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Gold and Silver


          In the past few days I have gathered a lot of info on the new gold and silver pokemon games!! So listen up!

    First of all there is the new pokemon! These are the ones I have pics of so far so enjoy!


This new PoKeMoN sort of looks like my dog!! Ha!

He is Buru

This one looks like a elephant fully equipped with armor!

He is Donfuyan

This must be the mighty owl PoKeMoN!

He is  Ho-Ho

This is the bird that was in the first episode of PoKeMoN. It is also the PoKeMoN god!

He is Houou

This looks like a new evolution stage of Vileplume!

She is Kireihana

He is the well known Pikablu!

He looks alot like Lapras! Hmm I wonder?

He is called Tenriyuu

If you watch the PoKeMoN TV show then you know him!

He is Togepi

This really looks like an evlolved form of Slowbro, never know!

He is called Yadokinku, I think it will be Yado King in american though!

Here are some screen shots of the new gold/silver games