitome of Texas Dogmen; in fact this man was the epitome of the true Dogman. Bobby Smith, a True Warrior.

Pale Rider 1998

The Colby Line
written by Indian Sonny

Mr John P Colby was an active breeder for many years and produced some of the best dogs of his time. Much of his foundation stock was from the Gas House and Burke strains, as were the dogs of many other breeders. The difference in the quality of the dogs Mr Colby produced was the result of breeding principles he employed. Also, Mr Colby in my opinion possessed a very important attribute, which I refer to as a gift.

Mr Colby practised a simplified version of genetics, Best to Best, selective breeding

Best to Best does not mean performing dogs alone. It entails all aspects of the dogs, from performance to pedigree. The most obvious qualities would be gameness, biting power, talent, stamina and a great bloodline. A bloodline is the result of a breeders influence.

Over the years dogs bred by Mr Colby began to exhibit physical and mental characteristics such as conformation, colour and gameness which distinguished them. These dogs were then referred to as Colby Dogs. Thus we have the Colby Bloodline. People were proud to say, "This here is a pure Colby dog". This sounds simple; and it leads people to ask; why there were not more top breeders? I believe deciding on what is Best to Best is the key.

I'm not sure that every dog Mr Colby bred to was Dead game; and I'm equally sure he did not breed to every Dead game dog he owned. This is where the gift comes in. It seems to be an in-born sense or ability. I believe most outstanding accomplishments have been made by men who were endowed with a gift for their respective fields.

I do not believe that man knows enough about genetics at this time to produce great animals; and he most certainly didn't know enough in the days of Mr Colby. Race horse people spend millions of dollars a year, trying to produce great horses, with only marginal success. Similarly, there is no pattern for producing Great dogs.


The most essential qualities a breeder may possess are; dedication, a gift, a knowledge of Best to Best, and money might come in handy. If a breeder combines these attributes he is likely to produce, with luck, a great strain of dogs.

It doesn't take too much effort to recall the great Colby dogs of the past. These dogs were bred from the pit and for the pit.

But all of this brings us to a very important question; When a strain of dogs that were once highly regarded, such as Colby's, stops producing consistently good pit dogs, is this strain still to be considered good? I have heard people say, "I know he's a cur, but the blood is there". While this is true in many cases, I wonder how long we can continue to breed to curs and hope to produce game pit dogs.

What is good blood and how long will it remain good if we continue to breed to dogs, who do not possess the qualities of their ancestors? While great breeders can breed to dogs who themselves do not exhibit good qualities; can the average breeder afford to take this gamble?

I have seen strains of dogs that have not produced dogs fitting this description for many years, and people who are active in the sport refer to them as good blood or good brood stock. Many seem to proceed under the assumption, that once a bloodline is good it remains good forever. Many well-meaning people have continued to breed Colby dogs exclusively, thinking all that was necessary to preserve the quality of the strain, was to breed to a dog that had the name Colby on his pedigree.

I believe that we have to continuously strive to improve the strain, in order to keep it as good as it was or is. It's an accepted theory, that in order for an institution to continue, it must change and continuously seek to improve. To preserve a bloodline, there is more required than just breeding to dogs whose pedigree shows a particular name. Change is required in order to prevent change in the quality of dogs produced. The Colby strain was developed by change.

I have heard people say, that the dogs of yesteryear were gamer than those of today. Could it be, in some cases, because we have tried to play Pat and in doing so have lost ground. The people that have bred Colby dogs exclusively for these many years, thinking they were doing what was best, have perhaps underestimated their own ability to breed good dogs.

Many of them have bred dogs for 40 years or more and could have perhaps contributed much more to their own dogs, by using their own ideas and experience. New ideas are necessary in every field. Sports records are consistently surpassed by those not satisfied with repeating someone else's past performance. Last year's record won't win this year's meet.

Were the dogs of yesteryear really superior? I'm sure many dog men of the past would think we have it too easy, because we don't have to grow secret vegetables and cook our dog's food or boil their water. Penicillin has replaced many old remedies, making better dog care possible. I have read some diets that top dog men used. While some were good, none could compete with any good commercial dog food available in countless supermarkets. The poorest feeder today is able to provide better nutrition than the best feeder of yesteryear. We also have refrigeration and other conveniences.

It is not my intention to criticise old-timers and their methods. How many of us would be feeding as many dogs if we had to cope with the same adverse conditions? I think our mission however, is to pick up where they left off, emulating their objectives rather than their methods. The Colby dogs of the past, fit the description of good blood, as their pit records indicate. The Colby strain was developed on the principle of Best to Best. When that principle is no longer employed there is bound to be a drastic change in quality. In a very short period of time a great strain of dogs can be reduced to a strain that can do no more than refer to their pedigree and say "My great, great, grand-daddy was a pit dog....I think!"

Indian Sonny

GR CH Yellow ROM

In the late 70's early 80's Mr Fletcher Chavis bred some dogs that any fancier would be proud to own. Much of his original stock came from that old dog CH Yellow John ROM and for years Mr Chavis campaigned with those inbred redboy dogs that he got from RT Bass. He was considered one of the best. In the mid 70's an outstanding discovery was made. Vernon Jackson had a dog that he purchased from Don Mayfield that he called Hank. He was inbred Mayfield Lightning II blood. Hank didn't start till he was 3 years old, but when he did; he not only turned out to be a phenomenal performer but an exceptional producer as well. He was bred to a bitch of B. Rasts called Queenie and from that litter came Ch.Jocko, Ch.Argo, Pearl(Apple) and a few other good ones.

Mr Chavis ended up with Jocko and that was the beginning of the famous Redboy/Jocko line. Mr. Chavis campaigned with Jocko and he looked to be unbeatable due to the inherited trait of Hanks back end style. Jocko became a CH and was retired for stud. He was bred to his sister Apple(Pearl) to get two good producing bitches named Green's Sandy and Green's Coffee. These two bitches were bred into a winning hard mouthed triple bred Bass' Tramp Redboy dog named Ch.Yellowjohn (ROM).

Out of Coffee's litter came Super Gnats boots who won one in 4:52. Out of Sandy's litter came GR.CH.John Boy, S.T.P.'s CH.Toro, S.T.P.'s Ch.Tyson, Chavis Cleopatra, Chavis Deadly, and Greens Hitman. Chavis Also had a bitch named Ch.Lady Sassy Mead (4X)(half Redboy and half Lonzos breeding.) She was also bred to Ch.Jocko. Out of that litter came Chavis Dangerous Dan, Thor, Margaret and Lady Rose. Dangerous Dan was bred to a bitch named Steen's Delilah (who was out of the above Margaret when she was bred to a 2Xwinner named Bucky (Jocko X Redboy-bitch) to get Carolina Kennel's Ch.Termite (ROM). Ch.Termite when bred to a Medlin's Outlaw bitch made Gr.Ch. Sirus. Chavis Lady Rose was bred back to Jocko to get Chavis Flipper, Chavis Susie, and a 2Xwinning bitch named Miss Jocko. Susie was bred straight to Bass Tramp Red Boy to get Chavis Red Lady. Red Lady was bred back to Flipper to get Chavis Ch.ROHO. Miss Jocko was also bred to CH.YellowJohn. Out of that breeding came S.T.P.'s CH.Sassy, Gainys GR.CH.Jr, and Tants GR CH Yellow ROM.

There have been so many breedings done with Redboy-Jocko that it gets a bit confusing. I think that the most INFLUENTIAL dog of all the redboy-jocko dogs has to be Gr.Ch.Yellow because of all the champions he produced with bitches of ALL other bloodlines and his own. Gr.Ch.Yellow also produced bitches that produced as well as he did. Special mention....Gr.Ch.Yellow was bred to his littermate sister Ch.Sassy to produce Tant's AAA who is producing males and females of the utmost performance quality.

After Gr.Ch.Yellow won his first match ,Carl Crews took an interest in him, when he talked to his partner about he said "I don't like the dog he scratches to slow "But after Carl put a bug in his ear for a while Tant gave in and EACH MAN GAVE $400.00 A PIECE!!!! So Gr.Ch.Yellow was bought for $800.00 dollars Yellow stayed in Tant's yard most of the time because Carl carried a little more attention than Tant. Yellow won his first at 14 months old which would make his D.O.B. approximately Sept. of '83. He became a Ch. at the age of two and a Gr.Ch. at three. Yellow was placed on the ROM list in '93 with 5 ROM points. The following came from the SDJ Book of Champions, vol.2."A six time winner, many dog men thought Yellow would be easy to whip, since he only puts out enough energy to win. Whatever the other dog had to put out, Yellow just stayed out in front. He's won in the short time of 30 minutes and the marathon time of two hours and 37 minutes. Always just enough to win."

Gr.Ch.Yellow RECORD        
11/84....................... Sineth's Tojo.............................. MALE 51................... :54..
05/85 Kitten's Roscoe MALE 52 :50
09/85 Pact's Kung Fu MALE 52 :30
01/86 Pact's Bo MALE 52 2:37
05/86 Groves Rufus Jr. MALE 52 :53
09/86 Pact's Pop MALE 50 1:15

A couple of Redboy-Jocko bitches worthy of mentioning are :

1. Gr.Ch. Yellow was bred to a triple bred Ch.Jocko bitch named Glady's . Out of this litter came Tant's Gladys D, Tant's Lulu , Tant's D.C. Powerhouse Kennel's Sandman, Chavis Big John, and Havannah Boy's Gr.Ch.Rodney.
Gr.Ch. Rodney was then bred to a pure Bass Tramp Red Boy bitch named Marlowe's Penny. Out of this litter came Marlowe's Grumpy and Tant's Reddy. Tant's Reddy was bred back to Chavis Ch.ROHO from above to get Tant's Goldy. Goldy was bred back to Gr.Ch.Yellow to getSCK's Awesome Baby ROM.

Awesome Baby was bred to a winning pure Bolio-Tombstone dog named S.T.P.'s Gr.Ch.Buck(7X)(ROM) to start the beginning of another PHENOMENAL CROSS. This cross made Gr.Ch.Yellowbuck, and Ch.Piggy. Awesome Baby also sired Gr.Ch.Lugar when bred to a Fargo dog. When bred to S.T.P.'s Jedi, (Gr.Ch.Buck X S.T.P.'s Ch.Sassy) she whelped SCK's Ch.Nico(4X), and Dixie(2x)(1XL2:40)

2. Mr.Mark bred an old Loposay bitch named Red Lady to a double-bred Ch.Jocko male named Chris Groucho. Out of this breeding came a gyp named Mark's Newland who was bred to a producing double-bred Bass Tramp Red Boy named Miller's Red man. Out of this breeding came a bitch named Collin's Red Alert. Red Alert was bred to the above S.T.P.'s Ch.Toro to get Onello's Sherman the Tank and Onello's Twisted Sister. These two dogs were then bred together to get Goodson's Little Man, Onello's Spook, and Ratliff's Daisy Mae was bred to Gr.Ch.Buck(ROM) to get Ratliff's Ch.Butkus(4XW)(1XLGame), and Undertaker Kennel's Miss Leaky(ROM). This was a phenomenal cross.. Ch.Butkus was used off the chain as a substitute dog in his loss. . He was bred to Miss Leaky(ROM) to Get Super Kennel's Ch.357. Daisy Mae was also bred to a Scatterbred Jeep/Patrick/Zebo dog named Bobby Jack to get Ch.Thunder and Ch.Terry.

SCK's Gr.Ch.Yellowbuck

Here is a little bit about a fine bulldog named "Destroyer". His registered name was "Yellow Buck" and was bred and raised by Jesse of Stone City Kennels. Yellow Buck was sired by Gr. Ch. Buck ROM out of Stone City Kennels' Awesome Baby ROM. Yellow Buck was dark red brindle, with a red nose and he weighed about 53lbs. conditioned.
His first match was at the age of two and a half against Tension Turf Kennels from ST. Croix. and their dog David Koresh (a half brother to the famous Gr.Ch. IBM) battled with Yellow Buck for 1:05 and was picked up game. For his second match he went into Dennis and Hector's Brick at 52lbs. Yellow Buck finished Brick right in the pit with only one hold, deep in the stifle. That match only lasted seven minutes, Dennis and Hector picked Brick up, but it was too late.

From there on he never looked back. For his championship Jessie had to look off Puerto Rico for another opponent, because no one wanted any parts of Destroyer. Death Row Kennels answered the call with their 2X winner Predator, so Stone City and Co. traveled to South Jersey for this match. This proved to be Yellow Buck's toughest match and he wasn't supposed to come home alive. The dogs swapped it out for about :45 until Death Row decided to pick up Predator, thus making Yellow Buck a champion.
After about a year off with no takers, some dogmen from Florida stepped up with Bulldog P.'s Tere, a 1X winner out of Havana Boys' Sandal and Rebel Kennels' Gr.Ch. Shady Lady. They Flew down to Puerto Rico, but Yellow But was on the warpath and he made Tere stand the line at :27.
For his fifth, they hooked up with Work Kennels and their dog Ch.Buster, also a 4X winner. Work Kennels also flew down to Puerto Rico and after 1:30, they picked up Buster making Yellow Buck an official Grand Champion.
He was the second Gr.Ch. to come from the yard of Stone City Kennels out of Awesome Baby(ROM)

S.C.K.'s Ch.Piggy

SCK's Ch. Piggy is a testimony that with these have to wait on them. Ch.Piggy just would not start. At 4 years old...SCK Tony took her of the chain and told her..."Look, You're out of Gr.Ch.Buck and AwesomeBaby(ROM)...TODAY...either you crank, or you're GONE." Well, Tony said she must have understood cause that day she cranked and scratched 23 times. She was ready.
Her first show was into a legend ..Razorback Kennel's J.C. He had a bad bad bitch of old Carver blood and this turned out to be Ch.Piggy's longest and toughest match. J.C. could really shape a dog. He was the only one on record to beat Rebel Kennels (Gr.Ch.Sandman's owner) twice with the same dog. Piggy stayed on the face and showed tremendous ability. At the 1:45 Mark, J.C. decided to pick up. The losing bitch was gaaaaame. She scratched at the end. SCK now had a one time winner. Number two was against the Beach Boys ..a short affair of 45 minutes. The third was against Cambo Kennels. They had a bitch that was supposed to stop Piggy. At 50 minutes it was over, Piggy stayed on the face and showed great ability again. She was now Ch. Piggy. Piggy was bred to Her littermate brother Gr.Ch.Yellowbuck. Five were born and one died at birth. SCK's Rat killed a female in a kennel accident, the other femalr Tiburona died in an accident as well.

The male died of Parvo, and Evolution Kennel's bought YellowPiggy(Ugly) from SCK at the age of 7 years old. YellowPiggy was bred to Super Kennel's Ch.357 .Five were born but YellowPiggy(Ugly) was a horrible mother and only Evolution Kennel's Miss Superbuck survived. They repeated the breeding again to get Evolution Kennel's Superbuck, Southern Kennel's Lady of Buck, and Tom's Buck Bitch. The breeding will not be repeated. YellowPiggy(Ugly) was given to Southern Kennels. She will be bred to Southern Kennel's Black Face(double bred Gr.Ch.Mayday with SCK's Blondie on bottom) Blondie was a littermate to Ch.Piggy and Gr.Ch.Yellowbuck, and the dam of Evolution Kennel's Macho. Anyone wanting pups out of YellowPiggy(Ugly)..e-mail southern Kennels

as of 21 April, 2001.