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      Diets†are tough. A diet means you are no longer able to eat the way you used to eat. All of a sudden, there are restrictions and portion management rules to follow. When choosing a diet it is best to choose the diet that you are most likely able to adhere to as closely as possible. And the Paleo weight loss plan has a list of foods that cannot be eaten as long as the list that can be eaten.

The Paleo diet takes the dieter back in time. The diet goes back to when people hunted for their food and ate it fresh within days. The freshness of the food is what helps people lose weight. Since the invention of deep freezers and microwaves, food has become less fresh since it is frozen and reheated quickly. Most frozen food, in order for it to preserve, is loaded with salts and sugars which is a no-no on the Paleo diet. Foods that are processed, especially with dairy, or have additives to them are discouraged. Foods with high sugar or salt content, whether added or natural, are discouraged as well.

Foods that are encouraged in the hunter gatherer diet are natural foods that could be found when people were hunters and gatherers. Foods that need little or no cooking are a must while on this diet. Dieters are encouraged to eat lean meats including beef, steak, and veal, and lean poultry including chicken, turkey, and game hen breast. Other meats include organ meats and game meat. Those who are not allergic are encouraged to eat fish and shellfish. Nuts and seeds are good to eat on this diet including almonds, walnuts, and cashews.† Donít forget to load up on fruits and vegetables while on the†Paleo diet.

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