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                                                             By: Mattu172                                          

            Welcome to Ultimate PoKéMoN!! Don't forget to scroll down and vote for me!!                    



Timeframe for the page

1.11.00-I made a new page, again! It is called 'Play Games!' and if you go there you can play games! (DUH!) Another thing I would like from all my viewers is for you to start sending me letters of things you would like on my page! If enough people want something I'll put it on because I want, actually need, to satisfy my viewers! So if you have an idea for my page just e-mail me now! P.S. If you want to play the online games then you will need the latest version of shockwave but don't wory, you can download it here!

1.7.00-Well my pokemon cards page is up! The ones of you that have been with me all along have looked forward to this day and it is finally here! YEAH! Now go buy, buy, BUY!

12.26.99-I hope everyone had a great christmas cause I know I did. Well it is official, I am going to start selling pokemon cards by next week, guarenteed. So go out and spread the word! At first I am just going to sell single cards, no bosster packs but once I make a few sales I'll get some booster packs and sell them! The address you have to send the money orders and order forms to is:

Ultimate pokemon cards

P.O. Box 523

Tyngsboro,MA 01879

11.12.99-Wow, I think I broke a record for longest time without an update! Sorry guys. I am trying to make my page awesome and am going to update it all at once so In a couple weeks you might have to reload the page and..BOOM! It will be a whole new page! More coverage and a gallery by me friend! Oh and I saw the pokemon movie.IT RULED! Mewtwo kicked some A**! Well talk to ya later!


    The only thing I could think of for the news is that I added a load of pages for the pokemon red/blue games for gameboy. I will have coverage on the pokemon pikachu edition when it comes out in the store down here because I'll be purchasing it then so....only a couple more days!











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