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AOL Battlers

PoKeMoN Lightning v5.0
        I really like this battler. It has symbols for being asleep, paralyzed, frozen, burned, and poisoned!!  You can also select from 150 PoKeMoN plus Mew, Houou, Togepi, Pikablu, and Missingno!!!!  Now you can also use two PoKeMoN!! I better calm done because this battler is getting my excited!
To download PoKeMoN Lightning v5.0 click here. It shouldn't take over 1 minute unless you have a pretty slow browser or modem.(78.93KB)




Pokecards v2.0
         This is a unique battler because in order to use PoKeMoN in the game you have to first catch them in hunting mode, which is held in an aol chatroom. There is all 150 PoKeMoN in the game and there is also a mode where you can trade cards with other people in the game!!
To download Pokecards v2.0 click here . It might take a while but not very long it all depends on your browser and modem.(113.30KB)
You will also need the cards pictures. So to download them click here.(314.89KB)


Super Pokemon v1.0

           This a really good PoKeMoN battler for aol. I love it!! It is good for short fun games. You can use all 150 PoKeMoN plus Mew!! All of the PoKeMoN's HP is different depending on which PoKeMoN you choose!!
To download Super Pokemon v1.0 click here. It shouldn't take very long to download.(1892.79KB)