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Pokemon Gym Leaders

    This will give you the info on what gym leaders give what badges and what the badges do for you and your pokemon! It also includes what TM the gym leader will give you!

Leaders name (pokemon type)

The badge they give

The TM they give you

What the badge does for you and your pokemon

Brock (rock pkmn) Bolder Badge

TM 34

The power of your pkmn increases a little and it lets you use HM FLASH when you get it!

Misty (water pkmn) Cascade Badge

TM 11

Pokemon up to level 30 obey you and it lets you use HM CUT when you get it!

Lt. Surge (electric pkmn) Thunder Badge

TM 24

The speed of all your pkmn increases a little and it lets you use HM FLY when you get it!

Erika (grass pkmn) Rainbow Badge

TM 21

Pkmn up to Level 50 will obey.

Sabrina (psychic pkmn)

Marsh Badge

TM 46

Pkmn up to level 70 will obey.

Koga (poison pkmn)

Soul Badge

TM 06

Slightly boosts the defense rating of your pkmn

Blain (fire pkmn) Volcano Badge

TM 38

Increases the special attacks of all your pkmn

Giovanni (rock pkmn) Earth Badge

TM 27

Makes all pkmn obey!